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  1. MikeV27

    Controller vs Wheel

    Pad is not faster but it has hidden assists that make it more forgiving than a wheel. Pretty much every racing game does this. The amount of time you put in is more important than equipment. You can be equally fast on either of them.
  2. MikeV27

    My team - Engine strategy

    I use parts in the race until they hit 60% wear, the repercussions from the worn parts are more noticeable when I hit this percentage. After that I only use them in practice until they are completely worn out. I’ll take an extra PU and start from the back once or twice in a season. I do this to ensure I have fresh parts in the final few races. I usually do this in Canada, Austria or Belgium since it’s easy to pass on those tracks. It also helps to run your car in the lean fuel mode when doing practice sessions. It will save your ICE and Turbo.
  3. MikeV27

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    I also feel a bit burnt out on the series. My team is a nice addition, but overall the game still does feel kind of shallow, but tbh I always felt this way about Codemaster games for some reason. There's just something about their games that just doesn't gel with me. The most frustrating part for me is the lack of driving standards in ranked MP, I have no motivation to rank up when I'm constantly just trying to avoid being taken out by someone who is completely out of their depth. And even if I do reach max rank, then I will probably just have a hard time finding lobbies so what's the point? All assists being available in a skill based matchmaking mode makes it sort of a joke as well.
  4. MikeV27

    Logitech G29 has no FFB

    Is this common on PC? I play on PS4 have never had a problem like this.
  5. MikeV27

    My 2c.

    Hi, currently on PS4 and have been playing this series since 2010. Give the option to back out when in the "Communicating with online services... please wait" screen. Sometimes it doesn't connect and you have to restart the game because it's stuck there. This sometimes happens to me when trying to join ranked lobbies. Have a filter for no assists on the time trial leaderboards. Show replays for the top 10 on all the leaderboards. Polyphony Digital added this in GTS and it's been very helpful in outing cheaters and learning tracks. Cross platform play. Racing games are a niche genre and if there's any genre that needs cross platform play it's this one. It works so well in other games, it would be a good look on Codemasters to pioneer this in the racing genre. Get a better livery editor for F1 2021 or 22'. The pre-made designs are a good start and much appreciated, but you need to allow people to design cars, race suits, helmets, etc how they want them. Some of the things I've seen people create in Forza or GTS over the years has been amazing, it would be awesome to see that kind of creativity in the F1 series. Text chat in future games, this is another handy thing in GTS that Codemasters should copy. Pre-season testing in career for resource points, let players simulate it if they don't want to do it. Pit stops like in ACC where you are in control the entire time. That is all I can think of for now. Thanks for reading.
  6. MikeV27

    Ranked needs serious rework

    I'm all for no assists in ranked lobbies, but then I think they would be dead. For something like this they need cross platform play.
  7. I went through 10 event gearboxes in season one despite upgrades. The problem seems to have gone away in season two though. After the first two races I’m only at 19% wear. I have not changed my driving. I had this exact same problem in F1 2019 career.
  8. I had this exact same problem in 2019, the problem persisted until season 2 even after they patched it. Just finished Suzuka, now on my 9th event gearbox and taking another penalty at the next race.
  9. MikeV27

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    I guess it depends on how much you enjoy driving irl. Personally I love driving any kind of vehicle irl, so using a wheel in a game made a lot of sense for me. I made the switch to a G29 when Gran Turismo Sport launched a few years back and I have no regrets. I wish I would have done it sooner, I can never go back to playing racing games with a gamepad. But I wouldn’t splurge on anything too expensive just incase you lose interest. I use my G29 with a wheel stand pro and a Poang chair from Ikea. It’s a good temporary setup if you play in the living room and need to put it away after, but I’m ready for a real rig now like @PJTierney’s. pic
  10. MikeV27

    What camera do you use?

    Cockpit with a bit more vertical height. The halo column doesn’t bother me. I used T-cam when I played these games with a controller. Now that I use a wheel, I prefer cockpit for that little bit extra immersion.
  11. I have this same issue in My Team. Currently at Monza in season 1 and on my 7th gearbox. I will probably need to take the 8th one in Singapore or else I'll have problems during the race. I have some durability upgrades installed but they don't seem to be making a difference. Standard PS4 G29 - no driving assists 25% races 1.05
  12. MikeV27

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    There was a similar issue in the previous game iirc.
  13. MikeV27

    Least Favourite Track

    Yas Marina, worst track on the calendar. The last sector in particular is just a mickey mouse set of corners.
  14. MikeV27

    Improving your car in My Team (share your tips)

    I'm at Monza in my first season and I'm on my 7th gearbox. They last 2-3 races, if I use them in the third race then I usually have problems. I bought durability upgrades but they don't seem to be working. All races at 25%, using a G29 with no driving assists.
  15. MikeV27


    I recently watched TRL Limitless' latest setup vid and it was very good and informative. He also gives you a base setup to start from, i'll post it below. I've used this setup for all career races so far and it works great in all conditions. I only change the aero and ride height depending on the track and weather. Basic setup: aero 4 9 transmission 50% 70% suspension geometry -3.00 -1.50 0.05 0.20 suspension 1 2 3 9 2 4 brakes 100% 56% tires 21.4 21.4 19.5 19.5