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  1. Pretty sure f1 2014 and 15 would hold a argument for worst recent f1 games. And f1 20 is not imo a superior game at all . Ai who have terrible train like behaviour , completely on rails, still has the op bottas issue , constant rain , and Hanoi GG.... But it does have better online and classic cars I'll agree that is far superior to the terrible story mode in 21. But 21 has 3 awesome new tracks, mistake prone ai, player faliures, ability to slow down development in my team / career mode , better track details ie tarmac etc better engine sounds , equal performance in TT and grand Prix mode . De
  2. The idea is great the execution is garbage . That's the issue the system needs to be in the game ofc but it's been broken for 3 years and best they got is back to 18 and before just disable them . Same with the story mode decent idea garbage execution. Fair to say my faith in this franchise has seriously lowered and this series now enters the pick up in the bargain bin section .....
  3. Scary thing is this system has been in the franchise for 3 years now . 3 years to refine it and get it working and it's a absolute mess and has been since day 1. Talk about copy and paste year in year out even if it broken just zero improvements and now just take the easiest possible solution and just on off toggle. Pathetic.....
  4. Take Algarve and imola out and this game is very forgettable . And it over 80 GB on PS4 pro which is just ridiculous size for what it is , no classic cars,no championship mode etc . Can't personally justify the space it takes up so it it got deleted ,got Algarve and imola on other games and reading about my team boosts stats and rain and broken ai etc just not worth the space.... Zero chance sprint will be added I imagine the patch cycle of this will be ending soon so won't change much from its current state...
  5. Naxlr

    IA Difficulty

    Well traction won't be helping you against high level ai as it slows your acceleration down significantly and ai will disappear if you slow out of exits . So definitely want to be dropping that down to medium . I run high down force on this game on the majority of tracks between 11/9 / 9/9 region seems to be work well except spa which is 5/3 and Monza 4/2 . Camber is 2.80 . 1.30 . Toe 9 . 32. Suspension 5/4 . Front roll bar 8/1 Front ride height 3/7. And with that I match 101 . If I drive well as it more down to driving than set up . As pretty sure people here will see massive flaws with this
  6. Naxlr

    IA Difficulty

    Pretty sure the ai are faster in qualifying than the race . That definitely my experience anyway . Play on 101 and have a rite battle in qualifying then in race it not as close ...
  7. Strange driver's from lower series will replace them but they removed all the lower series racing from the game. Just seems either really rushed and things mite get added through the year or just a bare bones first attempt and hopefully it improves next year ...
  8. Vastly improved wet weather ai for me . If they going to just copy and paste the weather settings every year so it always rains to often throughout the seasons at least make the wet weather racing interesting. Not just on rails ai , totally not affected by wet weather at all. Just makes the wet races pointless oh and the fact they can't overtake each other in wet also so yes this needs vastly improving....
  9. No game has dive bombing ai like the Moto GP games whoooooo they are absolutely brutal, zero fxxxs given . Well the way I slow all my progression down is simply playing it realistically. No flashback and no restarts and no changing ai levels between sessions or between tracks. I know from GP mode that 101 is were I'm currently at so that is the level I'll play every mode on . If I do well great if I get smahed at certain tracks do be it . Some weekends I'll totally fail practice and will get overtaken in the development tree . That way in past games it makes the career mode really challenging
  10. Never experienced this myself. Maybe it only active in my team as wouldn't know as haven't started it yet . But all ai cheat in my experience especially on higher difficulties. Anybody who had played mlb or madden will of experienced how they go in to God mode at certain important times . Bombing home runs or qb never missing passes etc. Did a hundred match yesterday and had them 35 for 5 then number 6 and 7 put on a 127 run partnership in like 40 balls . Just pure God mode perfect timing , flying over ropes . Bowlers batting like top order ....... Pretty frustrating...
  11. The career mode seems really stripped down in ignition from what I've seen . No creating own team, no custom driver, don't know if you still get rivals , Just seems a typical pc kind of racing game ie ACC , pc2 just race after race no actual off track side to it at all . Plus bugs and to pricey for what it is . Keep a eye on it maybe they will add things. But this a area were f1 games destroy the competition the actual career ie progression , car development, team progression, Moto GP also to a lesser degree.
  12. Its a boundary hitting battle zone not good if you prefer test etc .. well was waiting till Algarve and imola and the performance patch don't really care for Jeddah from what I've seen but now it out pretty soon so makes sense to just wait now till got full calendar . But I'm keeping a eye on cricket 22 as well but yea expectations are low for first 6 months ...
  13. Recently bought the hundred dlc for that and on hardest difficulty the woman tournament is absolutely brutal . Ropes are so short you literary end up chasing 200 plus . The ai in that mode are op . Well I was all about getting Moto GP 21 and mlb 21 and both are on 50per cent sale on store now but both are still filled with bugs so not even worth half price. My playstation is becoming more of a blu ray player than a game console these days. Had this game for over 3 months ain't even been able to start a career mode due to bugs etc .
  14. Always red flag when developers hide the game and barely show anything pre launch. They literally showed a lap and the reason is clear it wasn't ready to be shown or released. How you release a racing game with no way of seeing your tyre wear or fuel load is completely mind blowing . It the most basic feature .... And seems to be many many more issue to .
  15. No problems m8 . Na look more options the better people pay for there game and should be able to play how they want ofc ..
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