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    Is it me or is the input dying out?

    We've been giving feedback and offering input to Codemasters for years and it's the same silence every damn game, with very little change. People have finally started getting the message and just not bothering... because what's the point? Nobody is listening anyway 🤷‍♂️
  2. Bankai3987

    'Lapped cars may overtake now'

    You could unlap under a SC on F1 2016... haven't been able to since then because, well, the SC has been too broken to work unlapping into it and have it work properly.
  3. Bankai3987

    Esteban Ocon

    We won't.
  4. Bankai3987

    Rev lights don’t appear to match engine note.

    The shift light, or audio beep, is set at the optimum shift point. It's up to the driver to decide when he/she wants to shift gear. As for the out of sync shift/engine note thing... f1 cars don't even get close to their rev limits as is, and I don't believe that it's the revs that are the problem. I believe the gears are using the wrong ratio, making it seem like the engine is out of sync.
  5. Bankai3987

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    The trick to Monaco is drive as slowly as possible without losing too much time. Since it's damn nearly impossible to overtake on that infernal track, it's about the best way of finishing a race.
  6. Bankai3987

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    Well, until we see it, we can't really say. 120m before T1 at Monza is about as far as I'd be willing to push tbh
  7. Bankai3987

    Patch 1.05, how to fix a game

    You're assuming that the performance gain was massive at every track. The real life pole was literally only a tenth improvement over the previous year. Austria is all about power. These cars make up their time in the corners, of which Austria doesn't have many to make up the time in. Basically, expecting a high 1:02, MAYBE a mid-1:02 (from the real fast guys on the game) is about as fast as you're gonna get I reckon.
  8. Bankai3987

    Patch 1.05, how to fix a game

    You won't see the 1-1.5 second improvement at Austria, since it's such a short track and I don't think a 61 second lap there is even possible. Try at Bahrain, Spain, Australia... basically every other track will see the times drop.
  9. Personal preference. I know guys that like high diff settings... but for the way I drive, I prefer diff settings on the fairly low side.
  10. I hate Monaco with a passion, but I'll have to race there in my league eventually, so on this game, my setup will likely look something like this. MAXIMUM Downforce. Anywhere between 55-65% on-diff, 70% off-diff. Camber and toe will likely stay somewhere near the middle, just some tweaking here and there. 3-3 springs. 6-4 ARB (potential for change there) 4-4 ride height. 76-78% brake pressure. 57-55% brake bias. Tyres pretty low. Off the top of my head, and without any running done yet, that feels like a decent baseline for my ability.
  11. Bankai3987

    Braking problem (not technical problem)

    Experiment with different pressures, bias and actual braking points. For example, you cannot use the same braking point during a race as you'd use in TT or Quali. The conditions are very different. It's all about adapting.
  12. Bankai3987

    Is there dirty air on F1 2019 Multiplayer?

    There is. It can be pretty bad, given the lack of downforce on these cars atm. HOPEFULLY, it'll be better after the patch.
  13. Second page of the MFD iirc. Ranked, unranked... private. All of them.
  14. You're fortunate then... but it does happen. To switch compounds from the panned strategy, on the fly, you need to either use the MFD and switch the compounds or, if the voice recognition works properly, hit the radio and ask for the compound you want. Other than that, Jeff will offer a different strategy at different points through the race should the need arise.
  15. Anywhere between 90-100 Celsius is where you want to be on the dry tyre. Can't remember the temps for the Inter and Wet tyres. There's no tyre flex... or if there is, I'm not aware of it. Punctures happen when the tyre's too worn, you hit debris (usually only in effect on Sim damage) or from contact. Flat spots aren't simulated.
  16. It was basically a cost saving measure, but there are other reasons. The current engines have a torque delivery that is far more flexible than the old V8's, which required ratio changes depending on the track, to keep the torque inside the narrow band that it operated. So there isn't much need to keep changing the ratio of the gearbox, with the current engines, in order to keep the torque useful. A fixed gearbox ratio also aids in fuel economy.
  17. That's an actual rule in F1. Since 2014, teams are not permitted to change the ratio of the gearbox at any point throughout the season once they've committed to a set ratio.
  18. Setups in F1 games have been broken for as long as I can remember. I think the closest to what I'd consider "traditional", would be 2016... as most of the values seemed to be used as you'd expect. Unfortunately, because Codemasters REFUSE to give us a more realistic version that's closer to real life (because arcade casual nonsense), we're stuck with these crappy values that seem to either exaggerate an aspect of handling, or not do a damn thing. This very subject has been brought up for the last 4 years... nothing doing. 1 degree of camber, on an F1 car, is nothing. I barely changes anything. But... Codemasters simply ignore us and keep copy+pasting the same lazy setup **** into each game, so we end up with -3.50 degrees of camber as the minimum value. I'd be funny if it weren't so damn pathetic.
  19. Bankai3987

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    I did so... respectively... and I stand by my statement. If you feel belittled by it, then that's not particularly my problem, but I won't apologise for suggesting someone quit moaning about a mechanic of a game that, while a little exaggerated, is still there for a reason.
  20. Bankai3987

    Approach to Qualifying (Tires)

    I find Qualifying depends a fair amount on which team you drive for and your particular tyre selection for the race weekend. Mercedes, Ferrari and RedBull... those teams are pretty much guaranteed a spot in the Top 6, so they wouldn't need to use as many sets of tyres to get to Q3, where you have a free set anyway. As you move further down the grid, you'll find you may need to use the extra set of tyres, here and there, just to get into Q3... as it's a tight field. McLaren, Renault and ToroRosso would likely fall into that category. Of course with some of the teams, you haven't got a prayer of getting out of Q1, let alone getting into Q3. Basically, you have to use your tyre allocation tactically as best you see fit... for your desired target.
  21. Bankai3987

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    It's supposed to be an authentic representation of F1. When was the last time you saw an F1 car ghost through another during the pitstop phase? YOU... MUST... WAIT... for the pitlane to be clear before you can exit the pitbox. It's actually a rule. It's not a bug, it's a thing that actually happens. So instead of moaning about it, just accept it and move on.
  22. Bankai3987

    Run out of energy too quickly

    No. Just power output and harvest.
  23. Bankai3987

    Why no full OSD in cockpit view

    The Mercedes DRS activation is done via the 'OT' button on right side of the wheel. There are no lights to say whether DRS is active though. You kinda have to either look back, listen for the wind rush, or trust that it's open.
  24. Bankai3987

    Run out of energy too quickly

    No that is exactly how it is. 0 - No ERS deployment / Harvest only. 1 - Small ERS deployment / High harvest level. 2 - Consistent deployment of a suitable level / Suitable harvest level. 3 - Consistent high deployment / Low harvest level. 4 - Maximum power to aid overtaking at high speed / Very little harvest level. 5 - Maximum power to get up to speed as quickly as possible, less effective at top speed / Very little harvest level.
  25. Bankai3987

    Run out of energy too quickly

    For me... personal experience and the word of MANY league racers. Hotlap gives great acceleration, good power through the middle gears and sort of tails off in the top 2 gears. But it is the mode to use during Quali, on almost every circuit. Overtake is the most powerful, as it gives all the ERS can give, but it's usefulness is limited to overtaking. Hence it's name. You couldn't run overtake for a lap, and you'd lose out on deployment, total battery and acceleration compared to Hotlap.