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  1. We just did an unranked race around Australia with 16 or 17 people. All those outside the top 10 were allowed to change tyres in the menu on the grid but as soon as the formation lap started we were put back onto a compound identical to what we used in qualifying and our strategies were reverted to the default suggested one. (I couldn't tell if it was a fresh set of the same compound or the actual set I qualified on; the first time I checked tyre wear was after a significant spin.) In my case I qualified 12th on softs. The default strategy was a set of softs onto hards. I changed that to starting on mediums going to softs. When the formation lap started, I was back on softs. The guy in 14th did the exact same as me. The guy in 13th had qualified on mediums and elected to start on hards; when we pulled away for the formation lap, he was back on mediums. Lobby settings: Track: Australia Distance: 50% Qualifying: Short Formation lap: On Damage: Off Parc fermé: Off Safety car: On Corner cutting: Strict Cars: 2019 F1 cars Performance: Equal AI: No AI drivers Has anyone else seen this happen? I didn't find any similar reports when I searched. Is anyone able to reproduce this? We're going to try to reproduce this again later in the week but it's hard to get that many people together to test it. If this is a regular, recurring thing it's detrimental to race strategies for anyone outside the top 10.