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  1. atpMaverick

    Slow straight line speed

    Fair enough it did seem strange that the setups at first glance seemed totally counter intuitive to how me and many others would approach it. I agree from 2018 there are many settings that should be adjustable. Always known rear wings to be more draggy though. For thought at the front wing is direction of airflow, and the rear the release of drag through the end fences, slots and all manner of things across various racing disciplines. I worked more on the manufacture of engine covers and larger components so I could be wrong. Your point about ride height is kind of worrying, I get a flatter car is a faster car but not negatively by raising the front.
  2. atpMaverick

    Slow straight line speed

    Before I comment I do not yet own f1 2019 however, more of a point regarding real life setup application and straight line speed. From the setups in the links above everyone is running a higher rear wing. First this would cause mid corner understeer but also be very draggy? As in real life would a higher front wing not be a more preferable way to create a pointy car rather than using springs and anti roll? I see also many users have a stiffer rear roll and spring compared to the front. To aid acceleration and stability would it not be more suited to have the rear softer for the car to take its set quicker, plus anti roll bar in my understanding is mid corner balancing tool? It just seems initially looking at it with experience of real life application, the majority of people are using aerodynamics and suspension in a similar trend. Is this by design or a work around to the current physics applied?