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  1. SauloCirineu

    mirror in cockpit view of f1 2019, AGAIN?!

    A virtual mirrors option would be awesome. Because of halo since 2018 F1 car's mirrors are so far apart. In the video game it became out of screen. It was so useful and immersive in F1 games before 2018. It would be just perfect to put some virtual mirrors in the cockpit cam (one on the left and another on the right). And could be also have a mirror on tcam, but a central one (just like GT Sport). Do it Codies, please!
  2. SauloCirineu

    F1 2019 using same animations since 2015. Why?

    All those pre-events (practice, qualify and race) cut scenes should prepare the player for immersion and give that feeling of being part of F1. Those are the same feelings that a player seek when play the career mode. I don't think it should be considered so secondary for a game that are heavily promoted by its very distinct career mode (Create your own legend, Born to make history, Make headlines, Rise up against your rivals). I think Codemasters should put more attention to tiny details that make a huge difference, like all those pre-events cut scenes. The way that they are now (same from 2015, with some improvements) they doesn't feel like they fit in all that atmosphere the game try to build. Indeed Codemasters put a lot of effort into driving, physics and so on. The 2018's driving feels really great. But F1 is much more than just driving (just watch Netflix Drive to Survive) and Codemasters is trying to reach that "much more" with career mode, however it needs attention to details in order to keep players feel they are part of F1. I could bring Gran Turismo Sport to this discussion as an example of a great driving game, but shallow. There are a lot of car history details, but its presentation seems that is not part of the game. In the end, Gran Turismo Sport is just drive and noting else.
  3. F1 2015, F1 2016, F1 2017, F1 2018 and now F1 2019. Same presentation on track with same animations. Really? Oh boy... I can't stand looking to the same body movements, same camera angles, same clerk's faces, same presentation overall. All those scenes on track makes sense on F1 2015, when the focus were the real F1 drivers and teams, but it does not fit on the newer games with focus on career mode. Using the same animations and on track presentation since F1 2015 give the new game an old face. Players who played F1 2018 or any other F1 game from 2015 will just skip those scenes. Why not make a fresh new on track presentation?
  4. SauloCirineu


    I think we are not going to have Mission Winnow neither Better Tomorrow since they are bonded to tabacco.