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  1. MattkD37

    Codemasters please change ERS

    I agree 100%. The ERS needs changing. It'd be nice to be able to map it out before the race so it automatically deploys lap after lap the way you set it up, unless you override it with like a 'push to pass' button.
  2. Yes!! Couldn't agree more. I predicted somewhere in the threads before release that the cosmetic points thing would be an excuse to add Microtransactions. I was hoping to be wrong. People say 'oh it's just cosmetic' but I'd like to have a great design on my car, but why should I have to pay for it when we've already paid £50 for the game!? Developers deliberately hold back content, so that they can sell it to you later as 'extra' content, MTX's etc. I've not bought 2019, I don't think it's worth the price they're asking for considering some of the issues being reported, as well as the lack of new content (apart from F2, which is only releveant for the first 30 mins of career) I might consider buying the game when there's a drop in price, but I certainly will not be buying any MTX's.
  3. Yeah, you can change the buttons to control the ERS, but it's still quite annoying constantly having to increase and decrease it all the time. Plus you're limited on buttons with a pad compared to a wheel. I've personally never had an issue managing fuel, it's only three modes and you're not constantly having to micro-manage it. It's just the ERS. You have 5 modes constantly needing management (plus the original 3 fuel modes as well, meaning you're cycling through up to eight modes altogether) It's just too distracting IMO. It's probably easier on a wheel, as you have more buttons available to you. But on a pad, it's a pain in the HAAS *badum tss*
  4. When they first announced ERS management, this is how I thought they'd do it (setting the ERS strategy before the race and then manually using 'overtake' as a button now and then) but the way they've actually implemented it is quite frustrating when you're on a pad and having to scroll up and down the MFD all the time to micro-manage ERS. Especially when you're trying to concentrate on doing a quick quali lap. I hope they change it for a future game in the long term and just have a better 'automatic' ERS function in the short term.
  5. MattkD37

    best ERS & fuel technique??

    When they first announced ERS management as a feature, I thought they meant you'd be able to set the ERS strategy before each race (e.g, high down this straight, low through that corner) and it'll do it automatically, then just turn it up to 'overtake' manually whenever needed, which would have been more realistic and interesting. But they've done this weird system of turning it up and down every ten seconds, which I find is a real nuisance, especially when trying to concentrate on doing a really quick quali lap. I think there was a pre-release video with Lando playing and he said it's unrealistic to be messing with the ERS so much. Hope they change it at some point. And the Auto ERS is absolutely useless, as pointed out by others. I play on the pad on Xbox, so having to scroll up and down, left and right between fuel, ERS and the rest of the MFD options, is really fidgety and annoying.
  6. Yeah, this has been an issue for at least the last couple of games. If I remember correctly, I think it has something to do with how rubbered in the track is. The track gets faster as the weekend progresses and I think the target lap times (for some reason) are set to what the grip levels are like in qualifying and not the practice session you are currently in. The only work around is turning the difficulty down for practice, then turning it up again for qualifying and race. Not ideal I know, but until it's patched, that's the only way around it unfortunately.
  7. MattkD37

    F1 2019 Images

    I hope this isn't a sneaky way of Codies introducing Micro-Transactions and in-game currencies 😦😦
  8. MattkD37

    Why pre-order?

    Maybe, but you won't get early access to future games, thus losing you views and money in the long run. Yep, those are usually small issues that are easily picked up straight away (and obviously should be addressed before release.) I'm talking about the more major issues that tend to be discovered a few weeks after the game has been released. (It took a while for the 2017 AI engine upgrade bug to be discovered and Codies pretty much said there was nothing they could do to fix it. I'd argue that that was a large bug, especially if you were racing as Mclaren) If I'd known this issue existed on release, I may not have bought the game. That's your opinion. There's always reviews saying how great the game is, but then a few weeks after release, we start to find issues. Whether you still agree with the reviews after finding such issues, is totally your opinion. Not to say the game is terrible because of these issues (depending on what they are) but the reviews never mention these problems (probably because, as stated above, we just haven't discovered them yet.) Reviews tend to just go off of a few hours of gameplay and some press releases of new features by Codies. The youtubers have a bit of an advantage here because they've played each game and they tend to have more time to play the new game before release. But major issues with the game do tend to take longer to find. I agree with you there, to an extent. Of course there's going to be the annoying people just complaining about absolute nonsense and calling the game rubbish, which has no critical value whatsoever. What I look for in the forums after a release, is whether there is an issue that numerous people are reporting. If there's a post reporting an issue with a certain feature in the game, and there's loads of people commenting on that thread all saying they have the same issue, then you know that it's credible. (Someone's reported a genuine problem, not just written something like 'this game is rubbish, blah blah blah') Then I'd be able to make a more informed decision on whether to buy the game or not. *Edit* And I can just keep an eye on the issue to see if Codies can/will fix it and maybe buy the game after the fix.
  9. MattkD37

    Why pre-order?

    Firstly, I'm not calling you naive for watching the youtubers and purchasing a product based on those video's. I'm saying it's naive to think that the reviews they give aren't at all affected by the amount of access they receive. (It's a win win situation. Codemasters gets more coverage/advertising for the new game and the youtubers get more views. Which means more youtube ad money plus a free early copy of the game etc) Secondly, if less people pre-order the game and they wait until it's released, they can decide whether or not it meets their expectations based on actual customer reviews on websites, forums etc or watching different youtube video's. If the game is lacking in content or has issues or it doesn't meet expectations for whatever reason, they are less likely to buy the game. This affects the sales and thus Codemasters profits. Codemasters will then have to look at why their game didn't sell so well and they'll realise that they need to fix the issues in their game to increase sales in the future. Whereas, if people just pre-order the game (let's say F1 2019 for example) and it turns out to be a mess, but CM's profits are up regardless, then there's less of an incentive for them to change things. I'm just using this as an example. I'm not saying the F1 games are totally bad and people should avoid them at all costs, I'm saying that if people wait and see if the game meets their expectations and decide whether or not to buy it based on that, then good quality games will be rewarded with more sales and poor quality games will be met with less sales.
  10. MattkD37

    Why pre-order?

    What's my incentive? My incentive is that I'm a fan of F1 and its games, but I'm trying to point out issues with the game (which I believe are exasperated by the whole pre-order blindly/hype bandwagon culture). In the hope that the games will be improved, so I, as a customer in the future, will have a better quality product. It's very naive to believe that Codemasters don't use the youtubers in their marketing strategy. If the youtubers started giving the games negative coverage in their pre release footage, do you honestly believe they'll have the same access the following year? I've watched a lot of their content over the years and they always hype up and give glowing reviews to the new game before it's released and then towards the end of the games lifespan, they may weakly point out a few issues here or there. The weather glitch I was on about was a glitch that changed the amount of fuel your car had during the race if the weather transitioned. E.G, you could be +3 on fuel, then it starts raining, it drops to like -3 (if I'm remembering correctly) and I'm sure the issue persisted after they released a patch for it. Plus there was one where the AI pit like 5 laps in a row when it rained. There was the 2017 bug that meant your AI team mate wouldn't get engine upgrades that you've bought (meaning your car was OP as hell compared to teammate. It was really frustrating if you were trying to get a bottom team to the top and to have your teammate finishing at the back all the time) The purpose of my message was to point out the potential flaws of pre-ordering and to try and encourage people to be more cautious with pre-release reviews etc to avoid potential disappointment if a major bug or issue arose shortly after release. (Especially with a franchise that has a history of bugs, glitches and features that may not work as intended). With people being more cautious and scrutinising things, they can make an informed decision on whether or not they wish to purchase the product. You can't effectively do that if you pre-order a game based on potentially biased reviews and limited pre-release footage. I mainly play career mode as well, I used to play a lot online with a bunch of other clean drivers, but after all the connection issues and other dirty drivers in the lobby and the absolute mess that it was, I gave up with online. So there's half the content of the game gone. But, as I said, I'll wait until I see more gameplay and footage and I'll keep an eye on the forums and if I'm satisfied with how the game looks and what features the career mode has, then I'll consider buying it. If there's loads of reports of issues and the game doesn't seem to be that much different than the previous year, then I'll skip it for another year.
  11. MattkD37

    Why pre-order?

    Wow, been a while since I was on here and can't believe this thread is still here! I guess it's relevant again with the new game being announced. I'm still not convinced about pre-ordering. Someone's said they've already pre-ordered F1 2019! Why? We haven't even seen any gameplay trailers or anything yet! I get that people are hyped for a game and want it as soon as it's available (thus pre order and download it then just wait until it's available) but then I see on these forums the same cycle over and over. They announce a game, people get hyped and pre order, game gets released, people enjoy it for a day or two, people then start to notice bugs/glitches (such as the engine upgrades not working for AI in 2017, the rain/fuel bug on 2018, multiplayer not working since, well, forever. etc) people complain on these forums, codemasters put a few patches out months later which may or may not work, people complain more, game dies down, new game announced and repeat. "But you get exclusive content if you pre order" yeah, content that is being deliberately held back to attract more pre orders, when that content should already be included for everyone as standard in a game you're paying £50 odd quid for! "Yeah but I really love the F1 games and I watch the youtubers play it before release so I know what I'm getting" Ok, fair enough if you genuinely enjoy each game and somehow ignore some of the major glitches we've had over the years, but keep in mind, the youtubers (along with most of the pre release reviews) have incentives to be positive. The youtubers get exclusive access to the game, thus more views and ad revenue, the game reviews usually don't get much time to properly test the game and so they don't pick up on many issues, plus they also get more access in the future if the reviews are positive. I mostly enjoy the F1 games, but I'm frustrated with the bugs, the glitches, the terrible multiplayer experience (terrible lag and connection issues, toxic people trying to ram you, penalty system that consistently penalises the wrong person etc) and I think by pre-ordering it year in year out, without Codemasters really changing much (apart from a few new features) encourages them to continue ignoring the major underlying issues. I'm just asking people to look at Codemasters past record with these F1 games. Are you GENUINELY satisfied with how the game was? How did it compare to what the reviews etc said? And if you're happy, fair enough, it's your decision/money, but at least do some research or watch some video's (bearing in mind, they may be biased in favour of the game). If you are not happy, then don't pre-order thinking "oh it might be better this time" because looking at the past record, it probably won't be. I skipped F1 2015, because I saw there was nothing really to it. Didn't bother with 2018 either, because it wasn't really that different, apart from visuals and a few extra features. I was cautious as I wanted to see if there were any major issues with the game, as 2017 had that upgrade glitch, so I left it a while, then saw people reporting a glitch with the fuel, weather and AI pitstops (I did try the game as it was free for a weekend not long after it came out and one of my races was ruined by a glitch 😧) So I realised it was the same old story and left it. Try not to get sucked into the hype, be careful with the reviews and pre release footage and be patient to see if the game is what you expect/want. Once it's released, keep an eye on the forums over the next couple of weeks to see if anything major pops up (if you have the patience to wait that is) and you might just be thankful you saved that £50 pre-order.
  12. MattkD37

    Why pre-order?

    Genuine question. What's the point in pre-ordering? You don't get access to the game early so have to wait until full release anyway. Plus you're paying the most amount of money for a product that you don't even know works correctly. At least if you give ita few days you can see whether the game works properly and make a more informed decision. As I said, this is a genuine question.