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  1. Fehler3

    FPS Drop in full Multiplayer Lobbys

    But why does it happen only in multiplayer and then also only when the lobby is full? I don't do anything different then in terms of opening the game and what not. Also if I ALT-TAB out and in, there is even more of an issue with FPS and force feedback. Then it doesn't even matter which game mode I'm in, once I tab out it is bad FPS and force feedback everywhere. So I don't do that at all. Well, I can try that anyway, maybe for some reason it helps, who knows. Thank you for input.
  2. Fehler3

    FPS Drop in full Multiplayer Lobbys

    I ran at higher settings up unil three weeks ago, running at around 120 FPS. In the full multiplayer lobby it went even lower than 90 I'm pretty sure, sadly I did not check FPS back then because I did not know about the issue until then. I checked after the race what FPS I usually have and that then showed 120. Also I am pretty damn sure that in that race it was even lower then 90 FPS because it looked and felt terrible. That is why I went for low graphics settings, I hoped it would help.
  3. Hello there! It doesn't matter which gamemode I play in F1 2019 (Career, Grand Prix, Time Trial, Multiplayer) I have no technical issues at all with the game. I run it at the lowest graphics setting and it runs at 160-180 FPS constantly. However: once the multiplayer lobby is full (22 players - 20 drivers plus commentators, so league racing) my PC drops down to 90-100 FPS constantly. This also influences the Force Feedback on my wheel, it becomes a lot more agressive and "bumpy". Does anyone have any idea what this causes and how I could solve the problem? PC Specs: GPU - Geforce GTX 1070 Ti CPU - Intel i7-7700K 4.20 GHz RAM - 16 GB Game runes on a half filled 250 GB SSD, Windows 10 64bit Thank you in advance for any help!