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  1. R9NALD09

    AI in rain too difficult?

    You need to set up your car for rain. I find the AI easier in wet weather compared to dry weather. Increase ride height Decrease brake power Softer Suspension etc.
  2. R9NALD09

    Let us adjust the sponsor logos on the car

    No stress, I tried it last night and it worked thank you very much
  3. R9NALD09

    Let us adjust the sponsor logos on the car

    How do you change the color of your sponsors in myteam? In normal multiplayer customization I can see where to do it but can't find any such options in my team.
  4. R9NALD09

    My Team - Engine differences?

    If there isn't any significance I'm going to be ******. I went for Mercedes just due to durability which I assume causes my engines to wear at a slower rate.
  5. R9NALD09

    Suggestions for the future of this game

    We seriously need a better livery editor. In this day and age to have preset designs with only 3 color changes, sometimes only 2 is absurd. I know it is part of the business plan...because now they are selling more designs. I'll pay for a complete livery editor to create my own designs. Then we can place the logos on top...also why couldn't they just add the sponsors to your helmet as well? My team is great and all...but there are a lot of oversights imo.
  6. Because the cars are heavier these days...and have tons more electronic aids in place to help the driver. Hence why it was a lot harder to tame a F1 car back in the day compared to now. Quite a few F1 drivers have commented themselves on how easy it is to drive F1 cars these days...with some actually saying F2 cars are harder. So Codies got this spot on.
  7. R9NALD09

    Another featured event?!

    Developers should just NEVER EVER have trophies for content that will cease to exist after a specific time frame.
  8. Not sure man, ps4 player here so not sure how it works on pc
  9. I saw a screenshot on reddit just now for xbox preload and it seems the game size is 42 and something Gb. So to be safe maybe have 50Gb ready.
  10. R9NALD09


    Also hoping that the additional car liveries will be available in My Team.
  11. R9NALD09

    Schumacher edition, really?

    Well thank you sir, this makes me very excited and optimistic! Considering doing a father son my team revamp of Benetton 🙂
  12. R9NALD09

    Schumacher edition, really?

    And to add to it, it isn't as if the name isn't in the game with Mick being in F2.
  13. So going by this video showing off all the character customization options. You seem to be able to choose Michael Schumacher's face but not have Schumacher as the audio name? What would be the point to have his face in the game then? Really disappointing...
  14. I'm leaning towards the full fantasy side...just surname plus F1 or something. If we had free range on logo creation I would've loved to do Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Jaguar, VW, Toyota or any other major manufacturer. But given their past I'm very worried about the customization options. All said, the current plan is to use my surname in the team name and create my son as the driver :D
  15. This trophy is probably the most ******** and unfair I've ever encountered...