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  1. faldon3005

    Engine overheating

    I’m in career mode with Alfa Romeo. And my engine keeps overheating to 130, 140 celsius whenever I use rich fuel mode. I keep my revs down, but the engine doesn’t cool off. Any tips on that??
  2. faldon3005

    AI nonsense tyre strategies

    In career mode, the AI does some pretty stupid strategies on 25% races. A lot of cars delay their stops almost until the last few laps to put the hard tyres. Sometiimes with 1-2 laps to go, they put the hard compound after racing in the softs. Both of these decisions are completely unrealistic. In Russia, for instance, Albon stopped at lap 12 out of 13 and put the hard tyres.
  3. faldon3005

    AI dumb strategies

    In my career mode, sometimes the AI does some dumb and nonsense tyre strategies. For instance, at Silverstone, Im in Mercedes and my teammate decided to stop on lap 11 out of 13 and switch from soft to hard tyres. Whats the sense of that with 2 laps to go?? Everybody else had stopped on lap 7-9
  4. It's impossible to keep up with the AI on race starts, I always lose about 5 positions before turn 1 and the AI NEVER fails at race starts. I drive with no assists, but with assisted start turned on. Any tips on how to avoid losing so many positions??
  5. I’m in season 3 career mode, Abu Dhabi. And yet I’ve never seen a safety car yet and only one VSC on season 1. Totally untralistic
  6. faldon3005

    Info Request - PS4 - Framerate issues

    PROBLEM SOLVED: To me, I did the thing they mentioned here in this topic, with the telemetry settings turned off, and it came back to normal. Although I believe it shouldn't bug the game to leave that setting on.
  7. faldon3005

    Info Request - PS4 - Framerate issues

    1 - PS4 2 - Career mode 3 - It didn't happen at all until I installed patch 1.06 4 - No 5 - I use a t300 6 - No
  8. faldon3005

    Hockenheim DRS zones

    F1 has announced there won't be a DRS zone on the pit straight at Hockenheim. The game needs to update that. OBVIOUSLY it's nowhere near a priority, since we are having major problems in career mode with frame rates, stupid driver transfers, way too much wet weather, etc...
  9. Patch has a glitch on ps4. The game screen doesn’t flow correctly when you are racing, it seems the image keeps having a lag. You need to fix that urgent, it’s ruining the game and my career mode
  10. Im having the same problem here. Ps4 regular. Unplayable career mode. Its amazing how Codemasters always manages to screw somethings up whenever a new patch is released
  11. Nothing regarding the unrealistic driver transfers or the large amount of rainy races??? Seriously???
  12. faldon3005

    5 rainy races in a row on career mode, it's a joke

    25%. I haven’t tried that. But before 1.05 I was playing 25% as well and the rainy races frequency was good, barely had any
  13. faldon3005

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    I had 8 rainy races in a row in career mode. Before 1.05 it was perfect. Almost no rainy races, just like in real life
  14. faldon3005

    5 rainy races in a row on career mode, it's a joke

    Update: 8 rainy races in a row. Congrats, Codies...
  15. Since 1.05, I've noticed that there are a lot more rainy races, which are terrible, not enjoyable. Please codemasters, fix this. Before 1.05, we barely had rainy races, which reflects reality. I know you guys don't care much about reality, but it sucks to have 5 wet races in a row, that has never happened in the history of the sport...