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  1. LonelyRacer

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Hi @Hoo, Thank you for the update. My normal gaming setup gives me on the benchmark average 167 FPS (min 125, max 208) and I run the Telemetry typically on 60hz. My users are running in all 30hz, 30Hz and 60Hz modes with varying FPS (from consoles to PC). I haven't heard comments from my users about the G-force values, so my guess is that those on consoles don't notice this, only the higher end gaming PCs will see the issue and typicall people use the saved Telemetry data to analyze offline key inputs vs laptime and/or use the live data/race history to work their race strategies, and none of these need "smooth" Gforce data. I tried to limit the FPS etc with not much success. Only when I enabled the VSYNC, I started getting better data, but still there were occasional dips in the data. For some reason the game is not playable with VSYNC, as I get constant minifreezes, so I cannot use it. Cheers
  2. LonelyRacer

    UDP Telemetry: GForce values broken

    That is from a saved lap data from prior November 2nd. The first version I have with bad data seems to be from Nov 5th. (I have 5GB saved data trace from October 15th, which still had the proper Gforce data). The bug was not there in the beta or in the early releases.
  3. LonelyRacer

    UDP Telemetry: GForce values broken

    @Hoo Any news on this?
  4. Hello, Wrote on the UDP specifications, but also writing this here. Found this bug, when testing new version of my Telemetry tool. I haven't really done any driving on the game for few months, but got back now and noticed this issue. Platform: PC/Win 7 Version: Latest 1.21 Tested: All frequencies, broadcast and non-broadcast feed The GForce values (Lat,Lon,Vert) in the UDP Telemetry data are mostly 0 and there are short blips with value. There was similar bug in F1 2018 at some point, but it got fixed. My last good "data" is from early November, where the saved lap data still has proper values from the Telemetry feed. Image of "erroneous data". What it should look like I hope this can still be fixed in the game. Cheers.
  5. LonelyRacer

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @Hoo @Faya When testing new version of my Telemetry tool + the 1.21 version, I found out, that the G-forces are not working correctly, i.e. values remain 0 most of the time and there are just occasional blips in the data. This happens in all Telemetry frequencies, but is extra bad on the lower ones (20Hz and 30Hz). See the image: This same bug was in F1 2018 and is now back. I don't know, in which version it came back. One of the older versions it was ok (the last good fastest lap file is dated Nov 2, 2019). You can see from one of the saved old laps in the image below, how the data should look.
  6. LonelyRacer

    List of 3rd party tools using F1 2019 UDP Telemetry

    Interesting, which game version do you use? I used PC version 1.05 for testing for the 9.1. release.
  7. Hello, I wanted to see, if there would be a list of tools using the UDP Telemetry, but there seems to be none. So let's start the thread. Other developers, please add your tools, so we can share what we have done. I go first: I have been developing my Telemetry tools since the first PC version of the F1 game, so yeah, I have seen a lot of stuff. In short, with my tool you can: Save your telemetry data and compare the laps. You can do real-time comparison agains fastest, session fastest or reference lap Real-time track map with the pit window visible (where you will land after good pitstop), Track map can show optimal line, fastest lap line, lines driver for seeing trends on your lines Extensive fuel/race info for getting most out of the racing (e.g. how to end the race with 0.01kg of fuel left) Visual comparison of laps in lap comparison tool Race history, track position history and laptimes graphs Save opponent laps in offline and online races and compare them to your own laps (good way to get better faster). XY Plotters for interesting graphs from the data Game can be on any platform (PC, PS, XBox). Telemetry tool runs on Windows, Linux and Mac, so you can now e.g. put your spare Mac laptop into a good use. You can get this from the RaceDepartment.com Some screenshots Main Telemetry screen Race Info Race history Track position history Comparison, fuel use XY Plotters on suspension
  8. LonelyRacer

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @Hoo, Any change, that at some upcoming patches, the PacketEventData could send the DRS status (DRSD or DRSE) after the SSTA? Now as I understand the situation, DRS is available on all other modes, except at Race Start. And in P/Q, if it rains, it should be disabled. Now it seems, the DRS is available in Practice even if it rains. If you want to display the correct start of session DRSD/DRSE status in a tool, getting the DRSD / DRSE after SSTA would make things much easier. Cheers,
  9. LonelyRacer

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    On the R2 Ford Fiesta most of the liveries have too wide (or actually too high) black bar on top of windshield, which make the car almost impossible to drive. The liveries 1 and 2 are ok, rest are not. A solution would be to remove the black bar, make it transparent or make it smaller on the affected liveries.