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  1. rocojuanclarkus

    AI difficulty in wet and dry

    Unfortunately you are wrong. Ever since patch 1.05 or 1.06 the AI are much faster in the wet in comparison to the times they set in the dry. The player shouldn't have to alter the level at all to suit the AI. They don't also suffer any form of tyre degradation so when I'm slipping around on 75% deg they are becoming even faster despite the rain becoming heavier! Probably best stop attempting to make yourself look good eh? Even better, let's have a race to see how good you really are 🙂
  2. rocojuanclarkus

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Why did CM up the AI wet weather skills in patch 1.05 in the first place? I can't remember seeing an outcry of racers on here about AI in the wet. It's almost unplayable at the moment... its needs to be fixed ASAP @Faya
  3. rocojuanclarkus

    SC Bug, No AI mistakes

    I am up to Singapore in my first season career with Alfa Romeo. I must admit the AI don't make any mistakes...in 2018 the AI cars would at least have a lunge up the inside of another car and it would rarely go badly but the possibility was always there. Now that has been eradicated by flawless and machine like driving with no mistakes at all.