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  1. Same Problem on PS5. Sponsors on Helmets are gone!
  2. I see, youre one of those who like a stronger FFB 🙂 I'll give it a try!
  3. Which FFB Settings do guys use on PS5 with your t300? I struggle a lot to get a good feeling this year😪
  4. I HATE this 50% nonsense! I'm so ****** up... i was so happy as i first played f1 2021 and noticed that they finally changed that point to something realistic and the brake balance setting was very useful! But now...its back to 2020 and it feels absolutely awful...
  5. My Fault, didn't see it🤦🏻‍♂️😅 Thanks!
  6. New Version with Imola would be highly appreciated ❤
  7. Since release so many people complaining about this issue, here and on Twitter! But yeah for sure its on my end when its the only game where i experience this issue. Oh and not everyone experiencing the same bugs. Its a hit and miss.
  8. I dont know but im really ******... after the last patch it was gone and now the FFB loss with my T300 are back....ridiculous. I don't....but in all seriousness, i want a refund! I've waited long enough since release.
  9. Here is my old Topic where i explained my Problem and i think i shared my Settings too. Can post a screenshot tomorrow for you.
  10. I can't believe it!!! Since patch 1.08 on PS5 the problem with the FFB loss with Thrustmaster steering wheels seems to be finally fixed! I bought a new steering wheel to test, measured temperatures outside and inside the steering wheel, tried old firmware versions, spent numerous hours in test races to rule out all sources of error on my part. I was already doubting everything! 1 1/2 months after release I can finally play it. There was no overheating or any other problem with my T300. As I said from the beginning, the game is the problem. Despite all my dissatisfaction, thanks
  11. You're so damn right😭😭😭can't play the game with my T300 on PS5 because after about 30 Minutes FFB on track says bye bye and i need to restart the game 👍 wish u could get my Money back! Even Thrustmaster Support says it looks like a Game Issue....
  12. Never had any problems, standard was perfectly fine, normally i just lowered the overall strength. But this feels very strange compared to the ps4 version. There must be a major issue
  13. Maybe you're right and i really hope you're right. Maybe this Bug i experience is way bigger than i thought at first. Im begging that they find a fix soon.
  14. Tested today the FFB difference between PS4 an PS5 today and was really shocked how different it is. Settings were exact same on both Versions. The FFB on the PS4 feels much more lively, detailed and accurate. I can feel exactly what the car is doing. On the PS5 version, on the other hand, the FFB felt extremely poor in detail and lifeless. The entire car also felt much heavier. Compared to the PS4 version, the FFB just felt terrible.
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