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  1. One thing i forgot to mention. It should be also possible for us to see stage times on in-game club leaderboards that have more than 1 stage. Right now we are only given the cumulative times SS2 onwards. I believe we are able to see individual stages times on lobby events, and then there's a tab to check the overall. The same should be available for Clubs 3.0. Basically, just take this big awesome core and go deep on it for DR3. There's really not much need to enlarge its horizon, now it simply needs depth.
  2. Can we get the Steam nicknames back on the in-game leaderboards? Or are you guys obliged to display Racenet nicknames from now on? If so, are you able to allow us to change our Racenet nicknames?
  3. We also need a proper Junior class, so that we can do some proper Amateur, Junior, whatever you name it, leagues. The R2 class is good, but a lot of people showed interest in having the old 1600 Kit Car class. This 1600 Kit Car class could be composed of: Citroen Saxo I I personally like the Mk2 version better, but it is way more powerful and doesn't obey to the same group rules, so this one would have to be my choice. Ford Puma SRC Skoda Felicia 1.6 Kit Car Peugeot 106 Maxi I believe these 4 cars cover enough field for a consistent, b
  4. I think I've spoken about this somewhere else. But it would be lovely if the Online My Team career would actual be useful. I suggested having Clubs somewhat connected to My Team in case people wanted to use their custom team and purchased cars like in DR1, as well as future esports events. It makes a lot more sense putting these all inside the multiplayer career mode, otherwise it just sits in the dust like now. I think the only multiplayer modes that can stay out of the My Team would be Timetrial and Lobbies. The other ones can get embraced by the whole My Team module, as the game would
  5. Hello everyone! Time for another Riggs long post 😄 First of all, i'd like to talk a little bit about the current Car Class organization that DiRT Rally has been using. The current car class is being organized by Group, which itself is following the right rules, but it's not entirely realistic when it comes to play the game. I believe the current car grouping method should be changed for DR3, to allow for a better balancing among classes, specially the older classes, because we are seeing the impossibility of mixing some cars that raced together, just because it's on another group. The bl
  6. It began stuttering in the service after i finished a stage, so something got wrong during the Loading process, and the stutters carry on to the next stage for at least the first sector, then it's gone. I don't think it can be the stream or the wheeler, because otherwise the game would have to keep stopping during all the stages, all the time. It also isnt lack of hardware power, because neither my CPU or GPU are at its max and I've even tweaked down some of the settings, including Ground Clover, but the problem persists. Don't mind the clip glitch of the video coming back and jumping, th
  7. The Lancer Evo VI is making a funny turbo noise when switching gears, on hood cam. Like if it is constipated.
  8. - Platform: PC Steam Windows 10 - Bug: Intermittent stuttering on the first half of a stage, happens 6/12 approximately. - Hardware: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, AMD RX5700 XT, 32GB DDR4 3600Mhz - Peripherials: Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel (USB) + Fanatec Clubsport Pedals v3 (USB). Description: RiggsDxDiag.txt
  9. I'd say, if you want to keep the My Team Online mode, then put everything in the competition side of things in there, like the World Series. My Team felt totally useless after Clubs, and one way to revive it would be with the esports being introduced in the there (which i thought it was going to happen). My Team has a big potential to become something bigger, the game simply has to get all the systems and features connected. Even Clubs should have some kind of integration possible with My Team, like DR1 had the possibility to use Career Engineers and cars. You also should be abl
  10. Listen to the first 17 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0n6MyXUE9Y
  11. A timer that shows for the player how much he has to wait to start the race, until the 5-4-3-1-GO. Basically what existed in DiRT 3 staggered starts, the only difference is that you dont see the cars in DR2. And you wont be able to launch the car until you get to the 5 second countdown. This time gap can be configured in the lobby settings: Off, 30s, 60s, 90s, up to 120s.
  12. I would go further, and implement a staggered timer for staggered starts. @PJTierney Pretty simple dev work: new int staggeredstarttimer; this will allow us to config this timer on lobby settings. And just call this value with the lobby participants order with respective increments. No need to do anything else, we don't need to see the cars departing, as we know thats not currently possible. This way you can spectate each player and their passes.
  13. Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I last logged in these forums lol (maybe prior to september? i can't even remember). Anyway it's good to be back. When I find some time (hopefully soon), i'll be preparing a proper PDF with a suggestion for a rally world series format. I'll leave RX to SereneLogic, since he's already thinking about it and has more in-depth knowledge on RX. However, I'd like to congratulate the team for another successful World Series. The production was simply amazing, top notch, the team really deserves an applause. The commentators were great, the cameras,
  14. Damn. @PJTierney has just passed me on reps 😶 Hail to the new king! It has been a good journey.
  15. Can you stop posting amazing liveries? Who am I kidding, just keep posting these! Ever thought of porting the Focus 2001 Martini liveries onto the Fiesta R5? Could look interesting.
  16. Head to Head would be great but it has been mentioned by me and a few others, as well as it would require Super Special stages to be modeled and implemented. Unfortunately i dont think that's it, but it would be epic to have that. They do have the Super Special stages from DiRT3 which they can use though.
  17. It's a shame this Subaru version looks so fat lol. It's nice looking but it's so damn fat, the wheels almost disappear under all that massive bodywork.
  18. The return of Gymkhana with Ken Block. Can't wait to see everyone losing their minds.
  19. This is also serves as some good marketing for DR2.0. Let's say DR1 freebie will serve as a test for those who wanted to try it but not hard enough to purchase it. If they like it good enough, they might come to 2.0, so overall it's good. As for the 1.8 surprise, of course it has to be the 2001 Xsara
  20. Well I hope that doesnt happen, because then the 2001 cars would be losing their main characteristics, which is unrealistic and lame. If that's to happen, then i'd rather have them create a new class where the cars can stay true to their real form. Noone in here cares if these cars stay in the 2000cc group or in a 2001 named class. As a matter of fact, the majority that have spoken do wish that a new specific class gets created so that these 2001 cars and the Evo VI can be in it. These cars are simply way too good, too iconic and too historic, to be mutated like this.
  21. This I would like to see patched in DR2. I don't see the problem with shorter gears, but the over-reving down gearing should get patched, like massive damage to the gearbox depending on how bad the over-rev down gearing was. In extreme abuse, insta terminal damage. @PJTierney
  22. What's wrong in this picture?
  23. Part of me is still hoping for an extra Subaru besides 22b. This one: And of course you can't bring this Subaru without bringing the Xsara It's a shame we don't have that iconic championship finisher stage as well ^^ it would be weird with all the Petter Solberg inclusion and influence in the game, as well as Phil Mills, not having the car they were champions with.
  24. RBR had running photographers which were impossible to hit afaik. This was suggested before and they said it was actually quite a bit of work to get it done properly (anything involving animation is quite a bit of work idd). So probably only in the new title.
  25. The Kalle vs Oliver fight will be interesting to watch in the future. I hope a few other talents join the party. *winks at M-Sport* (I'm available )
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