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  1. Riggs

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    S1 206b
  2. DiRT 4 didnt have staggered starts btw. It was the same multiplayer mechanism we currently have in DR2 lobbies.
  3. The devs said it wasnt possible in this engine anymore. We could have staggered starts in the lobbies though. You'd only see people depart in the progress bar but that would work for spectating purposes in the eSports.
  4. Riggs

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    They changed the car in 1997 and that model went on until 2000 before being replaced by the 2001 bug-eye.
  5. Riggs

    Update to Dirt 4?!

    PJLast Friday at 6:16 AM Some of our older titles went through some light maintenance yesterday. No content in these, hence no patch notes. This is from discord.
  6. Riggs

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    Hey, i know this is coming a bit late, but i've finished uploading my Monte Carlo footage, except for SS12 which slipped away into the recycle bin accidently. I took me a bit of time because I've been developing the Intro animation, the UI and the Outro as well. This is the latest upload, the power stage SS11, but you can check out all the other previous stages by accessing the playlist. I'll be uploading Sweden footage in the coming days and hopefully get back on track when it's time to do Argentina, so the footage will come rather quickly after the rally is done while the hype is still up I hope you enjoy it. Also, I owe a big thanks to Jonathan Colling for composing the brilliant Colin McRae Rally 4 theme, as well as the person who recorded and mixed the engine start up sound that you hear every time you boot DiRT Rally 2.0, as these play an important role in the Intro and Outro that I've developed. It would be great if more people participating this championship would also get their own footages and upload them, the more the merrier.
  7. Bring in Viladrau stage 🙂
  8. Riggs

    The DiRT Roadbook

    Something that would be beneficial and enjoyable to the wider playerbase would be a new hint towards Peugeot 206
  9. The thing is, it's a totally different assembled route. And if we are to ask for new stages for the existing rallies, of course those will have to be paid as well so that logic doesn't really work. Assembling a stage takes quite a bit of time and people need to eat.
  10. That's easy. Currently there's D+ events, that reward more money and are sponsored, which are only available to Deluxe Edition players. These would include the new tracks as well, while the normal community events would still be open for everyone.
  11. The same way you block the DLC Rallies. Plus, there's also the "if the host owns it, everyone can play it" policy which will allow non-buyers to demo it.
  12. Riggs

    Let's talk hardcore damage

    I have considered that in the past, but it's not considered a bug. It's rather a design choice. Plus, considering the amount of bugs that still exist and their priority I thought it would be best not mixing in other stuff. Anyway, this topic should be enough to voice the community's desire. CM Devs do read these as well, as well as the Community Manager so it's good.
  13. 2 more long stages per existing rally would be so good
  14. Riggs

    Let's talk hardcore damage

    Let's go for it. At this point i suppose it's about tweaking existing damage variables to make them less forgiving, so it should be fairly easy to tweak this.
  15. Riggs

    Bump Bug Nova Zelandia

    Can someone please test this with surface degradation off?