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  1. sirio994 said:
    I use L3 and R3 for fuel mix and triangle and X for ERS (you can still change camera e access to replay from the menu) 
    I use the 2 rotor switches   my right actd as up and down which automatically brings up the mfd and my left is left and right (jogging down being left and up right. Having had that mapping since the start of f1 2017 its 2nd nature for me now to change fuel mix and now ers

  2. sirio994 said:
    I have the CSL Elite + Elite Pedals with load cell mounted on the gt omega wheel stand. I've tested almost every wheel on every game. If you wanna spend less go for the T150. If you want to spend more go for the t300 or Fanatec. Avoid the G29, i had it and it's in a range you don't want to be in. If you buy the G29 and then you love the wheel experience you will regret not buying the t300. If you don't like the wheel experience you will regret spending so much. The G29 is the best solution only if you want to complete the bundle with the H shifter.

    Pedals are the most important thing of your setup. When I started I was wandering why people spend so much on a pedals set. Years after I understood the reason. Pedals are the key. You can survive a bad wheel but you won't survive bad pedals.

    If you want to use your desk go for it and buy a stop carpet mat (I don:t know how to say it in English, I'm referring to the rubber mat that stops big carpets from sliding). That things cost a couple of euros/pounds and it's the true game changer. It stops the pedals allowing you to avoid using the wall (which damages cables.

    If you don't want a seat go for a wheel stand. I've had both the omega and the wheel stand pro. Stay away from the wheel stand pro unless you are looking for the smallest which it is.

    Look for possibile upgrades if you think you will love the wheel experience. In that case go for the T300 or a Fanatec (CSL better for consoles, CSW better for PC) and buy a wheel stand that allows you to add a seat and complete the full cockpit in the future. 

    Don't make my mistake (and the one of many others), if you think you will love it leave yourself some room to upgrade your setup in the future.. 
    Im running the t300 servo with fanatec csl elite load cell, best combo,    until the fanatec direct drive comes out lol

  3. Im using a thrustmaster t300rs on my ps4 with the f1/gt rig from pagnianimports,  check their website. Have a butkicker installed too,  i wouldn't go back to controler ever lol, especially running the f1 rim, its full game immersion. It all depends on how much you wish to spend i guess, im waiting for the console version of fanatec's direct drive wheel to go on sale, the t300 performs flawlessly tho on any game.