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  1. kubakw

    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    I'm currently going through season and writing down the AI levels that work well for me. So far I had to reduce AI level in Bahrain, Baku, USA (due to massive tyre overheating) and obviously Japan. I could bump AI up in Austria, Great Britain, Belgium and Russia. The differences however aren't big, I usually drive on 101-102 and go 1 up or down. I also sometimes reduce by 1 for qualy.
  2. I think that we should have separate tyre pressure settings for all compounds. It's acutally quite stupid to set pressure which is then used for all kinds of tyres. Tyre temperatures are so important in this game and softs obviously need different pressure for optimal temperature than hards or wets.
  3. kubakw


    He is quite OP. He was 7th in my first season scoring almost 3 times as many points as Stroll. On some tracks he was leading the midfield, on others he could fight the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari. Racing Point had a decent car, but the midfield performance changed the whole time during the season and he was always somewhere on top of it. He also had no single DNF.
  4. kubakw

    What's your fastest pit stop?

    Something around 1.9s with Red Bull and pit stop efficiency on 30%. I played with Williams, Toro Rosso and Red Bull and noticed that Williams and Red Bull are very quick in the game as they are in real life. With Toro Rosso I never managed to do a quicker stop than 2.3s even with higher pit stop efficiency.
  5. kubakw

    Stupid strategy

    Mabye there were some accidents and he had his front wing replaced. I saw Hamilton do a 3-stop in Baku. He went into pits once due to damage and the following two were a result of the tyres he had left.
  6. I chcecked the last 3 races: Great Britain 4 cars from top10 on medium tyres, Austria - 3, France - 8, but for example the first 3 races of the season: Australia - 0, Bahrain - 0, China - 5. It's really track depentent, but from the races I checked, only a few top tier cars (Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull) managed to qualify to Q3 on medium tyres. France is an exception due to extreme tyre degradation and overheating. On most tracks it's simply impossible to qualify to Q3 on medium tyres due to very competitive midfield. All top10 cars starting on medium tyre is not realistic. I recently went through qualifying in China and Spain (which are the tracks the topic author mentioned) and not a single car qualified on mediums while I participated in all parts of qualifying. He was eliminated in Q1 and suddenly every driver decided to run on medium tyres in Q2? That's obviously some kind of bug.
  7. kubakw

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    Wow, that's horrible. How on earth is it possible that 2 teams that were about 5th-7th in the order get to dominate the field within the same season? This is just nonsense. I don't have such absurd R&D chart, but I'm just in Spain in season 2. In my career I'm at Red Bull and I have serious problems keeping up with McLaren as they made a giant leap between seasons yet still continue to bring upgrades for every race since then. What driver transfers did Renault and Toro Rosso make in your career? I'm starting to wonder that maybe teams that often change their driver line-up get to develop super quickly thanks to the points they get when new drivers join them. When the player changes teams it's 5000 points, which could be a huge boost.
  8. No, they shouldn't start on optimum tyres. You never see such situation in real life. Most of top 10 drivers (at least 7-8) always start on a used set of soft tyres, as they were fighting to get into Q3 until the last seconds of Q2. The whole gird starting on mediums is what's not realistic.
  9. kubakw

    F1 2019 Driver Transfers Voting Poll

    I voted "I don't like mid season transfers", but they would be fine, if they happened were max. 1-2 per season and not very important ones. I don't like championship contenders changing teams mid season. Mid season transfer should be reserved for a driver that performs very badly comparing to a teammate/team potential and most often those drivers should be kicked out of F1 and an awaiting driver should get a chance rather then just swaping with a driver from another team.
  10. kubakw

    Favorite race length in career

    I'd like to play on 100%, but it takes too much time for me. 50% is a good balance. It doesn't take that long, but you can play with some strategies and experience tyre wear and pace management throughout races.
  11. kubakw

    F1 2019 straight line speed. ***?

    First check your throttle in the controller menu. Sometimes it happens that you are at full throttle, but in the game it shows only some 98-99% and it makes a big difference.
  12. kubakw

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    Currently R&D is just insanely quick. Car development is a lengthy and difficult process and now it just doesn't feel that way. Firstly, car performance and the order of teams change too much throughout a season. A mediocre car shoudn't be able to be among the top teams afer half a season. Secondly, you can have a fully uprgaded car probably before the end of season 3. What's left to do then? There's a 10 season career and after 1/3 of the distance you have nothing to invest your points and there won't be any serious performance changes among teams after 4-5 seasons as every team would have a fully upgraded car. The only thing that could mix things up is a regulation change. I would love to have an option to slow R&D down by cutting the amount of points received to 50% and 25%. Obviously it should affect the AI as well. Players could keep things as they are now if they like it, but players who plan a longer career and don't like so quick car evolution and team performance changes could make it slower.
  13. It's not a solution to alter the difficulty level every session according to weather. What if the conditions change during a race or qualy? AI level should be balanced on wet and dry. We'll never get to a point where everyone is happy, because every player has diffrent skill on wet track, but the difficulty should be more or less balanced. Now the balance was lost and we believe it requires some fine tuning.
  14. I agree, 1.04 was far too easy, 1.05 changed it to very difficult. Before, you could easily battle top teams with a midfield car. Now any AI driver is untouchable. Something in between would be nice.
  15. Austria is a track known for weaker AI. You should see how it is on a different track. I did 2 races after the patch (Monza and Singapore) and there was no need to change AI level.