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  1. Yes but performance car patch out or not??
  2. Ok but sponsor 7 eleven no tobacco!!!!mclaren use this sponsor in Australia!!
  3. Mclaren sponsor a better tomorrow is spectacular livery,please update,now mclaren orrible with no sponsor!!!no real. and please fix the real performance car,now no balanced with reality status.!!
  4. Codyes please fix the real car performance,alfa romeo fastest Renault!!redbull slow Ferrari and Ferrari fastest Mercedes for example in france!!actually performance car no real!!!please fix
  5. Yes please,update real car performance please,this is no real,example,Francia race Ferrari qualified first and second place,and other race redbull slow car !!!!!
  6. O my.....but in Ungheria race sponsor?ungheria stop alcool and tobacco sponsor..what mclaren sponsor in ungheria?
  7. Empty is orribile mclaren,this is no good,fix this spectacular car 😉
  8. O my god,ok but another sponsor,A BETTER TOMORROW for example
  9. F1 2020 is perfect simulation,great,spectacular!!!only livery obsolete and real perform cars no real!!
  10. Velo no tobacco sponsor!!! But another sponsor same good!but now McLaren is orribile with no sponsor!!
  11. Please fix mclaren “VELO” sponsor livery,now no real!!and update all car performance please!!
  12. Now f1 2020 is perfect,great job codemaster,but please,mc laren livery update,obsolete!,and please,real car performance.ps,Black Mercedes is incredibile.!!!
  13. Please update this old livery in f1 2020!!!
  14. Same here ego dumper crash,this only game crash
  15. Impossible,not my pc.all other games RUN perfect.f1 2019?run perfect.only f1 2020 crash in dx12,but dx11 run fine...for now...please codemaster fix this problem.
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