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  1. One thing i forgot to mention. It should be also possible for us to see stage times on in-game club leaderboards that have more than 1 stage. Right now we are only given the cumulative times SS2 onwards. I believe we are able to see individual stages times on lobby events, and then there's a tab to check the overall. The same should be available for Clubs 3.0. Basically, just take this big awesome core and go deep on it for DR3. There's really not much need to enlarge its horizon, now it simply needs depth.
  2. Can we get the Steam nicknames back on the in-game leaderboards? Or are you guys obliged to display Racenet nicknames from now on? If so, are you able to allow us to change our Racenet nicknames?
  3. We also need a proper Junior class, so that we can do some proper Amateur, Junior, whatever you name it, leagues. The R2 class is good, but a lot of people showed interest in having the old 1600 Kit Car class. This 1600 Kit Car class could be composed of: Citroen Saxo I I personally like the Mk2 version better, but it is way more powerful and doesn't obey to the same group rules, so this one would have to be my choice. Ford Puma SRC Skoda Felicia 1.6 Kit Car Peugeot 106 Maxi I believe these 4 cars cover enough field for a consistent, balanced and historically accurate 1600 Kit Car group. And now it's time to fill some gaps in the F2 group, as this was also a broadly used class during the same years. It's basically and Intermediate class in between JWRC and WRC. These are all 2000cc and debit roughly more or less the same power. So not only it will be historically correct, but also fairly balanced. We already have the SEAT Ibiza, Peugeot 306 and the VW Golf Mk4 in this class. Hyundai Coupe RD Evo 2 Citroen Xsara Kit car Renault Megane Maxi These 3 cars added to the existing ones in DR2.0, would top up a nicely done F2 group. This would allow for the community to be able to setup at least 3 different progressive leagues: JWRC -> F2 Kitcars -> WRC, all within the same contemporary years of 1998-2002. The current R2 class is great to match with the R5 class, and maybe who knows if there's something else to go further up in the tiers. We are really in need of such class depth, so that we can properly have a career progression feeling.
  4. I think I've spoken about this somewhere else. But it would be lovely if the Online My Team career would actual be useful. I suggested having Clubs somewhat connected to My Team in case people wanted to use their custom team and purchased cars like in DR1, as well as future esports events. It makes a lot more sense putting these all inside the multiplayer career mode, otherwise it just sits in the dust like now. I think the only multiplayer modes that can stay out of the My Team would be Timetrial and Lobbies. The other ones can get embraced by the whole My Team module, as the game would feel a lot more connected and relevant, since some of the features now in DR2.0 feel disconnected, irrelevant, sitting in the dust. Another thing that would be interesting would be pairing Clubs with lobbies, or make clubs somewhat more integrated in-game, so that we could for example load a club on a lobby and race with people from that club, live, so that we could actually broadcast something rather than just set times. I think it's what missing for clubs right now, ability to broadcast it. I won't even mention again the 12 stage limit, the inability to mix cars or classes, the static degradation and static weather conditions for everyone, etc, because that's obvious it needs a fix. You guys have weather forecast probabilities that change throughout a running order implemented on My Team (at least it seems like it), but you don't make use of it at all, which leads me to think it's just there as a decoration. Having access to the running order, in order to be able to define degradation based on running order would also be awesome, as every player would have a different degradation like in real life. Allows to control the set of tyre changes so that hard tyres become relevant, and these will become even more relevant if longer stages become possible, as well as a bigger stage limit for clubs happens. The running order could also mean we could have a dynamic weather system at last, so that some players may get rain, while others not. But the change can't be so drastic from one weather to another. You need to make it rain gradually. This way we can finally have a weather forecast system that actually works, and we could set the weather as random (the engine simulates one and gives a weather forecast for each stage and running order interval) in our tournaments, so that tyre decisions and gambling can be reinforced. Basically all of the main systems you made for DR2.0 are brilliant and pretty much sufficient. The main problem is that these system are not being explored to their full potential in DR2.0, and I believe DR3 will be able to connect all of them properly. Also don't forget about keeping on improving gravel physics. I see everyone talking about tarmac because it's what calls the most attention, but don't leave gravel in the dust 😄 it's good, but can surely be improved further. Any improvement we get in the physics, no matter what surface, is always a plus. It's what sells this game the most. Making hardcore damage a bit more hardcore would also be nice, so people don't exploit setups to their exhaustion. Some setups for certain situations are unrealistic and are making the pros also win time, because the car is still stable and since there's no real damage applied to them, it doesn't matter if the suspension takes more damage or not due to the setup of the car (example stiff setup on Argentina), because the hardcore damage is simply not enough. Setup should have impact on the tyre wear, as well as part wear, specially if you're exploiting stiff suspension and dampers on rough rally. The dampers or the suspension should be more prone to break the more you try to abuse the tuning in certain situations, and this in turn will also help with realism and making things a bit more fair for everyone. You can call it an unexpected moment, but in reality it's just probabilities and accounted risk factoring. Last but not least, I'd like to leave a note, an obvious one in fact: Please let the normal DiRT franchise in the shelf for now. You could already see for a second time that the DiRT Rally franchise is what the market is asking for, it is no longer a spin-off, as it now became the pedigree of rallying, not only for Codemasters, but for the rally community as a whole. Working on a DiRT5 would be a serious business mistake. Also, it is important that the future DR3 brings something new to the table, instead of "just" more content (for that we could keep with DR2.0). It is expected by the community that DR3 is able to take advantage of the newer technologies, the new generation, and therefore we are expecting that you break some limits. I'm mostly talking about stage length, stitching Route de Turini to Pra D'Alart for one big stage for example, while keeping the other existing versions as smaller variations. This would be utterly important for the current Tyre Wear system. It would also be important, and another selling point if you could bring 1 more long route to each existing rally in DR2.0. By 1 long route I mean another Route de Turini -> Pra D'Alart, in the case of Monte Carlo the Sisteron stage comes to mind. It would also be important that in this specific rally you give us some more tarmac, perhaps you can start the Sisteron route at its original starting point so that we have more tarmac to play with and actually make the Soft Tyres a bit more relevant in that rally, because the tarmac bits we have in the current stages are not really enough. Aside from that, there are still some rallies that can be brought to the franchise, in order to sell something new to us. Corsica (tarmac), San Remo (tarmac), Kenya (gravel), Portugal (gravel), Mexico (gravel) comes to mind. There are some fan favourites like Ireland (tarmac), Azores (gravel) and some others, but to be honest it would make some sense pursuing the more public relevant ones first like Corsica, San Remo (if u decide to go for Sardegna it turns to gravel, however San Remo would be awesome as we don't have so many tarmac offerings so far and this one is still historically relevant and is currently not part of WRC, so should make it a bit easier on the legal and design freedom part), Kenya and Portugal, since these have had way more WRC appearances. I'm not sure how you will deal with the existing rallies in DR2.0, if you're launching then in the base game or re-sell them via DLC like before, but this time not only improving each location (Monaco having random ice and snow distribution like in real life for example), but also adding another big route to the mix (= 2 long stages) for each one. Perhaps it would make sense to give us all the surface types at the base game first, so that the game does not feel incomplete at launch, and to avoid another uproar like we've seen in DR2.0's launch. Or maybe just pack it all to the base game, and launch with the full content, because you'll have more than enough time to work on it since everyone is busy with DR2.0, and we won't stop playing for a long time. So yes, DR3 needs to bring something significant to the table in order for the community to justify the transition to the new game. Make sure all the possible bugs are ironed out this time. I'm talking about crashes, blatant visual glitches, force feedback, etc. The more you iron out before launch, the better the launch will be. I have to say I was afraid that DR2.0 would go down the drain due to the horrible launch it had and the massive review bomb it received at launch. There is no need to take these kind of risks, take your time, and don't be afraid to invite community members to help you test the game if you need to. If the money men start to make pressure on you guys once again to release an unfinished, unpolished game, just give them the middle finger and rub the DR2.0 launch in their faces 😄
  5. Hello everyone! Time for another Riggs long post 😄 First of all, i'd like to talk a little bit about the current Car Class organization that DiRT Rally has been using. The current car class is being organized by Group, which itself is following the right rules, but it's not entirely realistic when it comes to play the game. I believe the current car grouping method should be changed for DR3, to allow for a better balancing among classes, specially the older classes, because we are seeing the impossibility of mixing some cars that raced together, just because it's on another group. The blatant example is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, that feels completely out of context, despite being in the right Group of cars, since it is a Group A. Context-wise, the Evo VI is a lot more a 2000cc rally car than a Group A in DR2.0, because despite being a Group A vehicle (the last Group A vehicle to live), it was racing with the new-gen WRC cars, such as the Impreza S4, Ford Focus, even the Impreza 2001 during half of that season, the 206, the Corolla and the Xsara, not to mention Skoda, SEAT and Hyundai. And to be honest, we could re-arrange this grouping method in a way that would rather benefit more than prejudice, as the game would not only appear to have more cars, as well as classes would make a lot more sense and be more balanced. For example, the Lancia Delta crushes the Group A, it has last raced in '93, and it is competing with cars from 1995+, completely obliterating them unrealisticly. I'm not sure if the Lancia overpower is actually realistic, as real reports show the Lancia Delta Integrale having difficulties to keep up with the upcoming cars like the Celica, the Lancer Evo III (let alone Evo VI) and the Impreza, despite having 80 more bhp. So i think the current Lancia performance stats is unrealistic for Group A, and basically renders the other cars in the group useless. One of the groups I would love to see would be a 1998-2002 group, in which all of these cars lived and raced together throughout these years, and then we could finally have the Lancer Evo VI race with their colleagues, which in my opinion is one of the biggest setbacks in DR2, as we can't even get over this limitation with Clubs not allowing class or car mixing. Why end it in 2002? Because during the after 2002, cars began upgrading to their next successor, some manufacturers left and WRC began a slow downfall, and also some regulations and suspension technology were put in practice. That's where the 2003-2006 class is born, in which we already have the Skoda Fabia 2005. This also means some cars may appear in more than one class (Red 206 and Xsara for example). Anyway, assuming we do not lose any of the 'main cars' in the game, you can already predict what cars I want in-game, but here they come nonetheless Rather than ask for any car, I'm going to suggest cars that aim to fill a gap in the current DR2 car portfolio scenario. Citroen Xsara WRC This car would be available to pick in the 1998-2002 Class, as well as in a possible and eventual 2003-2006 class (to match with the Skoda 2005, the Solberg's Impreza 2003, etc). Wearing a full red Total livery (2001-2002), and then adding the Telefonica blue colors in 2003. While it would be ideal to have both liveries, we know Total is a present brand in current DR2, so it might be easier to just keep the Total one and the car looks great in it. I'd just love to see the car in the game to join the others. My second pick goes to the Toyota Corolla WRC I know, it's a Toyota. But it's about time 'we' try to settle the Toyota ghost. There seems to exist a little bit more flexibility towards Toyota letting their cars appear in games, so definitely a good moment to try, specially now that DR2 has proved to make a good reproduction of cars. This car is the missing piece between the Impreza S4 and the Lancer VI, a perfect addition for the 1998-2002 class. This ends my 1998-2002 suggestion list, as I consider the Xsara and the Corolla enough effort to get into the game as they are historic valuable cars in the WRC. I'd like to have the other 2000cc cars such as the SEAT Cordoba Evo 2, the Hyundai Accent Evo 2 and the bathtub Skoda Octavia Evo 2, as they have indeed participated in this golden era of rally. But I assume everyone would rather play with the more successful cars and leave these ones in the dust, like it has been happening with some of the cars in other classes. It is unclear whether or not these 3 cars were worse performers due to their lack of power, handling, or simply due to lack of pilot skill. It is important to balance all the cars and keep all the cars true to their spirit, otherwise we end up having a Lancia Integrale situation once again. Group A Toyota Celica GT4 In order to reinforce Group A and give the Lancia Delta a proper rival, this car needs to be in the game. So why this one and not the ST205? Because this one has covered more seasons than the ST205, mostly due to Toyota being banned in 1995 for the illegal turbo. This car also has more liveries to explore. Basically we would finally have a balanced and chronologically coeherent group with the Lancia Delta, the Toyota Celica and the current Ford Escort Cosworth in-game, not to mention the Legacy and the Impreza 555. This would round up the 1993-1995 very nicely, and if you managed to throw in an Evo III in the mix, even better. Subaru Impreza S9 (2003) Logical choice, specially now that there seems to be a lot of support and empathy from and for the Solberg family. Not only does this car look great, it drives great, everyone remembers it, but also our beloved Petter Solberg was champion it, co-drived by the DR2.0 co-driver Phil Mills. I seriously thought this car was going to make it into the game at some point, given the logic. But sometimes logic isn't everything. Perhaps DR3 is the best game for this car to appear. This was the only car capable to dethrone Sebastien Loeb's Xsara, and even then Citroen won the manufacturers that year. This car would make a lot of sense in the 2003-2006 group i suggested above, to compete with the Xsara, Red 206, Ford Focus (in case you guys have any means of adding another variation of it) and the Skoda Fabia 2005. Peugeot 307 WRC I know a lot of people don't like this car. Me being one of them. This is the car that sent Peugeot down the toilet, just like the Evo VII sent Mitsubishi down the toilet, not to mention this car is often remembered because of that unfortunate accident in 2005. However, despite all of the gearbox and power steering problems, this car was faster than the 206 (a lot), and it is a car that races against the Impreza S9+, the Fabia 2005 and the Xsara. Launched in 2004 after Peugeot saw their 206 not being able to keep up with the competition in 2003, this car would fill a gap in the 2003-2006 group. This is a logical car to fill a gap, but I wouldn't risk losing the ability to get one of the cars above just in order to get this one. Play with the budget. And with that, you guessed it right: Mitsubishi Lancer WRC It's perhaps the Lancer I hate the most, not just because of not being able to give a proper competition to the other cars, but also because the designer didn't really know a worse place to put that rear wing. However, this car made its appearance after a sabatical year in 2004 with the 307, and it raced up until 2005. Given its historical importance, it makes sense to get added in case the 2003-2006 group is to be. Last, but not least, we finally have the 2007-2010 class. We already have the cars of this class in the game, the Mk2 Focus and the C4. It would be awesome if we could see current in-game car variations such as the Evo V, Focus 1999, Focus 2003-2005, and the Escort WRC, but i'm almost sure the manufacturers will ask for a similar price like if it was a new car.
  6. It began stuttering in the service after i finished a stage, so something got wrong during the Loading process, and the stutters carry on to the next stage for at least the first sector, then it's gone. I don't think it can be the stream or the wheeler, because otherwise the game would have to keep stopping during all the stages, all the time. It also isnt lack of hardware power, because neither my CPU or GPU are at its max and I've even tweaked down some of the settings, including Ground Clover, but the problem persists. Don't mind the clip glitch of the video coming back and jumping, that's just the result of the game stuttering and the stream wanting to compensate. The game simple stutters and freezes that frame, it doesnt go back.
  7. The Lancer Evo VI is making a funny turbo noise when switching gears, on hood cam. Like if it is constipated.
  8. - Platform: PC Steam Windows 10 - Bug: Intermittent stuttering on the first half of a stage, happens 6/12 approximately. - Hardware: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, AMD RX5700 XT, 32GB DDR4 3600Mhz - Peripherials: Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel (USB) + Fanatec Clubsport Pedals v3 (USB). Description: RiggsDxDiag.txt
  9. Ok, so there has been a lot chatting around this subject for a long time, and it's time to make statistics work so everyone can know what we're dealing with here. Season 3 is almost guaranteed, provided there's enough content hinted to fill that season. However, there's absolutely nothing about an hipothetical Season 4, and that's where we come in. Would you buy a Season 4+ and what content would you like see from that season on? Post your suggestions and ideas, as there is A LOT left to add in this game. Here are a few ideas: - Super Special Stages for each rally, like in DiRT3 and previous titles. These are similar to RX circuits and provide a Head 2 Head experience (see here: https://youtu.be/ufNz_YQJ9fg ) - Two more long stages for each rally, to improve variety. That would make a total of 4 long stages per rally. - New rallies, besides the missing DR1 ones. E.g: Portugal, Corsica, San Remo, Kenya, etc - Early 2000s 2000cc car class fulfilled (Peugeot 206 WRC 2001, Citroen Xsara T4 WRC 2001, Ford Focus WRC 2001, Subaru Impreza WRC 2001, Subaru Impreza WRC 1997-2000, etc) - Tarmac physics 2.0. - Tyre features expanded, tweaked wear rates to make Medium and Hard compounds relevant. - Better weather system, with the ability of providing different conditions during a stage like sometimes it happened in D4 (has to be the synced for everyone in multiplayer). - Improved spectator mode / photo mode. - eSports every year, throughout an entire season like in real life. Can't think of anything else right now, so fill this topic with your suggestions. Number 1, 2 and 3 is already a lot of work 😉
  10. I'd say, if you want to keep the My Team Online mode, then put everything in the competition side of things in there, like the World Series. My Team felt totally useless after Clubs, and one way to revive it would be with the esports being introduced in the there (which i thought it was going to happen). My Team has a big potential to become something bigger, the game simply has to get all the systems and features connected. Even Clubs should have some kind of integration possible with My Team, like DR1 had the possibility to use Career Engineers and cars. You also should be able to properly pair surface degradation with Clubs and Lobbies, thats why Clubs needs to be fully integrated within the game. For this to be even better, we need to have access to the running order parameters, otherwise we'll never be able to make surface degradation work properly, as everyone will race in the same conditions.
  11. Riggs

    Something is coming closer...

    Listen to the first 17 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0n6MyXUE9Y
  12. Riggs

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    A timer that shows for the player how much he has to wait to start the race, until the 5-4-3-1-GO. Basically what existed in DiRT 3 staggered starts, the only difference is that you dont see the cars in DR2. And you wont be able to launch the car until you get to the 5 second countdown. This time gap can be configured in the lobby settings: Off, 30s, 60s, 90s, up to 120s.
  13. Riggs

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    I would go further, and implement a staggered timer for staggered starts. @PJTierney Pretty simple dev work: new int staggeredstarttimer; this will allow us to config this timer on lobby settings. And just call this value with the lobby participants order with respective increments. No need to do anything else, we don't need to see the cars departing, as we know thats not currently possible. This way you can spectate each player and their passes.
  14. Riggs

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I last logged in these forums lol (maybe prior to september? i can't even remember). Anyway it's good to be back. When I find some time (hopefully soon), i'll be preparing a proper PDF with a suggestion for a rally world series format. I'll leave RX to SereneLogic, since he's already thinking about it and has more in-depth knowledge on RX. However, I'd like to congratulate the team for another successful World Series. The production was simply amazing, top notch, the team really deserves an applause. The commentators were great, the cameras, the interviews. Basically the whole production and team, this is the right path and it is successful. The ambience was there and so was the adrenaline. Now we just need to structure a proper rally championship to make justice to the quality of this whole production, because it is the only thing at fault in this World Series, despite this version being a considerable improvement over D4 World Championship. The bottomline is, it's still too much time-trialing and 0% rallying and consistency work, that's where this World Series fails big time, and that's where we need to work on. But once again, still better than last edition's. The final stage of this World Series was basically a big example of what's wrong with this kind of structure, it completely scrapped the cumulative consistent gaps drivers were building and instead placed the top 3 on a time-trial deciding stage. The devs have been exhaustively working on the car repair systems, part degradation, stage deformation and degradation, tyre degradation, and none of these have been used during this final, which is a shame. It's quite easy to see what's wrong and how to fix it. You have laid all the systems and platforms you need in order to make a thrilling esports championship, but decided not to use any single one of them, except for the new spectator mode. All in all, it's all positives compared to the last edition, don't get me wrong. It's just that the rally championship structure hasn't grown as green as the rest of the things, and that's where this PDF will try to present one or two solutions. I'll be back with more news soon, in a new topic. Cheers 😉
  15. Riggs

    Dirt Rally 3 - Wish List

    For Monaco, this one can't stay out: https://www.rally-maps.com/Rallye-Monte-Carlo-2015/Sisteron-Thoard
  16. That list is gone lol, it disappeared after a few patches since the issues got solved, or at least most of them.
  17. Ok, this has been some subject for quite a while ago, and it has emerged again with the broadcast mode being added to the game. We've been discussing this on Discord, and to be honest there's a way (hopefully simple) to make these 2 happen in a patch. 1. Let's start with staggered starts: The idea here is not to show the cars on the stage, as we know it's not technologically possible now with the current engine. However, staggered starts can be implemented and simulated by a simple addition to the stages: countdown timer for each player. Basically the first runner gets the normal countdown '54321' once everyone is in, while the second runner gets a bigger countdown like 1 minute and 5 seconds, the 1 minute being the staggered timer. And of course, since you're letting us turn on a staggered start, let us define the timer between 30 seconds and 2 minutes (can be a preset like 30, 60, 120 to make it easier to change in the lobby settings). This feature should be fairly simply to add, as it's basically adding stuff over what you already have implemented, and it would do wonders for multiplayer lobbying. It's a shame we can't taste a mix of clubs + lobby for this awesome broadcast mode. 2. Now let's move on to stage degradation in lobbies: Currently you define the stage degradation for the whole rally event (if i remember correctly). The idea here is to let us set up stage degradation per stage, instead of per rally, similar to how you have done in clubs. Also make sure you give us the degradation options from Clubs as well (low, medium, max), to add to the existing ones in the lobby. Not sure why Clubs had a different degradation setup than lobbies, and in reverse, but it should be the same. 3. Last but not least, let us turn off the countdown timer that starts whenever someone finishes the stage. I'm not sure if this has been looked into, but this option needs to be there. Currently you can only define the timer to either be 30, 60 or 90 seconds. I can see the problem this will arise, by making lobbies longer and possible some griefing once this timer is off. How to solve this? Simple: let the lobby host finish the session, by adding such button on the context menu, or whenever everyone finishes, the timer to move on to the next stage will start. This will have to be done if staggered starts are to exist, and will also mean the broadcaster will have way more power and margin to coordinate the broadcast/stream. Pretty simple things, compared to other features you've been working on, but they do have a big impact on the user experience (for the positive).
  18. This could be useful for the multiplayer lobbies broadcast mode.
  19. Riggs

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Damn. @PJTierney has just passed me on reps 😶 Hail to the new king! It has been a good journey.
  20. Riggs

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Could be a good tribute : )
  21. Riggs

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Eventually and hopefully the zone limits will be adjusted to prevent this in the future. Either reset or time penalty like in other CM games.
  22. Riggs

    Is the WRC license really a loss?

    While I find it a shame to be missing out on the current cars and tracks, i'm really more inclined to the rally golden era of the late 90s till 2004. What bothers me the most about DR2 is the lack of stages per rally, as there should be another route to pair with the existing one in each rally. Also the fact that the stage length is limited by the engine. A wider range of stages is needed, and since we won't see this one in DR2 I'm hoping DR3 gets the definitive improvement in this area. This game engine is old and we need a new one in order for this series to progress. WRC8's few advantages is the variety of stages, even if they aren't really accurate to their real counterparts. Another weak spot that has been improved but isn't quite there is the lack of early 2000s cars, and having them put in its own class. Efforts have been made in this game, specially with the return of the so demanded 206 WRC. The next logical step is to approach the Citroen Xsara and SEAT Cordoba and put them all in a special class so that events can be properly done without any handicaps. Finally but not least important, there's some game design decisions that could've been better regarding My Team. My Team is a platform with so much potential but it looks like it hasn't been properly put to use. While a single-player career mode could've been implemented, My Team could've been the ultimate multiplayer esports platform for everything - a full online career in which ultimately you'd have the conditions to participate in esports events. Just like GRID (2 or Autosport, can't remember) had its own multiplayer career mode. However, they opted to host all of this stuff outside My Team, and with the arriving of Clubs My Team is mostly useless and inactive apart from Community Events. My Team could've been the whole multiplayer platform, including Clubs. Instead, they chopped the multiplayer into separated modes, creating redundancies. This game overall is great, not perfect. We'll never achieve the perfect game, because there's so much to add in a game like this that we'll never ever get there. There's no perfection in life. We can, however, learn with each iteration of this Rally series and improve upon the next one. This series is crying out loud for a new engine. There's no point developing a 3rd game in this same engine, because it's getting so limited in so many areas that we are gradually reaching and scratching. - Stage length. - Dynamic weather with live terrain and grip deformation/change. - Staggered starts, both with cars in the stage or invisible. - Tarmac physics and others - More realistic and hardcore damage, the current hardcore isn't hardcore enough imo.
  23. Riggs

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    You can buy stuff individually.
  24. Riggs

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    For those who don't have anything, not even the game, the Super Deluxe brings everything. You don't buy the base + deluxe + super deluxe, that's wasting money buying duplicate content. Those like me who have pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition, if they want to buy new stuff either buy the Deluxe 2.0 which is Season 3 + Season 4, or buy things individually at their taste. For example, since I'm not interested in Season 4's RX content, I'm opting to purchase only the Season 3 content except for Yas Marina circuit.
  25. Riggs

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Yes, this is a very hot subject that has been discussed for quite a while now. There needs to be a policy regarding these cuts. This is not about how we can tackle these cuts, because there are several ways to do it: applying penalty times, making the offroad terrain have more attriction and slippery, whatever works. Since this cannot be done in time for the qualifiers, i would suggest using the already implemented ghost technology to check top times and see if people are using cuts.