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  1. I loved the new one, but dont want to use it EVERY SINGLE TIME in the game…
  2. As we all saw this weekend in Turkey, the drivers go full throttle out of turns, use kerbs, etc, whithout spinning in the rain. Codemasters has to do something more realistic regarding that. Because driving in F1 games in the rain it seem like you are riding on egg shells, or in a rally, you have to put into 5th gear to even star thinking about going full throttle out of turns.
  3. Come on Codemasters, its been 2 months since the game released…
  4. The creative mind responsible for the game was at the beach this weekend. So don’t worry abou any patch coming up to fix the bugs…
  5. You guys are being unfair, they are worried about the game…. https://twitter.com/theleemather/status/1431998205340930053?s=21
  6. faldon3005


    Honestly, have those media outlets cited on the accolades videos, etc, played the game or just analyzed the graphics, etc?? It doesn't take long to find the serious bugs, issues and lack of content in this game. Those youtubers who produce daily content almost never tell the truth also...
  7. I'm not worried about that. Codemasters is putting a lot of effort on giving gift boxes to influencers and making youtube videos with current F1 drivers, which seems more importante than fixing a complete buggy game. (contains irony...)
  8. It is not worth it. Save your money. Game full of bugs/glitches, Codemasters wasn’t able to deliver it this time. It’s a worsened version of F1 2020 with updated liveries, more bugs, less features and the awful Braking Point.
  9. More? Are you insane? Game is already bugged with the large amount of sensless driver transfers
  10. This has been a problem for about 5 years and they STILL release every new game with the same problem. It's unbelievable the complete failure F1 2021 is. They gave all their efforts on the lousy Braking Point mode and forgot about improving some BASIC issues with the franchise, and also removed some stuff that was doing well on last years game. Completely dissapointed.
  11. EA has already failed with a similar game mode in Fifa and Madden. Why do that in F1? Fans don’t enjoy this kind of robotic game mode where you have limited options and influence on what will happen. I feel very sorry that Codemasters obviously put all their efforts in this mode and released an unfinished game, with lots of bugs and things missing in other modes. F1 2020 was a blast, but I am very disappointed with F1 2021.
  12. Not only the fact that we don’t have a proper championship mode anymore, when you decide to do the entire calendar on Grand Prix Mode, the championship points table are only displayed on the main mode screen and you can’t see the full driver and constructor standings. So Im with Alonso in 9th with 17pts, and I can’t see who is leading, who won the races, etc. Please change that.
  13. A detailed description of the issue. I got a VERY weird sound on my headphones while playing a Grand Prix with a Williams at Spa. During the race came very often a sound on my headphones (original PS4 Gold series) that it seemes like an F1 engine in a tunnel. The sound kept annoying me, it was louder than my own engine Report Code no code Platform? PS5 Game-mode? Grand Prix [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. [ONLINE] Were yo
  14. faldon3005

    Eau Rouge

    Very hard to do Eau Rouge flat out. Its incredible how the handling moved backwards. Its like we are in F1 2018 again. On 2020 Eau Rouge was flat out, now its impossible to do it without spinning
  15. Im not being able to turn this line off. How do I do that??
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