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  1. I don’t think anyone’s been sent a specific key yet. Just confirmation if they got in or not.
  2. It should be available within the next two weeks I’d assume.
  3. Pretty sure someone like Paul Jeal confirmed it was F1 2019 on twitter.
  4. It’s great that the game is going to be released early but is there a point in getting the earlier edition after the state of the game we’ve had this year? I hope whoever gets chosen to test the beta can help in making sure we don’t have game breaking bugs by release otherwise this three day early thing is pointless.
  5. karting111

    Cheating online possible online lobbies?

    I highly doubt it’s someone cheating. I’ve been spectating sessions with the same thing and it’s just a visual glitch. The player is likely switching between all the modes and you can’t see what he’s using apart from ERS 5. If you look at how fast the Deployment bar moves then you can probably tell he’s not using ERS 5.
  6. I wouldn’t think so. In worst case scenario you’ll have to revert back to your old one to redeem the beta if you get chosen and then change back to your new one. It shouldn’t be an issue though as I’d imagine it’s linked to your email which stays the same even with ID changes.
  7. karting111

    F1 2019 Split screen

    I think a split screen feature is very unlikely. Always that slight chance they might though.
  8. karting111

    Handling for F1 2019 - David Greco PLEASE READ

    I think it’s unlikely that they’ll change anything with tyre temperatures since after 1.16 update. Personally I prefer them pre update so it takes out the “broken” setups with 1-8 wings and 9/10 ballast.