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  1. After assigning a shortcut button (via editing the controls) to either increase or decrease the ERS mode or Fuel Mix, there is an undesired affect when using the shortcut buttons resulting in the MFD closing a few seconds after using the shortcut button. The shortcut itself works perfectly fine and if the MFD is closed before using the button then it will open the MFD which is great. However even if the MFD is already open before using the button, the MFD will close moments after using it which is an incredibly frustrating side effect of assigning the shortcut. In my opinion it nullifies the advantage that the using the button gives the driver, as they can no longer see what ERS mode/fuel mixture they are in before making a change, and you have to constantly re-open the MFD after pressing the shortcut (defeats the purpose of the shortcut). Although rather small, I believe this is a glitch because when the MFD is open this doesn't occur when you make a change to the ERS mode/fuel mix using the d-pad or joystick manually, it stays open after any change. As a suggestion that would improve the MFD and eliminate this problem, there could be a setting implemented where there are options for the MFD display, such as "Always on", "Open and close manually", "Open and close automatically". This would give the player the option to utilise the MFD as they preferred.