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  1. I feared that might be the case. Looks like I've got one grindy, lonely race ahead of me. Unless I just do a Mazepin on the first lap 😂 I'm sure I tried that yesterday, but when I went to do the race again, it just started me at the point where I had the mid-session save. I'll try it again later just incase, but if not I'll just have to put up with the OP AI
  2. I've started a race at Bahrain on the difficulty level I usually use, however the AI seem to be very OP here and I'm miles off the pace of everyone including my teammate. I'd like to reduce the AI difficulty but I can't because I've done a mid-session save during the race. Is there a way to delete the mid-session save to allow me to reduce the AI difficulty and start the race from scratch? *Edit: I'm on Xbox playing the driver career mode
  3. What does the weight re-distribution actually do and how does it improve laptime?
  4. Hmm.. I've not had many SC's or VSC's, but I did have a couple at Baku (of course 😂) but when they came out, the game lagged BIG TIME (singleplayer career mode as well!) Had a huge drop in framerate and the picture quality dropped, it was like setting a youtube video from 1080p to like 360p. This is on the xbox one. Strange though, because I had loads of SC's in the F2 feeder series (almost every race) but have had hardly any in F1 (other than the 2 laggy ones at Baku. I'm now at Spa!)
  5. I'm on version 1.06 on Xbox one. Yeah I have formation lap turned on as well. Hope the patch will add the results in afterwards! If not, do you know if the bug causes any other issues down the line or is it simply a lack of results for that particular GP and that's it? *edit to say I've read your edit with the patch notes 😂 thank you*
  6. No idea whether this is a bug or as intended, but I simulated a race (the Hungarian GP, because I absolutely hate that track) after doing the practice/quali sessions. After clicking simulate race, the screen went black and wouldn't load for ages. Restarted the game and was greeted with the driver rivalry screen. That was all fine, but the results of the race haven't shown up on any of the championship standings/season results tables etc. Where it says Hungarian GP, it's just blank. There's no added wear to any of the components either. It's as if the race never happened. I'm not sure whether r
  7. Hi @BarryBL, I understand there's no competitive advantage in there, but that's not the issue or point. All I wanted to do, was start my own singleplayer myteam and customise it to my preferance from the get-go and not have to grind to unlock a few cosmetics. The myteam thing was advertised as 'create your own team' meaning create a team in your own image, your own style, but that has seriously been hampered by the fact that there's next to no liveries, helmet designs etc at the start. The fact that there were plenty of helmet designs for singleplayer in previous games, shows that content
  8. Totally agree with you. Cutting out content in a fully priced game to try and sell it back to people at a later date is nothing more than a sleazy con. And to use the excuse of "it's to encourage people to play the game more" is ridiculous. If you're game is good and the modes are fun, then people WILL play and explore the game naturally. I really don't understand people who are trying to defend this, especially when we've had a lot of customisable helmet designs etc for free, available to everyone at the start of the game in pretty much every other F1 game!
  9. All I wanted was a nice helmet design and a decent car livery to start myteam, without having to mess around with podium passes, pitcoin or whatever cheesy nonsense name they've given it.
  10. In a fully priced game, I'd say any mtx model is unfair. If they release a full game, then decide to add expansions etc that are actually a continuation of the game and not just content that was deliberately witheld, then fair enough. If it's a free-to-play game, then yeah, I MTX's are fine by me. We've had helmets and other cosmetics available and free in almost all other F1 games from the start! Having the ability of designing a race helmet, gloves, car to the way I want it, from the start, hardly takes anything away from the game in the long term. I personally would r
  11. I know not everything is behind a paywall, but the problem is, they've deliberately with-held content in a FULLY PRICED GAME to charge people for with micro-transactions. What would've been the harm in just having all these customisable options for free and available at the start of the game?? Y'know, so when I start the brand new and highly advertised MyTeam, I can actually customise the car etc to how I like.
  12. Looks like Codies have finally gone down the devil's path and decided to go all EA on us. What absolute nonsense it is to have a game mode where customisation etc is one of the key aspects, but then give hardly any customisable options and lock the rest behind a paywall. 6 mediocre helmets, and hardly any car liveries and overalls, because you have to pay for the rest, despite already paying around £50 for the game in the first place. Don't bother telling me "you can unlock a lot of it through gameplay" because firstly: you can't unlock ALL the items and secondly: it's just a terrible excuse f
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