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    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I've been waiting since early August to play the game again with a performance update, because Ferrari's performance is so immersion breaking (Leclerc won by almost 100 points in first season). Please don't tell me the performance update won't apply to My Team mode. That would be an epic mistake.
  2. Nesjamag

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Leclerc dominated my first season. Part of the reason though was Merc having several races of bad luck and weird pit strategy. Hoping for performance patch soon for feeling of immersion.
  3. Nesjamag

    MyTeam Fast improvement of car

    Can happen if you're lucky with few failures. I've been lucky in my first season and had much fewer failures than the 20-30% fail rate could have caused. At one point I was the 5th best car, but a race later it was back down to 7th or 8th. Throughout the season 5 teams ended up getting almost on the same level of development.
  4. Nesjamag

    AI Difficulty

    I completed first season. I did everything on 105 and based on that I think (at least for me) these AI adjustments would balance things out: +1 difficulty is ~0.2 s above 100 AI. Below 100 it's ~0.1 s, so double the numbers if below 100 AI. For qualy in general a -2 or -3 seems in order. Below 100 AI I'd say about -5. Australia: 0 Bahrain: -2 Hanoi: 0 China: +1 Zandvoort: +2 Spain: +2 Monaco: +5 Baku: 0 Canada: +5 France: +2 Austria: +4 GB: -5 Hungary: +3 Spa: 0 Monza: +3 Singapore: +10 Russia: +2 Japan: -5 USA: 0 Mexico: +5 Brazil: -3 Abu Dhabi: +3 In Spain the AI is bugged. It barely set times in FP sessions and not all AI had qualifying times. So ultimately hard to judge.