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  1. R9NALD09

    Another featured event?!

    Developers should just NEVER EVER have trophies for content that will cease to exist after a specific time frame.
  2. Not sure man, ps4 player here so not sure how it works on pc
  3. I saw a screenshot on reddit just now for xbox preload and it seems the game size is 42 and something Gb. So to be safe maybe have 50Gb ready.
  4. R9NALD09


    Also hoping that the additional car liveries will be available in My Team.
  5. R9NALD09

    Schumacher edition, really?

    Well thank you sir, this makes me very excited and optimistic! Considering doing a father son my team revamp of Benetton 🙂
  6. R9NALD09

    Schumacher edition, really?

    And to add to it, it isn't as if the name isn't in the game with Mick being in F2.
  7. So going by this video showing off all the character customization options. You seem to be able to choose Michael Schumacher's face but not have Schumacher as the audio name? What would be the point to have his face in the game then? Really disappointing...
  8. I'm leaning towards the full fantasy side...just surname plus F1 or something. If we had free range on logo creation I would've loved to do Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Jaguar, VW, Toyota or any other major manufacturer. But given their past I'm very worried about the customization options. All said, the current plan is to use my surname in the team name and create my son as the driver :D
  9. R9NALD09

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    Also please fix it so that Weber doesn't completely destroy his teammate Verstappen and Butler completely destroy his teammate Hamilton. Put them on par at most but hell you have two rookies coming in completely outclassing the two biggest talents on the grid.
  10. R9NALD09

    Do something different next year.

    The 2 year thing is bull...they might've had 1 resource on it for the first year but if you look at the amount of changes/additions a series like NBA 2k does year to year there is no way Codies spent 2 years on this. Even MLB The Show who is known to have a incredibly small development team produces way more changes/additions in their game annually. The logic by Codemasters was simply they had to release F1 earlier because they have GRID coming in September so if F1 released in August as usual they'll risk the games interfering in each other sales i.e. instead of F1 selling 1 million and GRID selling 1 million they might have a case of both selling 750k to put it in simple terms. So they decided to release F1 early...but they realized with the passionate community they have they risk upsetting their fans for undermining the F1 franchise by giving it a shorter dev cycle. So what is the most reasonable thing to do? Sell it as having a 2 year dev cycle...and they win by creating more excitement and deflecting an upset fan base. F1 2019 has a lot of issues and I'm starting to lose all hope. Just watching Ben's youtube career mode series has huge issues especially with AI strategy. And don't get me started on the same issues appearing year after year even if they fixed it with a patch BOOM it is back with the new release.
  11. R9NALD09

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    AI Strategy in races where weather changes from dry to wet or the other way around is so broken I'm considering turning variable weather off. Needs urgent attention. AI pace in wet weather is OP now...especially when it just starts raining they put in lap times that is so far out of reach it is a joke Fix transfers or at least give us a frequency slider or option Reduce R&D for both player and AI
  12. R9NALD09

    Regulation change for next year R&Ds

    Has anyone had a regulation change on a department they haven't invested heavily in? I'm at a point where I'm thinking that they are checking where the player is strong and do a regulation change on that department. In 2018 I focused only on reliability and engine upgrades...sure enough regulation change on both of those. Next season I did aero only...sure enough regulation change on aero only. Might be bad luck and coincidence but was just wondering.
  13. R9NALD09

    Team performance order after patch

    What a complete joke. They actually have Ferrari with the best aero package and Mercedes with the best engine LMFAO. Anyone that watched F1 this season would know it is the other way around.
  14. R9NALD09

    Big changes needed.

    Not sure if they changed it in a patch but when I created a LAN session and in the lobby selected 'ready up' I went straight to the session and could do laps to my hearts content.
  15. R9NALD09

    Big changes needed.

    You can just create a LAN session by yourself if you want to work on setups for your multiplayer car