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  1. Will report this as a bug later. Just been trundling around Budapest during FP1 doing 1min 20's on hard tyres with ERS off and fuel mix on the lowest setting. Within 3 laps my front left tyre temp was red. Unplayable at present.
  2. So just racing in Myteam season three at Silverstone, managed to sneak into Q3 on mediums. Start the race, and within 2 laps my front tyre temperatures are 115° and are in the red. Obviously this means the car is completely undriveable in the corners and I'm losing 2 seconds a lap. I'm certainty not driving much different to how I was pre patch. Anyone else having issues?
  3. Onto the last race of my 2nd season in My team and its predicted to rain for most of the race in Abu Dhabi 😁
  4. Anyone else had this? Just finished the Dutch GP in Myteam, re-signed Marcus Armstrong and all my engine wear from my first set of components has reset back to 0 wear. Obviously not a massive game changer as it now makes it so easy to finish the season. It was touch and go if I would have to go over my allocation in the final part of the season.
  5. Can you keep up with your team mate Paddy? That's the best way to find out if the AI are overpowered... My team mate is Marcus Armstrong and its been 50/50 so far. He destroys me at the Netherlands/Japan/Hungary/Spain/Monaco... oddly I did beat him quite easily at Silverstone. I might have to turn the difficulty down a couple of points for the tracks where racing the AI is too hard to keep up. So far my Aero and Chassis is the worst in the field.
  6. No lapped cars cannot unlap themselves sadly. The final lap was spent just getting out of the way of the leaders an trying to fend off Mazepin, Russell from sneaking a place.
  7. I usually use hards/softs for the FP1 meaning you can use the mediums in FP2 or 3.
  8. Still boring to race against the AI on inters or Wets. They basically still drive in a train just following each other, never attempting an overtake, never spinning out or even making mistakes. The pace is ridiculous as well, only 5 seconds off dry times, I can't keep up as they are very nearly taking the two Degner at Suzuka at almost the same speed as in the dry.
  9. The FIA don't know the official calendar at this stage* - if they don't I'm don't expect Codemasters/EA will be be able to do anything about it. *Mexico and Brazil expected to be cancelled - possible double header in Austin and/or Bahrain outer ring to replace them.
  10. In my team, has anyone had any regulation changes yet? In the previous game always had some in the first season, but I'm at Japan now and haven't heard a peep. Hope they have kept it in.
  11. I had a SC in my team at Monza with 3 laps to go after Mick Schumacher spun and crashed out. I was already a lap down and the SC collected up a few of the leaders and some lapped cars then peeled in on the leaders lap 52 (of 53) giving us one racing lap before Bottas won.
  12. Idea: Why don't you make some friends and race against them online instead of having your self indulgent and patronising rants on here?
  13. Last year could at least keep up with my team mate in practice, qualifying and the race @ Catalunya in myteam. Now I'm streets behind. Can only just about keep Mazepin and the Williams behind. It's even worse in the wet, was 3 seconds slower than the car on 21st. I finished in 9th in the first race in Bahrain (bit lucky due to a late safety car but least I felt semi competitive). The variety in speed of the AI from race to race is very unforgiving so far.
  14. Does anyone know if your 2nd driver can buy perks (the extra acclaim, resource points, reduced engine wear)... I have got mine up to level 2 but the 2nd driver is still showing at level 0.
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