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  1. I would love to see this, and expanded even further. In MyTeam, allow you to (if you want, i.e. make it optional) be able to control your teammates component change or taking new components (i.e. do not change all components for the season's last race) be able to control, which components your teammate uses for race set team mates planned tire strategy before the race and for quali, e.g. make teammate to go out on Q2 with meds maybe allow setting priority for practice sessions, i.e. focus on race simulation etc. during race allow to make changes to teammate
  2. So @BarryBL and @steviejay69, Is the issue mentioned in this thread a bug or is it intentional?
  3. Yeah, the "time lost" depends quite a lot on the driver. When testing + collecting data for my tool, e.g. for Montreal in race setting, where you also change tires e.g. from soft to med, the time lost depends on the order of tires (coming in with super old meds, going out with fresh softs). I calculate in the last full lap with old tires, in + out + first full lap on new tires. In Montreal the lost time with a "normal" pitstop is from 16.5 to 18 seconds for Montreal. And this with no assists, so there are more variables/variability, than when using assists and different tire changes.
  4. I wrote pretty long post on how to do that in a performant way. I think it was in the F1 2020 UDP Spec thread, but cannot find it anymore from this site, as it seems many posts on F1 2020 thread were removed. @Hoo any way to get the old posts recovered back to that thread? In short, I divide the total race into small sectors (from 1m to 500m, which is user definable) and then store for each car the racetime the car enters the sector and then use this matrix (mini-sectors x cars) to get the time diff (to leader and/or to other cars). Cheers
  5. Hi, I still think this is a bug. If the devs say it is not a bug and that it is intentional, i.e. that wheel + pedal users should frantically pump the throttle up and down to try to keep revs steady to make good start and the reason for this is e.g. "to even the field with the controller users at start", then we can move this to suggestions. Cheers
  6. True, but e.g. with real-life 911 using the launch control system, you still can control the revs. They do not go wild with a slight touch of throttle. Now with the game, you really have no control on the revs at the start with pedals. I haven't driven F1 car, but I don't think the real F1 drivers do pump wildly and uncontrollable the throttle up and down to try to keep the revs at the right spot for the start. What I would like to see in the game, is that with pedals one can do controlled and repeatable starts, i.e. when stationary keep the revs around e.g. 11k or 11.5k, now it is m
  7. @BarryBL@Hoo Is this something, the devs are looking into? It seems that with some wheels/pedal combination it is almost impossible to keep the revs in control at the start. I have understood, that with controllers it is simple, just put the throttle to certain position and it will keep the revs steady, but with pedals at least with Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer + T3PA-PRO's it doesn't work like that, as explained above (see the video). I tried different linearity etc, but nothing really helps. Cheers.
  8. @BarryBL Do you think this might be looked into? I think a good solution would be to make the Throttle input be less radical/sensitive, when the car is not moving. This would also help to keep the revs steady during the pitstops. Cheers
  9. Last year it was "Generic Surface", which you were not supposed to find anywhere. In F1 2020 I found one location, when I by accident drove super hard out from the track into the barriers on Sochi T6. In my tool I have for all Enums a catcher for unknown Ids, which the tool then writes into a file, where I can check, if there are some odd Ids reported by the game. Cheers
  10. @BarryBL I can concur, the huge jolt has been fixed, but there is still the light jolt. But if you restart the session, there is none, so something iffy still going on on the first "run". Cheers
  11. I have seen some of my users having issue also relating to the broadcast mode. In consoles, if they turn on the broadcast mode, the game doesn't send motion packets. I haven't been able to test this, as I don't have console. But after they turned off the broadcast mode in the game, the motion packets and other packets started arriving correctly. Could be related. Cheers
  12. Yes, it is the same tool, you can find more info from the link in my signature and from RaceDepartment. I have been developing this Tool for quite some time, actually first supported game was F1 2012. Cheers
  13. Well, this is the first time in the F1 series that there is a bug, which can really injure people. I hope there is swift solution to this before more wrist get sprained or worse. @BarryBL I think you should put a note about this as sticky to limit the potential exposure. Cheers.
  14. @Hoo @EnsiFerrum I tested this and it works as expected. In driving, the game sends out all packages as expected. If you pause the game, only the PacketEventData packets are sent, so no Telemetry/Lapdata etc is sent when the game enters the pause. If you move around the menus or press controller buttons, this triggers the PacketEventData BUTN, again as expected. So @EnsiFerrum you need to a) filter out the PacketEventData BUTN packets from the feed on the receiving end or b) if you do some motion platform, only trigger "stuff"/movement, when there is new PacketMotionData pa
  15. With the other games I play (AMS2 + PC2, AC & ACC), it is much easier to control the revs at start/get-away. In ACC it is rolling start, but when getting the car moving the revs are easier to control. In AMS2/PC2/AC the throttle/revs behaves bit like in F1 2021 (or F1 2020), but it is more controllable (for e.g. Formula V10 or GTEs in AMS2). The revs gain with constant throttle works similar way in those games, and after reading more I think that is the way the throttle maps these days work in race cars, ie. they optimize torque for the speed + revs with throttle position and I t
  16. @BarryBL Added the report here just in case. A detailed description of the issue. The revs are uncontrollable during start + even on constant throttle driving straight the revs increase Report Code Platform? PC Win10, Thrustmaster TS PC/SF 1000 rim/T3PA Pro pedals Game-mode? Any race mode [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard. What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Tried to change the Throttle Settings in controller settings. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember
  17. Hi, I have this issue, which I also had with F1 2020. During the start, the revs go wild, even if you keep throttle in same position (>15%). This is especially bad in the starts, but also can be seen, if you drive keeping throttle at constant position, the revs just keep increasing. Should the throttle and revs have a linear correlation or some correlation? If not, is there a settings/a way to fix this? I have tried adjusting the throttle linearity, but it 0, 50 or 100 doesn't alter the behavior. Here is a short video demonstrating the issue: https://youtu.be/xPVHK9QUCQ4
  18. There is no change. The m_totalRaceTime was double in F1 2020's PacketFinalClassificationData packets, as it is now and both packets have same size in F1 2020 and F1 2021. So if your code around that packet worked last year, it will work this year. If you are new developer and don't know how many bytes is a double, you might want to do some studying/research. For the Integers the size + unsigned/signed is critical, for double there is only one size, but if you do the conversion by hand, you must take into account endianness. @HooMaybe you need to add the double's size info to th
  19. Some of my users do that (i.e. set the IP to be outside local network), so that the race engineer can receive/receives the data. The issue with doing it that way is that it then prevents the user using other local tools, as the data is sent away. That is the reason I have added to my tool way to forward the data to 2 different IP (+PORT) addresses, so the local tools + remote servers can take advantage of the data at the same time. Cheers
  20. Very true. In this kind of situations one thinks, what other stuff was broken and when it is safe to e.g. start career without fear of a corrupted save file. I am no pro developer, just doing my tool as hobby and for games, I play myself. But I would expect CM to be professionals with proper release procedures and version control policies in place. But we still get the same bugs from one release to another or the old "fixed" bugs pop in in subsequent releases. And the same bugs appear even between different game version. If I recall correctly, I think this same bug we discuss here wa
  21. Same for me. This issue was in the Beta, but not in the early release and came back again at 1.04. 2. 1.04 on PC 3. TT and MyTeam career (flying lap, one shot quali) 4. Happens for the first time on new track, when the control is transferred. When restarting the session, it doesn't happen anymore. 5. Always when the control is transferred on first time on any track 6. Restarted game, restarted computer. Only solution is to hold super tight the wheel when the control is transferred. Luckily I don't have strong DD wheel. 7. Thrustmaster TS PC, SF 1000 rim, Trustmast
  22. Hi, 104 is the "Generic F1 car/My Team", when in TT. So same as 41 in online races and 255 in MyTeam. Handy, isn't it. Maybe for statistics you can combine 104 and 41, as they should be fully developed, whereas 255 depends how far you are in the My Team. Cheers.
  23. @Hoo Finally got time to do some testing on the release version. Few notes: 1) The damage packet does not show the engine part wear for the other cars. It would be great, if the data would be updated at least for the team mate, so the data could be used to help to decide, which durability updates are the most critical for the team and not just for the player. 2) In the game there are now these issues during racing, like ERS not working or Engine problems. This info is not shown on MFD nor it is available in the Telemetry. Would it be possible to add those "issue indicators" to t
  24. I found out, that the error was on my side. As the id of TT is now 13, instead of 12 (as in F1 2020), my tool got stuck in "Event changed" loop, and it only happened with TT, as for other events the ids are same as with F1 2020. Cheers.
  25. Well, my tool worked with the beta in all modes with no issues. But there was no TT in beta, so I could not test that. I also just did quick testing with the deluxe version. In race (solo race, did not enter an online race yet), my tool works as expected and all data seems to work ok. BUT, in TT there is something odd going on, which breaks my tool. I haven't dived into the data feed details, but hopefully will have tomorrow some time to look, what is going on there. Cheers.
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