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  1. I can drive the f2 car's to a decent level 102 ai so I'm not on here saying they impossible to drive but they seem overly twitchy on traction I run medium TC on a pad. But they just don't feel fun to drive as they just slide around spa final chicane is a nightmare with them . The f1 car's are easy to drive in comparison . Is there a setup to help with this ?.
  2. Naxlr

    Ai v ai are a step backwards

    Yes seen similar on other track's faster car's on faster/fresher tyres just can't get past car's they should be easily getting past within a lap . Which like stated causes the ai train shame but needs looking at as just makes the racing between ai v ai really dull.
  3. Naxlr

    Ai v ai are a step backwards

    Yes that is my point in 19 they had that racing instinct as you said even places like Hungary they would try round outside of last corner and in to the chicane but in 20 they just don't seem to try it at all .It on a Drs zone or nothing it seems. I agree the ai v player is a step up from 19 but a step back against each other which in turn causes ai train so hopefully they can just get the ai to be the same v each other as against the player.
  4. Naxlr

    Ai v ai are a step backwards

    Never said I wanted constint ai overtakes but just Mercedes on fresh tyres should not be 8 laps sat behind a McLaren on old tyres and not even attempt a pass even down Spain back straight now that would not happen in real life and I'd say wouldn't of happened in 19 either . But you are correct most if not all serious racing games kinda suffer with this even Sims like ACC have pretty poor ai I agree with you .Moto GP 20 is fun constant overtaking ,ai crashes but obviously different sport completely but in terms of ai v ai they are weaker than 19 which is a shame but I guess they added another real life feature so maybe a patch could just rebalance things as stated .
  5. Naxlr

    Ai v ai are a step backwards

    Yep dirty air is indeed a part of f1 and most would agree it a very bad thing as for me at least I don't enjoy racing cars who even tho faster can't get close. and for me personally to have that in the game whilst yes it's realistic but games are supposed to be fun and well watching ai trains is not that for me and personally I would prefer the 19 ai as they would actually overtake each other in to breaking zones etc and back to 19 for hockenheim personally but I understand you like others enjoy the realism it adds each to there own m8.
  6. Naxlr

    Ai v ai are a step backwards

    Sometimes I think adding certain features actually hurts a game. I mean the 19 ai although completely on rails in terms of aggressive passing on the player and each other were far superior especially on each other to 20 .And really the dirty air is not doing anything positive for real-life f1 as Spain proved so personally I wish they had just left it out as it has made the racing worse than previous additions. Should of focused on making ai more dynamic ie different traits some more mistake prone etc or added red flags things that would of improved the racing not took it a step or two backwards.
  7. Naxlr

    Ai v ai are a step backwards

    Don't know after watching ham, verstappen and leclerc sit in a train in much faster cars and new tyres unable to pass or even attempt a move on McLaren's and Haas I switched it off as zero enjoyment for me if it just going to be trains till pit stops yes I get it happens in real life but I don't enjoy playing ai like that and like I say it will only get worse on twisty tracks and rain etc
  8. Naxlr

    Ai v ai are a step backwards

    Grammar ain't my strong suit m8 lol yes we'll also happened in Bahrain Ricardo on fresh tyres flew past me then his teammate who was on old tyres like me he just sat behind for rest of race and I know train happen in rl but it so dull and will probably only get worse on the twisty tracks later on so luckily I got it on disk so I'll be trading it in stick to Moto GP 20 and asseto Corsa competizone
  9. Naxlr

    Ai v ai are a step backwards

    My team race in Spain 102 ai didn't make it out of q1 p17 so started on sorts was running 18th behind Norris and the 2 Haas ham leclerc verstappen all pitted for sorts and came out in front of me and on fresh tyres in cars that least 1 sec a lap quicker they literally just sat in a train none of the early stoppers tried anything resembling a move even tho they were all in Drs of each other pretty poor I actually switched the game off after seeing that bit pointless was 19 ai that bad I don't recall them not been able or trying to overtake cars they easily faster than especially on fresh tyres
  10. Naxlr

    Toe and differential

    Any one found a good balance for the toe for career/ Grand Prix modes as like most in tt I just run top 2 all to right bottom 2 all to left but I get bad tyre wear in GP modes with that plus what is the best differential to run using a pad on medium traction as currently running 65 per cent but car is very twitchy on traction .
  11. Is it by design that you have left out the option to not be able to turn off the practice gates in the track tests as me and other people don't like them and as I don't use racing line I know my lines and really don't need/like big gates on the track to drive through so as the option was in previous games could you maybe add in in to this version to
  12. Naxlr

    Practice program gates

    Can you still turn off the practice gates on the track test like you could in 19 as I dislike them to arcadey but can't find the setting
  13. Before I bought the game I watched few videos of people driving Hanoi and thought maybe it ain't to bad but after buying the game and driving 30 plus tt laps around it I have to agree with the majority it is a shocking race track sector 3 is kind of half decent flow etc but first 2 sector are hideous I can see why zandervort was brought in fun track to drive probably dull races but will generate money with verstappen fans but Hanoi will be dull and is a absolute grind to drive whilst hockenheimring was a great track to drive baffles me the logic of dropping hockenheimring ring for this track and also the designer of this track needs to give his head a shake as he has royaly ****** up with this 1
  14. Naxlr

    Is it worth 50 pound at minute

    Yes I get that it was more about just how broken is my team for example has the dsq for tyres been fixed you know game breaking stuff I can handle little bugs it ones that ruin a mode / race is not what I want to waste 50 pound on
  15. Naxlr

    Is it worth 50 pound at minute

    Held off through experience from previous f1 games on release and with reading the bug's and new bug's intruced since patch 1.05 ie facilities not upgrading saw dsq for tyres etc is there still enough there to be played to justify the 50 pound whilst waiting/hoping patches will fix these things