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  1. When Sony fixes the damn software on the PS5 to enable it, it will work. Until then, no bueno. Wasn't aware there was an issue with the Xbox though 🤔
  2. I just saw that tweet. ZERO contact from CM since launch... and now this. Somebody needs to be held accountable.
  3. That's exactly why... which means the leagues they drive in have just lost all their star drivers and a lot of the top tier grids. Also, the fact that this new model is going to be 3 months behind for the rest of us mere mortals is an absolute joke.
  4. Bit hard to lower the difficulty when I'm driving against PEOPLE, not AI. I've been doing this long enough to know what I'm doing, but the game is broken when it comes to curb physics. If I follow the same lines and the same curbs as the IRL drivers... I die. Because they're not right. Auto-spin curbs should not be a thing, except they are, and a lot of the rest that are normally used are now so iffy that it's a coin flip if they kill you or not.
  5. The curbs most definitely need sorting. They were mostly excellent last game imo, but now.... good lord. There is no way most of them should be as icy as they are... or auto-spin the car (how the hell is that even still a thing?)... or hell, some of them even have landmines in them now.
  6. Bankai3987


    You're actually moaning about the NUMBER of a patch? Good lord.
  7. Monaco + Pad + Hairpin... is all the combo you need in order to figure out why it's not going around there. I mean, the TV stuff MIGHT be a factor, but the pad itself is likely the cause because the steering lock just plain sucks for that track.
  8. So presumable, nobody had got around to scanning the banks yet... because they were new... which meant they got the pre-bank version of an otherwise accurate track. Of course I'm not a dev and correct me if I'm wrong, but that still meant a good portion of the track didn't really need touching, saving work and spending that on parts that needed it. Also... Imola, Portimao and Istanbul haven't had any big changes as far as I'm aware, so pulling in the data again and cutting some of the work down might not be such a bad idea 🤷‍♂️
  9. iirc, CM bought the laser scan data for Zandvoort from the ACC devs... and then did their thing with everything else. Wondering if it's possible to do the same thing again, with whomever has the data for Istanbul, and maybe mitigate some of the development time... and MAYBE get it into the game at a later date. For what it's worth, while I'm disappointed that Istanbul will likely not see the light of day in the game... I'm more than happy with having Imola and Portimao.
  10. FFB has nothing to do with the exaggerated response of physical contact the game has atm The amount of times I've seen people, myself included, BRUSH against another car and end up spearing off because of the contact model... it's ridiculous. It's a connection problem coupled with the exaggerated collision physics... and has nothing to do with FFB, so I have no idea where you've got that idea from.
  11. They're not talking about the handling, they're asking if the physical contact physics between cars is acceptable. My opinion... not really. It's far too sensitive.
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