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  1. i like many others have problems with game save can anyone help us the gamers with some info about possible update?
  2. if you click support on this site and then there is a contact phone number it takes them about 30 mins to answer but its a local call so i held on and complained i think more of you should do same
  3. from what i heard playstation have patch and it was ok and microsoft rejected patch so they had to look over the patch fix and re send to microsoft
  4. codemaster saying this is fixed is not true many 1000s of gamers still have this game save corruption issue i am on my 14 game save at this point and after paying them for the dlc i have had nothing but problems i will contact my credit card company to ask for a full refund and also calling up the trading standerds about this issue
  5. i would just like to ask has anyone been able to resolve there game save corrupt problem ? i have called xbox live who tried some things and was not able to fix i have also called codemasters who could not tell me a date for a patch so i wonder if anyone was able to fix this problem?
  6. the patch was refused by xboxlive from what i heard and there should be a new patch soon but i have not heard when that is yet i have had over 10 game save corruptions and many lost hours i have to be honest and say this has to be the worst problem i have seen with any online game i have played and i am not happy about this all we can do is wait and hope they can fix this
  7. i was hearing of all these game save issues and lucky not to have any until today after getting a car to a max level of 99 my game save is now broken i have lost faith with codemaster even there emails claim this will be fixed in no time yet people waiting 2 weeks this is just not good enough and everyone who has got addons or packs from xbox should ask for a refund like i will honest i feel this type of attitude by the game company makes me feel i will never waste my money on a codemaster game again thanks game save losses racenet website issues not having a easy in game way to add frie
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