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  1. ok thank you, so you all would agree that it doesn't have any affect of the curbs? I didnt know if the game considered that part of the track surface.
  2. I was curious is simplified surfaces happened to also include curbing and runoff areas? The curbs did seem a little less violent on simplified but honestly it could also just be my imagination.
  3. The replacement hard drive I purchased was a seagate 2tb at 5400 rpm, should be no issues with compatible I would think. https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-BarraCuda-Internal-Drive-2-5-Inch/dp/B07D99S8Z7/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Seagate+BarraCuda+2TB+Internal+Hard+Drive+HDD+–+2.5+Inch+SATA+6Gb%2Fs+5400+RPM+128MB+Cache+for+Computer+Desktop+PC&qid=1613147664&s=electronics&sr=1-1
  4. just a question about the xp thing, other than going offline, is there anyway to disable that feature?
  5. So I went through the process of purchasing a new hard drive and reinstalling the game completely again. Here's what i found: The glitch did not occur for 5 consecutive attempts and my immediate thought was that somehow my old hard drive, my friends hard drive and the hard drive of my living room ps4 all my be on their last legs. Then later on the glitch returned, same scenario as before, and by the way you guys are actually replicating the series of events perfectly and exactly as I am so im beyond confused. So back to my point once some of my other games finished installing all of the sudden
  6. A few other items about the issue. It only occurs when you qualify first. You also need to skip the xp counting screen before it finishes I believe. With that said , I have also gotten the issue when I let the whole scene playout but skipping it before it's done does increase the frequency.
  7. obviously it has something to do with the internet connecting to accomplish something with the xp points, the issue does not occur if my system is not online. I did a connection test below, my system is wired with a ethernet cable directly to the router. Ive never had any sort of connectivity issues and Ive had the same router and provider since 2016. I don't know if that's useful information but I figured it couldn't hurt. 🙂
  8. sure I will take a few pictures of how i set the session up and also I will make another quick video
  9. ok so after reading the article over I realized that I indeed already cleared the cache as I had removed the ps4 system, had everything unplugged from the console and it sat on my kitchen table for an hour while I checked to see if any of the cables could be the culprit
  10. ok I will do this, I should mention that i did initialize the ps4 last night and basically started all over. So perhaps this would have also cleared the cache? I also forget to mention I did try to make a new user and account to make sure it wasnt that as well. I deleted my save file and started fresh to rule out a corrupted save
  11. So i am sorry if the video is short, I had to try and condense it a bit to fit under the 48mb limit. If this video is less than helpful I can try and make another and upload it to youtube with a link. f1_2020_issue.mp4
  12. just out of curiosity as I have played the game since release, any idea why this may be happening now as I am certain I had always been pressing x to skip that xp award scene. Was their some recent change to that xp system? I myself never payed any attention to it, at least up until this issue I should say. Again thank you for your help and responses I really do appreciate it
  13. ok so unfortunately my video seems to be a bit to big to add here but im trying to edit it down some. So as you suggested I did press x to skip the xp award process prior to hitting restart, the glitch seems to happen closer to 50% of the time if I allow the whole scene to play out. I had a few friends of mine try to replicate the issue and one friend was able to, while another was not. I had both of them choose to skip that xp award scene just as I had. I had them also do it via playstations shareplay so i could walk them through replicating the problem and be sure we were doing the exact thi
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