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  1. The driver ratings are a complete joke. They are compensating difference in car performance with driver ratings. There is no way Alonso is only a 89...and the only reason they made him a 89 is so that he slots in behind the Mclarens etc. To further prove this...take all the drivers and order them by pace etc. and you'll see it basically mimics the order of performance in the cars. The game design is fundamentally flawed because of this.
  2. The issue with EA is that the only sport where they actually have competition they got completely steamrolled. NBA Live is as close to dead as possible because they couldn't keep up with 2K. In their other franchises, which imo F1 will follow suite, they just bought out the competition with exclusive rights. F1 already has no competition, so I highly doubt we'll see big improvements from year to year. I reckon it will be similar to FIFA, lots of hoo-haa about latest tracks, rules and broadcast presentation but little to no improvement in career modes. Regardless who is working on
  3. True, at least EA has multiple teams that can assist. Let's hope for the best
  4. At this rate they are probably reworking the entire game lol
  5. Even though I agree they make minimal changes to their offline modes. Having all the teams, tracks etc. is easy wins and with EA's other sport franchises they always seem to have all the latest stadiums etc. in their games. Very easy selling points and I would be very surprised if EA has the same approach as Codemasters with new tracks etc.
  6. These are some great suggestions. My biggest complaint at the moment with the career modes are how detached you feel from the rest of the league and even worse how detached you are from your teammate. Why not have you engineer tell you your teammate is faster in a specific sector and suggest a setup change to counter this. You should be able to see your teammates strategy for the race and be advised by your team what they want you to do strategy-wise with regard to what your teammate is doing. Or just let us be able to change our teammates strategy. We currently have a F1 game
  7. If my memory serves me correct, the last time they released in September we didn't have updated car performance either lmao
  8. Why can't we have an option before each practice session what we aim to work on, for instance I want to focus on race pace FP1, quali sim FP2 and fuel and tyre management FP3? With other possible options as well. If you ignore race pace in all practice sessions you receive a hit on strategy accuracy, if you ignore quali sim in all practice sessions maybe you get penalized with a higher chance of engine issues etc. Not ideal but the overall concept might work? There is endless potential to give this game way more depth... In my team I'm supposed to run all facets of my team but I'm
  9. Yeah basically all of this. The issue are these youtubers that mindlessly praise the game for the smallest thing and blatantly ignoring the massive issues this series has. Just because their face were scanned are on some random engineer in the game...whoopdy doo
  10. Story was cringe imo. Have no interest playing through it again, even if it had branching storylines. So many emails and calls mentioning an upcoming debrief or interview...just for you not to actually take part in it. And don't get me started on the calls from your mom/wife/daughter... So sad all their resources went into this mode. Next year we'll have the expected "CONTINUE THE STORY OF AIDEN JACKSON" marketing...have absolutely no interest. If career modes don't get a lot of love from next year I won't buy again.
  11. I made the same complaint in another thread. Lots of emails and talks about debrief sessions, interviews and events yet you never see any of them not to mention the user actually participate in them. I eventually stopped reading my emails and merely scanned them at breakneck speed as what is the point? The phonecalls from your mom and wife/daughter were cringe as hell and also just all a bunch of nothing.
  12. This is the correct approach. NBA 2K has options for the user to accept or reject any player transfer between AI teams and gives the player the power to make the league play out in a realistic way. At least in a way that is realistic to the user. They should have a driver transfer frequency slider and another option if the user need to validate any driver transfers yes/no. I appreciate it that the development team took note and working on it, but the disappointing thing is this isn't the first time this driver transfer situation has been in their games. Very very happy wi
  13. This has been one of the key areas I've complained about the most. However admin assured me it is much better in F1 2021...seems worse than before tbh
  14. Agree that Braking Point won't go away, mainly imo because it is a very easy selling point. "Continue the story of Aiden Jackson at Ferrari" blah blah...another 4 odd hours with little to no replay value. Even if they add more replay value I'll much rather create my own story than someone else's story. Hence why I said from the start their focus should be making the career modes way more immersive instead of putting all their resources in one mode like they did with this years game. EA gives me hope with the TV graphics package. In FIFA they have different TV graphic packages for the
  15. All that we'll get next year is story mode with branching storylines. Honestly don't care for it when all the other modes go untouched with primitive customization and little to no immersion. I mean F1 97 on PS1 had better pre and post race commentary and it had commentary during the race as well.
  16. Unfortunately we just aren't their market...true fans of the sport looking for a realistic representation of the sport. Not talking about simulation just a true representation of the sport. This is supposed to be the official F1 video game of 2021. We don't have 2021 car performance We don't have 2021 safety cars We don't have a full 2021 schedule and tracks We don't have 2021 Sprint qualifying format The graphics even didn't get a proper next gen upgrade. Literally all there resources went into Breaking Point which in my honest opinion was an average ex
  17. The fact that we have outdated car performance is very disappointing and inexcusable to be honest. It is almost as if they just accept the fact that they will update it after release. The season is 4 months old...you tell me they can't have a day one patch ready with the new performance paramters.
  18. Yeah graphics is really disappointing. Didn't think it would get worse that MLB The Show's move to next gen but F1 2021 looks last gen. NBA 2K released last year October did a fantastic job and I would argue both FIFA and Madden did a better next gen upgrade compared to F1...and in both cases was just a patch not even a full release. These F1 games have so much potential, but lack of attention to detail imo. Hats off to the improvements to AI on track racing and the mistakes they are making etc. Massive improvement. However the fact that their main selling feature of last yea
  19. Agreed, new interface is worse than the old one. Similar to R&D screens...they look better but are much worse in regards to getting the information need and navigating through the screens.
  20. Driver transfers after half a season in career mode. Broken.
  21. That would be moronic to say the least. A couple of years ago you weren't allowed either and there was a massive outcry where after they patched it in...and every year since there are threads on how to do this. If they took it out...man I have no words.
  22. I get the sarcasm, but there is definitely a massive issue with their attention to detail in these games. From next year onwards I don't even want to hear limited resources excuses for not having the tracks etc. in the game. EA has an insane amount of resources. The entire team really needs to sit down and watch a couple of F1 weekends, because what I see on TV isn't represented in what I see in their games.
  23. I thought you said AI strategy was improved haha lmao Can you please let me know why the AI doesn't go for medium tyres in Q2 like in real life? I mean they've been doing it in real life for years now. Also please take into consideration to replace the box top right with a timing box they show in qualifying/practice on TV comparing our current lap time with P1 or the cut off time for Q1 and Q2. I honestly don't care how my current lap compares to my own best lap but more how it compares to pole lap time or the cut off time. And to be fair, the green/yellow/purple bar at the bottom
  24. Does Codemasters even watch real F1? Why doesn't the AI top runners attempts Q2 with medium tyres? If I get into Q3 with mediums I automatically have a 25 second advantage because I'll 1-stop the race and all the AI is on 2-stop. Can Codemasters please refer me to a race where the top runners all did 2-stop in the last year or two? This really breaks the mode or any mode...as soon as my car is fast enough to get into Q3 with mediums I'll easily win the race. And don't tell me to just do Q2 on softs...it isn't my responsibility to have house rules to cover their laziness. I wa
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