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  1. SauloCirineu

    My issues with F1 2019 from a casual player

    I got an issue with sound on PS4 Pro. I use a Sony Platinum Headset 7.1 with 3D audio on. The F1 2019 sound doesn't seem surround, but if I press the PS Button, go to the PS4 menu and then resume the game, the sound change to surround. Any one on PS4 with same issue?
  2. SauloCirineu

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    Yeap. It is due to rubbering.
  3. Nice words. F1 2019 was the first F1 I bought before the launch date. I've done it mainly because I skipped F1 2018. F1 2019 is great. AI is awesome, graphics is very good and content are good. However, it leaves that bittersweet taste of "it is good, but it could be greater". So much could be done with Senna and Prost rivalry. So much could be done with F2 in career mode. So much could be done with QoL (quality of life) improvements (e.g. virtual mirrors). In all Codemasters F1 game there is also something to bothers you. In my case is "pit release". Oh boy, it drives me nuts since F1 2016. For sure F1 2019 is a great game, but there is always some really annoying flaw that make people whining so much. In general I think F1 2019 is a worth buying game.
  4. SauloCirineu

    mirror in cockpit view of f1 2019, AGAIN?!

    A virtual mirrors option would be awesome. Because of halo since 2018 F1 car's mirrors are so far apart. In the video game it became out of screen. It was so useful and immersive in F1 games before 2018. It would be just perfect to put some virtual mirrors in the cockpit cam (one on the left and another on the right). And could be also have a mirror on tcam, but a central one (just like GT Sport). Do it Codies, please!
  5. SauloCirineu


    I think we are not going to have Mission Winnow neither Better Tomorrow since they are bonded to tabacco.