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  1. So no one at CM had the knowledge to write code and keep original game save as promised. CODEMASTERS my ars&
  2. Exactly they are trying to write code that they could not write in the first place..
  3. breezyskells22 said: any update on the patch please (I still not got the issue) as its getting near end of week again And again and again and again how long shall i go on for lol....
  4. We have offcom offtel etc. Surely there must be a governing body we can complain too. People power let's put a stop to these cowboys once and for all.
  5. We take the money and when the sh$t hits the fan then we deal with it.. Nice one cm..  
  6. scottishwildcat said: SpeedSkyzzy said: I would like to have my money back. How many times must I say this? You can say it till you're blue in the face on here, but I don't know what you expect to achieve. Your purchase contract is with your retailer, so that's who you'll have to ask. Claim under the sales of goods act. Item not fit for the purpose for which it was intended. This should really lie at cm's door as it never was fit for what it was intended as it was full of bugs but they still released it.
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