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  1. R9NALD09

    Regulation change for next year R&Ds

    Has anyone had a regulation change on a department they haven't invested heavily in? I'm at a point where I'm thinking that they are checking where the player is strong and do a regulation change on that department. In 2018 I focused only on reliability and engine upgrades...sure enough regulation change on both of those. Next season I did aero only...sure enough regulation change on aero only. Might be bad luck and coincidence but was just wondering.
  2. R9NALD09

    Team performance order after patch

    What a complete joke. They actually have Ferrari with the best aero package and Mercedes with the best engine LMFAO. Anyone that watched F1 this season would know it is the other way around.
  3. R9NALD09

    Big changes needed.

    Not sure if they changed it in a patch but when I created a LAN session and in the lobby selected 'ready up' I went straight to the session and could do laps to my hearts content.
  4. R9NALD09

    Big changes needed.

    You can just create a LAN session by yourself if you want to work on setups for your multiplayer car
  5. R9NALD09

    Big changes needed.

    Well the way I see it is if you play online you get: Empty lobbies Still laughable penalty system Even in lobbies with S safety ratings it is absolutely chaos and wreckage galore at the first corner. This might not be Codemasters' issue but if the penalty system worked and the safety rating was accurate this wouldn't happen. If you play offline career you get: Performance levels outdated AI strategy broken (90% of teams double stack their cars in dry to wet or wet to dry races losing an insane amount of time) Pit release is still not correct R&D is way too fast with the AI being so fast that eventually you'll drop to the bottom even if you only concentrate on performance upgrades Driver transfers is a complete joke...who in their right mind thought that the way it currently is will be realistic and/or up to customer satisfaction. Tyre carcass temps are only for the user player...so in essence it is a handicap. And then furthermore you get: Damage is still a joke. Last night I got hit from behind and my front wing got damaged...how in the hell is that possible. The HUD is still a mess...after how many years SC is not working for a lot of players I'd argue overall F1 CE was a much better rounded off product even though it had its issues. This game is broken. How many features is actually working 100%?
  6. R9NALD09

    Big changes needed.

    I'm sorry but this game is broken. Regretting my purchase. People lambaste EA for their games but Codies' F1 series is by far the worst game series I've seen in regards to the same glitches carrying onto the next iteration. It baffles me there hasn't been an outcry in regards to AI strategy in wet to dry or dry to wet races. The AI 90% double stacks their drivers...losing an incredible amount of time and handing easy victories to the user. Check Ben's races at USA, Brazil etc. The quali sim times has been a problem for years...SC has been a problem for years and this year it is even non existent for some users. I just can't support this product anymore...it has been almost 3 weeks and they expect us to be excited for the performance update coming soon? Why wasn't this in at launch...the season didn't start in May. The cutscenes story like career mode which only lasts for 3 races in F2 is a complete joke. Why add it if it ends when you get to F1? Why not actually develop a full fledged mode where these cutscenes popup throughout your career. Still only yourself and the guy ahead/behind you in the position box...how many times have people requested they expand that. Why would anyone be connected to the actual F1 season if they raced in a midfield team and not knowing who is getting podium. Or being able to see the shock of Hamilton leading the championship but being outside of the top 10...we can't even create our own stories because we don't know what is happening with the other drivers. Even if you invest all your R&D points into actual upgrades instead of reliability, efficiency etc. you just can't keep up with the AI's pace of development. Eventually you'll slowly go down the pecking order because of this. Did they even test this? Last year almost every single Youtuber complained car development is too fast...what do Codies do? Make it ever faster. Great job. No news/twitter feed. No immersion in regards to the season. The driver transfers were an excellent opportunity for a rumor mill or news feed. Tyre carcass temps still only for user... There is no way in hell they worked on this for 2 years...unless they maybe put the one junior developer on the code for the first year to play around. I mean can they seriously not even add the official time-sheet designs? How long can that possibly take.
  7. Ok so for anyone that experienced the same. What happened was that eventually I found a lobby with two other players after trying for 3 days. Did the race and I saw my skill and safety rating went up one notch as if I just started the game...you know the small grey circle at the bottom. I then thought my ratings must've been reset. Discouraged I still enjoyed playing the game but wasn't keen to grind to A and S safety rating again. So last night I did the weekly event race and after that did 2 ranked races in order to at least get to C safety rating. Once I reached the stage to progress to C I was immediately put back to full silver and S safety rating. Have no idea what just happened or how and why...just glad I got my ratings back.
  8. R9NALD09

    I need help with difficulty

    2019 is definitely more difficult. 2018 I used to have AI on 92-94. With the minor testing in single grand prix weekend so far it seems I'm more at the 85-88 range.
  9. 2 nights ago I reached S safety rating and I'm about at 1700 silver skill rating. After doing so I quit to play something else and later came back to F1 2019. Now ever since I can't find any ranked lobbies with players...when I enter a lobby I'm all by myself. I've noticed that at the top right hand side of the screen and also when viewing my super license both the skill and safety rating doesn't seem to pull through and it is only a grey block with a stripe in it. I've been trying to access ranked lobbies for the past 2 nights but to no avail. Even unranked lobbies seem to be a bit dodgy as I try to join those that are still currently in 'lobby' state but when joining they are already midway through the race. It is sad because I'm holding out on career until the performance update drops and now don't have any way to play except time trial. Has anyone else experience this and hopefully find a way to fix this?
  10. Yeah same here. Waiting on the performance patch before starting career mode and running out of patience with the bumper cars of online. Hoping the patch will land soon
  11. R9NALD09

    F1 2019 - Skill Rating system broken [ZX]

    This trophy is probably the most ******** and unfair I've ever encountered...
  12. Regardless if people think other user's should use the driving line, ABS etc. This is an issue, the racing line should adapt. I think it is a glitch of some sort as in rainy weather the line also doesn't seem to adapt for earlier and longer braking points even with ABS off.
  13. Same here, everything off with auto gears. Keen to do manual gears at some point but first want to get quick and consistent with all the other assists off. Doing a lot of unranked online races and get schooled hard mostly but slowly but surely working on my pace.
  14. I tried manual gears last night hahaha missed my braking points, turn in points everything as I'm very new at driving without ABS and TC. One step at a time...will do manual gears when I'm very comfortable with everything else.
  15. R9NALD09

    Official hud f1 rolex 2019

    Are people seriously struggling to read the HUD? Wow the HUD is so simplistic with way too little information how could it be hard to read? I want the authentic experience so I would love to have TV style graphics across the board. The position indicator only showing the guy ahead and behind you is my biggest gripe...Ideally I would like the full grid but even if they can implement Pcars system of showing the top 3 and the guy in front and behind you, so 6 in total, would work wonders. If you are placed top 4 then it shows the top 6.