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  1. I’m in season 3 career mode, Abu Dhabi. And yet I’ve never seen a safety car yet and only one VSC on season 1. Totally untralistic
  2. faldon3005

    Info Request - PS4 - Framerate issues

    PROBLEM SOLVED: To me, I did the thing they mentioned here in this topic, with the telemetry settings turned off, and it came back to normal. Although I believe it shouldn't bug the game to leave that setting on.
  3. faldon3005

    Info Request - PS4 - Framerate issues

    1 - PS4 2 - Career mode 3 - It didn't happen at all until I installed patch 1.06 4 - No 5 - I use a t300 6 - No
  4. faldon3005

    Hockenheim DRS zones

    F1 has announced there won't be a DRS zone on the pit straight at Hockenheim. The game needs to update that. OBVIOUSLY it's nowhere near a priority, since we are having major problems in career mode with frame rates, stupid driver transfers, way too much wet weather, etc...
  5. Patch has a glitch on ps4. The game screen doesn’t flow correctly when you are racing, it seems the image keeps having a lag. You need to fix that urgent, it’s ruining the game and my career mode
  6. Im having the same problem here. Ps4 regular. Unplayable career mode. Its amazing how Codemasters always manages to screw somethings up whenever a new patch is released
  7. Nothing regarding the unrealistic driver transfers or the large amount of rainy races??? Seriously???
  8. faldon3005

    5 rainy races in a row on career mode, it's a joke

    25%. I haven’t tried that. But before 1.05 I was playing 25% as well and the rainy races frequency was good, barely had any
  9. faldon3005

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    I had 8 rainy races in a row in career mode. Before 1.05 it was perfect. Almost no rainy races, just like in real life
  10. faldon3005

    5 rainy races in a row on career mode, it's a joke

    Update: 8 rainy races in a row. Congrats, Codies...
  11. Since 1.05, I've noticed that there are a lot more rainy races, which are terrible, not enjoyable. Please codemasters, fix this. Before 1.05, we barely had rainy races, which reflects reality. I know you guys don't care much about reality, but it sucks to have 5 wet races in a row, that has never happened in the history of the sport...
  12. Career mode is ruined. I'm in season 3 and all the upgrades have been bought. What's left to do now with six other season left to go? Cars develop way to fast. I shouldn't be like that. Codemasters, you MUST change the progression pace, is ruining the game. Midfield teams are becoming the best teams in half a season. Mercedes is now the worst team on the grid and I didn't even get to the halfway point in season 3. Also, the AI teammate level is insane. Butler is my teammate at McLaren, and he usually is 1s faster in qualys then me. I used to play at 100 AI level, now I'm down to 80 and still getting beat up by my teammate and other AI's. All Codemasters does is focus on multiplayer events, f1 esports series, etc...they should focus on making the game work correctly. EVERY DAMN YEAR is the same. Game released with tons of bugs, career mode bugged, etc. And I still can't believe Codemasters let the option for switching teams every 4 races also on this game. It's completely unrealistic. The driver transfers are also a joke.
  13. faldon3005

    Teammate pace completely bugged

    Correction: I'm down to 90 AI level already
  14. After 1.05 I moved to Mclaren in my 3rs season in career mode. Devon Butler joined me, and in qualy and in races I'm staying behind him by more than 1s. I was playing at 100 AI level and I'm down to 95 and I'm still losing by a lot to him. McLaren is the 3rd best team on the chart, but I can't keep up with that.
  15. faldon3005

    Last corner at Suzuka

    Since Codemasters is updating Paul Ricard, they could update Suzuka as well. That last corner has a huge bump that makes it impossible to go flat out and you end up losing precious lap time against AI. In real life, drivers go flat out on that one. If you do that on F1 2019, you end up spinning. Please fix this.