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  1. I’m baffled on what the problem is here, I did season one with Alfa now I’m on season 2 with Ferrari and I’ve never had this issue. I do 25% races at 89 ai with no driving assists and I actually have to set the fuel lower so I don’t have too much at the end of the race. Do you use automatic or manual gears? Do you use tc? What team/pu do you use? Do you have upgrades?
  2. Agreed or at least give us a filter. I’d also like to see separate ranked races with no tc or abs, but that will never happen.
  3. I do 25% races with no assists at 89. For me it’s the perfect balance between casual and challenging. I also use a G29.
  4. I gave up on online racing in F1 because 99% of players are completely out of their depth. I imagine there are a lot of people who feel the same way.
  5. The fuel consumption has been better compared than the last game for me. I actually have a hard time burning it off because it doesn’t seem to lose too much by keeping to rpms high. The game always starts me with way too much fuel and I have to reduce it down to .3 or else I will be well over 1.5 by the end of a 25% race, especially if theres a safety car. I always do the practice program with standard settings. I’m currently half way through my first season with Alfa Romeo and I haven’t done any upgrades for fuel efficiency either. Not using tc probably helps me with fuel consumptio
  6. Team Penske - Mercedes The livery is nothing special, but it reminds me of Joseph Newgarden's Hitachi car.
  7. MikeV27


    The car could just be too draggy as well.
  8. I had an SC in just my third race. Running 25% race distance with AI at 89. It ruined my race, and to top it off my severely worn gearbox got stuck in 2nd gear while behind and I had to retire. GG.
  9. MikeV27


    Watch a real F1 race and you will notice they have the same problem.
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