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  1. If you could which 3 tracks would you remove from the calendar and what 3 would you replace them with ?. 1. Monaco fun to drive single lap good challenge but so dull to race . 2. Baku decent last sector but track just to tight dull to race on . 3. Yas marine Just don't enjoy and part of the track . Replacement 1. Misiano. race it a lot on moto go 20 and ACC it fun track fast ,tricky and wide to pass etc. 2.Mugelo. Awesome track again race it loads in moto go 20 and ride 4 such a cool track. 3.Kylami. Never even new of this track before ACC it a great track fast , tricky corner's to .
  2. Naxlr

    Practice program struggle

    This is not a rant about how I can't hit the times etc it more a question of if they are just unbalanced. My team season 1 at 101 ai so I expect to struggle and I don't actually mind not hitting the target as it actually slows down car development . Now I dislike screen aids etc so I run with absolute minimum I can get away with so I don't have my lap times on or my practice program Target's so I only find out if I pass or fail when I cross the line which I find more fun . But the qualify sim seem to not match what actually happens In actual qualifying . Predicted to be last in aus then out qualified team mate by six tenths. Passed bahrain which surprised me , predicted last in china out qualified both williams and teammate by over half sec. Simple solution of course is to lower the ai for practice to pass but no 101 all season with flashbacks disabled to .. Are they just asking for unrealistic times on certain tracks or as the car improve they should get easier to hit ?
  3. Naxlr

    Have patches improved ai ?

    So with end of year / new year deal likely to hit the ps store soon I was wondering if the patches have improved the ai trains issues. I originally bought the game just after release but found the ai a step back so traded it. And now I'm guessing the game will of had fair few updates has this issue been addressed ?. Recently redownload f1 19 but can't get back on with the old ers system .So if this issue has been improved mite pick it up if it goes on a good price drop over holiday's.
  4. Naxlr

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    The reason people are still playing ea/ codemasters games even tho they give them hate is because they own the exclusive license to the sports people want to play. You want to play a f1 game you have no choice but codemasters, you want to play Madden, ufc, etc you have to go ea. Now I own and play both Madden 21/ and ufc 4 from ea and to me they are great games . I don't touch the ultimate team aspect in game currency etc . Just the single player side and the fine to me / enjoyable. But competition is always a good thing and with 1 company owning exclusive rights in eliminates that so again you want a official f1 experience now you going to have to go ea . Just hope they freshen the racing up as it has undoubtedly become stale .
  5. Naxlr

    F1 2020 demo

    Yes should of checked google myself thinking about it. Seems crazy demo size for 1 race tho . Thankfully I didn't waste hour's downloading it . Thnx for info tho m8.
  6. Naxlr

    F1 2020 demo

    Anybody know what modes are in the demo ? As it 50 plus gb I'm guessing it some of my team but is time trial in it . Probably not but just curious.
  7. Naxlr

    Wet to dry track

    Sad that the weather system has actually regressed . It was superior on much weaker consoles 8 year's ago now that is something they should not be proud of now with next gen power they need to be addressing it .
  8. Naxlr

    Qualifying tips

    Pretty widley accepted that the ai are rapid at silverstone this year .
  9. Naxlr

    Qualifying and tyre start question

    No if you qualify on softs and don't make q3 and you choose to start on medium they will be new . There is bug's in this game but not any as weird as that one would be lol .
  10. Naxlr

    Possible rebalancing update

    Yes definitely see that playing a role in the issue. Something needs to be done tho as stated above after pit stops faster car's on faster/fresher tyres just don't try moves as much as they should would help if they actually overtook in to / out of corners not so dependent on drs straights . Kind of think patches for this game will be slowing down now so maybe next year's game may be improvement .
  11. Ps store sale ? Was tempted myself but the sc bug as stated , the silly ai coming to a almost stop in qualifying bug especially if like me people who disable flashbacks this bug has caused so many silly crashes. And like you say ai logic is poor in general sc conditions, wet/ changeable conditions some silly pit stops or not in your case been made yes glad I saved my 30 pound. Hopefully with next gen power they can add some improved ai and iron out bug's that have been present for years that really should of been fixed by now .
  12. I can't ever remember seeing a yellow flag or a ai make a mistake /miss apex across grass in a prectice / qualifying session . It's all to perfect racing lines every session and it makes actually watching the session from the garage bit pointless and the actual sessions dull as nothing happens / no variation . Really think after many versions of the game it needs to be addressed .The ai at the minute are just far to on rails and the rain ai well bit ridiculous really they are God like zero fun to race against. With so many good single player modes improved/ unpredictable ai would make this game brilliant .
  13. Naxlr

    Possible rebalancing update

    As a single player game / modes the game is tough to beat but there seems to be a imbalance between ai aggression vs the player and v each other. The ai are pretty good to race against trying moves around outside at Singapore etc but they just loose the agressision vs each other and just sit in trains especially in rain and when drs in not been used . Would it be possible to just set the agressision to the same setting for ai v ai as they are for the player. would make the races much more fun and been in the midfifeld entertaining .
  14. Naxlr

    Custom Weather in Career Mode ???!!!

    Yes options are never a bad thing but I doubt it will get introduced especially on this year's game .as it not a big demand feature really and they have bigger issues I would say to address for this and next versions . And as stated above he reckons it already pretty balanced so wouldn't get my hopes up about the feature been added . Now reducing the rain frequency and overhauling the scripted wet to dry changes and bringing back the system were it could be wet 1 part of the track and drying on other parts etc they I would say are additions people would appreciate more personally. And the ai logic in changeable conditions is a big deal it so easy to win as you know they always pit on there scripted lap regardless of weather rain is 5 min away so end up pitting for drys then lap or so later for inters and you end up over a pit stop ahead etc . Things like this and sc logic are things that need addressing to improve the overall game.
  15. Naxlr

    Custom Weather in Career Mode ???!!!

    Yes I see your point but there answer would be that career mode is aiming to replicate a real driver career. and there is no doubt that some real life driver's hate racing in wet weather but have zero control over it so to replicate it you also have zero control over it in game you just have to practice and find set up to help . I remember in 19 I was in that situation matched ai at 103 per cent in dry then wet I was 2 second off and I changed my wings to 6 front and 8 rear and I found 2 second and was back matching the ai without having to alter ai between conditions. Just turn perc ferme off so you can switch set ups between sessions see if that helps .