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  1. LonelyRacer

    List of 3rd party tools using F1 2019 UDP Telemetry

    Interesting, which game version do you use? I used PC version 1.05 for testing for the 9.1. release.
  2. Hello, I wanted to see, if there would be a list of tools using the UDP Telemetry, but there seems to be none. So let's start the thread. Other developers, please add your tools, so we can share what we have done. I go first: I have been developing my Telemetry tools since the first PC version of the F1 game, so yeah, I have seen a lot of stuff. In short, with my tool you can: Save your telemetry data and compare the laps. You can do real-time comparison agains fastest, session fastest or reference lap Real-time track map with the pit window visible (where you will land after good pitstop), Track map can show optimal line, fastest lap line, lines driver for seeing trends on your lines Extensive fuel/race info for getting most out of the racing (e.g. how to end the race with 0.01kg of fuel left) Visual comparison of laps in lap comparison tool Race history, track position history and laptimes graphs Save opponent laps in offline and online races and compare them to your own laps (good way to get better faster). XY Plotters for interesting graphs from the data Game can be on any platform (PC, PS, XBox). Telemetry tool runs on Windows, Linux and Mac, so you can now e.g. put your spare Mac laptop into a good use. You can get this from the RaceDepartment.com Some screenshots Main Telemetry screen Race Info Race history Track position history Comparison, fuel use XY Plotters on suspension
  3. LonelyRacer

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @Hoo, Any change, that at some upcoming patches, the PacketEventData could send the DRS status (DRSD or DRSE) after the SSTA? Now as I understand the situation, DRS is available on all other modes, except at Race Start. And in P/Q, if it rains, it should be disabled. Now it seems, the DRS is available in Practice even if it rains. If you want to display the correct start of session DRSD/DRSE status in a tool, getting the DRSD / DRSE after SSTA would make things much easier. Cheers,
  4. LonelyRacer

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    On the R2 Ford Fiesta most of the liveries have too wide (or actually too high) black bar on top of windshield, which make the car almost impossible to drive. The liveries 1 and 2 are ok, rest are not. A solution would be to remove the black bar, make it transparent or make it smaller on the affected liveries.