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  1. Achievement:  'now watch this drive' is definitely the best  Also the 'Mondays be like' just for Porkhammer on his dailies
  2. Nooooooo you will encourage him again!! We just got over the great water splash debate  :D :D What water splash debate? ;) Something about how they look from a helicopter
  3. No variable strength on the motion blur, sorry. I just tested bumper cam in the rain and you get the same rain effect no matter which exterior camera you use (in Dirt 4). I'll see what I can do about the water splashes... Nooooooo you will encourage him again!! We just got over the great water splash debate  :D :D
  4. http://http//www.nzgameshop.com/search/dirt+4/sort-relevance Mine is on order  :)
  5. Wheres the bloody preorder button?!! Looking forward to the randomly generated stages for dailies. I dont get alot of time to play and memorize every stage, so feel like this will even things up a bit
  6. Ever wondered which type of motorsport vehicle would be fastest over a chosen track?? Well wonder no more.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFUZWNI7LsA&t=288s
  7. I reckon they have 2 days left until it begins again. "Waa waa longtime supporter, blah blah waste of money, worst game ever, you guys suck. Oh,, hey guys can you please fix this for me? Thanks for replying on twitter. You're the best! "  Aaaaaand repeat
  8. As for why I am on here, I had a weird racenet glitch the other day and wanted to see if someone else had experienced it. But while I'm on I can't help but read through the posts. Good on you mate, you clearly feel you are doing the developers a service with your helpful and/or angry rants. Who knows? Maybe the next game will have a little flag over that shadow just because of you
  9. BBIAJ - It seems like you should just give up on this game. If a little bit of patchwork coloring puts you off then you clearly aren't enjoying the incredible rally experience very much. I'm sure your mad glitch spotting skills could be put to better use hassling other developers. Surely GTA V could keep you going for a long time
  10. https://youtu.be/ByYLsF4CmC4 I think this might be the direction they are heading in. DIRT F1 2017
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