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  1. Hello Christina ,
    Thanks for getting back to me as you lovely guys and girls always respond swiftly from codemasters,
    the name of the league is
    Half-Fast Racing league ,
    and the guy who has created the league is (gutter boy)
    it's was working because our other friends has been doing the league events ,and he joined that league 2 weeks before Christmas ,it hasn't been working since just before January 1st , I've just now tried again and still not working ,so it's been now 17days out of action from date of this post,
  2. Hiya ,I've asked on Twitter as why dirt rally find a league search function is broken,it's been Birkenhead for almost a week on the www.dirtrally website,

    ive just gone on there again to find a freinds dirt rally league and it's stuck in search and loading mode,

    so so I can't even join his league, devs can you please sort this or give me a reply to say you when it will be fixed, this is not for dirt rally 4 but for dirt rally ,
    many many thanks
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