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  1. Not sure why nobody is complaining about the game-design, because it's obviously bad. Driving without assists and you have no chance to get near the leaderboard times and the Elite-difficulty is absurd fast on most locations. Seems your driving assists for gamepad-users are a bit too much of an advantage and if CM wants to keep it that way, at least separate the sim-people from the casual-gamers like Raceroom does for example. 

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  2. Dirt Rally 2.0 disconnects my keyboard every few seconds and this results in stotters. I'm disconnecting the keyboard while playing and at least i don't need it in the game. Since the update i also have to dis- and reconnect my Ascher Racing buttonplate and the HE sequential shifte to use it, but this is just another problem with the game and it lists the devices but ignores inputs.