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  1. ZDoc

    fanatec flag leds

    Now available for download: http://zappadoc.com/new-version-3-4-6-6d-of-slimax-manager-pro-and-fanatec-edition-available-today/ Enjoy this new (100% free) update. 😉 Cheers, z
  2. ZDoc

    fanatec flag leds

    You're welcome. FLAG Leds work with all simulations/games with SLIMax Mgr (Pro and Fanatec Ed.) including R3E and obviously all Codies games. The latest Fanatec beta driver v340 seems to be very stable so welcome to the flag leds customizations (soon available)... 😉 Cheers, z
  3. ZDoc

    fanatec flag leds

    Hi, Thank you. Well, as you may know the doc to get started quickly with your Fanatec hardware is on the Getting Started page on website: http://www.eksimracing.com/getting-started-with-fanatec-hardware/ 3 colors layouts for the Shiftlights (REV LEDs) are available but yes, the colors of Marshal LEDs are not configurable in current version of SLIMax to be easy to use and not overload the UI and to follow the same colors layout of all USB display devices supported by SLIMax Mgr (SIM Race LCD/F1/DLX, SLI-F1, SLI-PRO, SLI-M, and many others....) , but this kind of colors customization might be implemented one day... when a super stable Fanatec driver/fw will be released for all Fanatec bases... Thanks again and be sure to check the compatibility of the FLAG LEDs with Fanatec support, also, check this with other simulations / games to see if you get the same issue. Cheers, z
  4. ZDoc

    fanatec flag leds

    Hi, FLAG LED of Fanatec Formula V2 rim is full supported by SLIMax Manager Pro and SLIMax Fanatec Edition but your issue seems to be related to your CSL base which can't manage the flag leds, check this with Fanatec support. FLAG LED are fully supported by CSL E WB+ (PS4), CSW Base v2.0 and v2.5 and Podium DD Series. Hope this helps Cheers, z