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  1. rocojuanclarkus

    F1 2020 Schumacher edition problem

    Did you buy the game 2nd hand or was it shiny, new and sealed when you brought it?
  2. rocojuanclarkus

    Bad AI in Singapore?

    And also the tight downhill left hander midlap in Bahrain (bring back corner names, not numbers!). It's like the AI doesn't recognise a car is there. The odd thing is I'm not even particularly slow around these corners, the AI just don't slow down in time.
  3. rocojuanclarkus

    Bad AI in Singapore?

    Yes very much so. Happened in qualifying at Singapore with Lance Stroll and it was me who got the penalty! During the race both Ferrari's broke their wings as well.
  4. rocojuanclarkus

    2nd Driver

    Does anyone know if your 2nd driver can buy perks (the extra acclaim, resource points, reduced engine wear)... I have got mine up to level 2 but the 2nd driver is still showing at level 0.
  5. rocojuanclarkus

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    Same here. In my 2nd season of My Team and have not had a single VSC or full SC. The mode is broken, Codemasters might as well just just delete it from next year's edition and concentrate on improving other aspects that do work.
  6. rocojuanclarkus

    Driver Training

    On the topic of other drivers, does anyone know how the 2nd driver adds the perks to his side of the garage?
  7. rocojuanclarkus

    Safety car bugged again!!??????

    It seems if you restart your career then the Safety Car is bugged to never appear. Such a shame.
  8. rocojuanclarkus

    Safety Car

    Still no sign of the SC. Wonder what is the issue
  9. rocojuanclarkus

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    Racing Point aren't all that. They have decent speed in practice and qualifying but come the race they fade away. They are below McLaren and Ferrari in the constructors after all and imagine it will stay that way. Massively underachieving at the moment.
  10. rocojuanclarkus

    Safety Car

    I've not had the SC or a VSC at all in myteam career and I am up to Belgium. (PS4 V1.06). Edited to add, also simulation damage and SC is switched on.
  11. rocojuanclarkus

    Singapore? F1 needs to replace!

    How is Monaco full of action? Its a snoozefest with literally no overtaking.
  12. Bug Reporting - PLEASE FOLLOW RULES AND COMPLETE REPORTS Read more...× F1 2020 | PITCOIN, PATCH AND CALENDAR NEWS HERE | READ ME!!! Read more...× Gameplay Issues and Bugs TA CODEMASTERS COMMUNITY Bug Reporting - PLEASE FOLLOW RULES AND COMPLETE REPORTS F1 2020 | PITCOIN, PATCH AND CALENDAR NEWS HERE | READ ME!!! Bug Report Template | In-game TA By BarryBL, July 6 in Gameplay Issues and Bugs TA BarryBL 3,574 Posted July 6 If you are looking to report an issue, please copy and paste your answers into the below template to tell us about your issue. Please check the Bug Reporting Rules here before you start your report. Also try here for common troubleshooting tips that might help you out! 1. The blue flag system doesn't work with the AI cars. Cars at a 100% race at Monaco were stuck behind lapped cars for at least 15 laps and no penalties to the lapped cars were given at all. However human drivers are given penalties for getting blue flags for about 3/4 of a lap. The this a common issue on most street circuits but the AI need to be given penalties for not letting the leaders by. 2. PS4 3. Version 1.06 4. My team 5. Most races I have played 6. Unable to troubleshoot issue. 7. PS4 official pad. 8. No screenshots or video
  13. rocojuanclarkus

    AI Difficulty

    I really enjoy Hanoi, those fast bends in the final quarter of the track are very satisfying when you get them right. A much better street circuit than say Singapore or Valencia for example. The worst part is getting through the first few corners with your nosecone still attached. That first corner is very tight when 3 abreast although the AI do suffer as well. A safety car appears to be a high probability here too so you can get unexpected results.
  14. rocojuanclarkus

    Cataluntya AI (My team mode)

    I don't see it as wasting my time, I actually finished 10th! 🙂
  15. rocojuanclarkus

    Cataluntya AI (My team mode)

    I don't get why anyone would intentionally crash out or retire. You get more acclaim for finishing the race. You just need to adjust your expectations that's all. I've got Spain next in my career race and even its a race at the back of the grid then so be it. I have my team mate, the Williams, the Haas cars and my rival to try to beat.