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  1. LariosoDog

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    A saw some reviews with gameplay that really make me interested in Dirt 5. - career like Dirt 2 that you can do events in any order you like and still move forward - they mentioned Dirt 3 also in the formula, but hope that was all wrong, I was nothing buy bored by Dirt 3 and linear path what to complete - lots of RX I saw that gave the feel of Dirt 2, just more mud - no rally is making me hope for the more of RX type with battle car against car I think it will be a lot of fun....
  2. LariosoDog

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    I thought PC3 trailer was really good, and in comparison with Dirt 5, very, very good. Dirt 5 was so meaningsless cuts and 1s images and no sceneries basically. PC3 reminds me of Shift series, but that had no physics to call it sim, which Project Cars are really good at. Bit curious on that one. CM has gone abandonware for me, for good, it seems, all about PC gamers and don't even bother telling if console version out. So Dirt Rally Legend was last one probably. I was curious if Dirt 5 might have Dirt 2 quality to it, but have not seen reviews that are out yet.
  3. LariosoDog

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Dirt 2 is my all time favorite and I play it still on 360. Dirt 3 bored me to death with that kind of career. Never got Dirt 4 So would they make another cohesive environment like Dirt 2, that allowed to progress without getting third in various races and that kind of career and such, I might be in for Dirt 5. Also Rally Cross in style of Dirt 2, not the roundabouts that exist everywhere - also boring. Otherwise I don't care for Dirt 5. PC3 looks more lika something I would look at then, having PC1 and PC2. That looks like worth getting Series X Xbox even. How it's all integrated make a big difference to me. Register on yet another place to discuss is a turnoff too.