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  1. Naxlr

    New Miami Track

    It can be tailored to your liking as the f1 game can you know play with the assists on ie racing line, full traction ,flashback but if you play it properly without any of them silly assists barring a bit of traction as you progress to the faster bikes then it a serious challenge but very rewarding when you get the hang of it. The races are very intense as you can fall any second and the ai also crash and take different lines in corners not on rails like f1 ai . In terms of 21 I'd wait a few weeks for few patches like any games they never ready day 1 but definitely a game to pick up. Loads of classes of bikes , great tracks , requires different driving style from f1 game. definitely more challenging but much more fun and more replayability due to dynamic ai loads of overtaking , crashing,etc . I'll definitely pick it up but not straight away let them iron out the silly bug's first .....
  2. Naxlr

    New Miami Track

    F1 needs to go to some of the Moto gp circuits and get away from these street circuits especially with these modern cars that struggle to follow. Personally I would prefer tracks like mugello, missiano, le man gp layout, Phillip island . Part of the reason I switched from f1 to the Moto gp game way better tracks , more varied, closer racing but with the expectations of spa and Monza and suzuka I wouldn't miss any of the other's especially all the street track's . Singapore is a good challenge to time trail on but producers rubbish racing irl and in the games ....
  3. Naxlr

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Yes ride 4 track selection is probably the best in any racing game and I've added kylami , Valencia, Ulster and Daytona through cheap like 3 pound dlc . Doing them in full dynamic day night cycle , weather etc is awesome. I keep f1 18 on the hard drive if I want a f1 race but it rare. Yes podium pass every post race screen bugged me from first time I saw it and just added silly loading times between races . No rush or hype for the new f1 game for me got better games already like I say 6 month 20 pound tops but skip it completely if the same bug's/problems persist from games from over 3 year ago ...
  4. Naxlr

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Don't really think the answer of yes we ain't going to fix a glaring error which there are a fair few is very good response at all and definitely put me off future games from this series. But I get it moving on to the next year game but not for me I've learned to wait a good 6 month to pick up games now multiple patches down the line and half price ... And if podium pass etc / fortnite rubbish Is still involved I'll pass completely .. Already racing around the new tracks imola, Portugal, even mugello on ride 4 , pc2 , ACC so unless there improvement in bug's and ai on rails/ god mode in wet I'll happily skip it completely .....
  5. Naxlr

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    No surprise that it getting left broken and unwilling or unable to fix it really. Just look at the state the f2 has been released and left in ai doing silly pit stops which hand you easy win , they all pit together so they loose loads in pits, can't even get the order of performance right in that so yes no surprise at all. Glad I picked it up on the store for half price as got played a few races and deleted ......
  6. Naxlr

    Lockups and punctures

    Whatever happened to ai proper lockups and punctures?. After a 50 per cent race in holland that nearly put me to sleep ai just unable to pass it a drs straight overtake or nothing just unable to pass in to corners. I decided to do a race on 18 and it was so much more racey 103 ai ,spa in mclaren and the difference was big . The ai actually lock up and go wide and even off the track in to gravel .hamilton was leading fighting with vettel locked up went off and had to come back through the field why does that not happen anymore . And did a silverstone race and ai going slow actually had a puncture and was going back to pits it was so good to see were did this go now we just have god mode ai with the occasional twitch on traction but nothing else . Actually deleted 20 after the comparison sticking to 18 races feel more varied.. And hockeinheim instead of hanoi ........
  7. Naxlr

    Worst it's ever been

    The weather system is the most ridiculous it has ever been . Honestly people complain and make you aware it unbalanced for year's and you have actually made it far worse this year. Not one full dry weekend since spain and that was a full wash out by the way and now at Mexico and practice 1 and 2 rain and full qualifying rain .I mean come on it completely broken it literally rains at 70/80 per cent of the season at some point . Needs to be around 20 per cent roughly so it completely op. To make it worse the ai are just God like in rain not one slide/ spin anything so it rains to much and the racing is dull in it to with on rails ai . This needs a serious overhaul as you are actually making a great feature ie dynamic weather a absolute chor and a hated feature . Not to mention the whole system has regressed since f1 2012 no drying line ,no different sections of the track wetter/ dryer than others etc . Miles more powerful machine /technology available and a inferior system . Poor all round really .
  8. If you could which 3 tracks would you remove from the calendar and what 3 would you replace them with ?. 1. Monaco fun to drive single lap good challenge but so dull to race . 2. Baku decent last sector but track just to tight dull to race on . 3. Yas marine Just don't enjoy and part of the track . Replacement 1. Misiano. race it a lot on moto go 20 and ACC it fun track fast ,tricky and wide to pass etc. 2.Mugelo. Awesome track again race it loads in moto go 20 and ride 4 such a cool track. 3.Kylami. Never even new of this track before ACC it a great track fast , tricky corner's to .
  9. Naxlr

    Practice program struggle

    This is not a rant about how I can't hit the times etc it more a question of if they are just unbalanced. My team season 1 at 101 ai so I expect to struggle and I don't actually mind not hitting the target as it actually slows down car development . Now I dislike screen aids etc so I run with absolute minimum I can get away with so I don't have my lap times on or my practice program Target's so I only find out if I pass or fail when I cross the line which I find more fun . But the qualify sim seem to not match what actually happens In actual qualifying . Predicted to be last in aus then out qualified team mate by six tenths. Passed bahrain which surprised me , predicted last in china out qualified both williams and teammate by over half sec. Simple solution of course is to lower the ai for practice to pass but no 101 all season with flashbacks disabled to .. Are they just asking for unrealistic times on certain tracks or as the car improve they should get easier to hit ?
  10. Naxlr

    Have patches improved ai ?

    So with end of year / new year deal likely to hit the ps store soon I was wondering if the patches have improved the ai trains issues. I originally bought the game just after release but found the ai a step back so traded it. And now I'm guessing the game will of had fair few updates has this issue been addressed ?. Recently redownload f1 19 but can't get back on with the old ers system .So if this issue has been improved mite pick it up if it goes on a good price drop over holiday's.
  11. Naxlr

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    The reason people are still playing ea/ codemasters games even tho they give them hate is because they own the exclusive license to the sports people want to play. You want to play a f1 game you have no choice but codemasters, you want to play Madden, ufc, etc you have to go ea. Now I own and play both Madden 21/ and ufc 4 from ea and to me they are great games . I don't touch the ultimate team aspect in game currency etc . Just the single player side and the fine to me / enjoyable. But competition is always a good thing and with 1 company owning exclusive rights in eliminates that so again you want a official f1 experience now you going to have to go ea . Just hope they freshen the racing up as it has undoubtedly become stale .
  12. Naxlr

    F1 2020 demo

    Yes should of checked google myself thinking about it. Seems crazy demo size for 1 race tho . Thankfully I didn't waste hour's downloading it . Thnx for info tho m8.
  13. Naxlr

    F1 2020 demo

    Anybody know what modes are in the demo ? As it 50 plus gb I'm guessing it some of my team but is time trial in it . Probably not but just curious.
  14. Naxlr

    Wet to dry track

    Sad that the weather system has actually regressed . It was superior on much weaker consoles 8 year's ago now that is something they should not be proud of now with next gen power they need to be addressing it .
  15. Naxlr

    Qualifying tips

    Pretty widley accepted that the ai are rapid at silverstone this year .