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  1. Tyranium

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    Codemasters has failed to be able to identify and remove multiple different major issues that were present in sequentually released games from F1 2016 up until F1 2018. This relates to singleplayer, as well as multiplayer but specially the latter of the two. As far back as F1 2016 online gaming tests had concluded that using 'custom' helmets and racenumbers in online lobbies had a detrimental effect on connectivity between players and would regularly cause for teleportation issues, better known as "lag spikes". Through the years Codemasters has put a emphasis on this function and in the latest iteration of Formula 1, being F1 2018, the sole option is to drive with your customised profile brought over from your "Career mode" in Singleplayer in online gameplay. F1 2018 has proven to be one of the worst versions in regards to bugs and issues during online multiplayer sessions. The point I stated here above has been adressed on more than one occasion and Codemasters has basically ignored this issue and failed to improve on the issue that has been presented to them. Therefore, with customisable options being presented as a "microtransaction" in F1 2019's version of the game, I better hope this problem has been fixed but with history showing Codemasters has let us down on a lot of repeating issues appearing in annually released versions of the game, I remain very pessimistic to say the least. Not only has Codemasters declared that F1 2019 has been in development for 2 years, probably meaning that former existing issues will reappear. Now, if gameplay/physics will have remained much the same as in F1 2018 and F1 2017 this means that Codemasters has put 2 years in developing F1 2019 to be more profitable and not to be a better product, giving priority to incorporate a microtransaction system in their game over improving gameplay or customer experience. In my eyes this would be a disgrace and I would point out to my fellow gamers to be very critical about forthcoming media presentations in the near future about this game since it's widely known that most promoters in the forms of streamers can't be critical since it will damage their revenue as well. We can't simply allow Codemasters to get away with their failures and shortcomings on a repeated basis and be asked to pay for additional content that in the past has resulted in being detrimental to an online gaming experience when used. Sincerely yours,
  2. Tyranium

    CSL Elites + LC Brake.

    Dear sir/madame, While in browsing through the game options the loadcell brake I use does appear to be working. But as soon as I'm in a car, whatever car. The brake doesn't work.. Am I doing something wrong and is there a fix?