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  1. Yeah, you're also the one I had to correct just 2 weeks ago when you kept posting on here for whatever reason that CM were going to deliver at least 2 console patches for 2014. And yes, CM announced Spring delivery for F1 2015 back in July to various websites but I noticed now that they deleted most of those articles.
  2. The developer also revealed that they’ll make the next-generation leap beginning next year with the currently untitled F1 2015, which will be available sometime next Spring for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Codemasters plans to release regular digital updates as the season progresses to keep the game updated, “enabling players to compete against the drivers and teams they watch week in and week out.” http://www.warpzoned.com/2014/07/f1-2014-will-be-released-on-october-21-f1-2015-in-the-works-for-next-gen-consoles/
  3. I was just notified that my new graphics card has shipped and will arrive tomorrow. I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on it!! :#
  4. At least a few months?...LOL. Check out this CM article posted over 14 months ago where they claimed that they were "cooking up a storm." http://www.videogamer.com/xbox360/f1_2013/news/codemasters_cooking_up_a_storm_for_f1_2014_on_ps4_and_xbox_one.html http://www.egmnow.com/articles/news/codemasters-cooking-up-a-storm-for-f1-2014-on-xbox-one-and-ps4/#
  5. I just ordered a brand new graphics card, the MSI GTX 970 Gaming - 4 GB VRAM :p . So please fully utilize my BEASTLY gaming pc capabilities for F1 2015 to be displayed on 1 screen. HOLLA!!!: Haswell i5-4670K 16 GB RAM - [8 GB x 2] DDR3-1866 ADATA XPG V2  MSI GTX 970 Gaming - 4 GB VRAM Gigabyte GA-287X-OC Force Motherboard  500 Watt PS with liquid cooling and fan  2 TB HDD  Blu-Ray Reader Combo Drive  Onboard LAN Network 10/100  Keyboard and gaming headset 
  6. If I were Steve, I would go to Project Cars and divulge on CM's AI secrets.
  7. Don't you get sore and/or cramps when you play that much with a wheel? I can't play that much b/c I would get sore shoulders and/or a cramp in my neck.
  8. My god, you F1 whor.e you! B) You play with both pad & wheel?
  9. I'm just curious how many hours you guys are spending on this game. I haven't bought 2014, but I've logged 143 hours on F1 2013 for PC so far in 4.5 months. Is this decent amount?
  10. Okay, you may be right about that but it still doesn't take away from the fact that CM is busy with F1 2015
  11. Also, many of the bugs/game issues in 2014 have been in 2010-2013. So if CM couldn't fix it then, what makes you think that they can fix it now, especially with their development team spread thin between fixing GAS and creating F1 2015? I've heard some people mention that perhaps it's because of the Ego engine limitations or whatever, but CM fully knew that they weren't capable and never intended on spending time/money on a patch
  12. Yes, 3X Damage Mod is the most realistic. I just had 5 DNF's at Suzuka so things are working properly. The increased damage definitely increases replayability, as this prohibits you from going crazy fast on the 1st lap. This is very evident in driving for the slow to mid-tier teams such as the Toro Rosso. Now if I can just get the safety car to work more, I'd be all set.
  13. I don't see any negatives on CM's end to at least inform their customers that there will be an upcoming patch if indeed there were any intentions on creating one.
  14. Well, the doubt here is that this is the very first time in the past 5 years that CM has ever gone 4 weeks upon game release and not even confirmed if there will be a patch for it. All previous games in the last 5 years have all notified buyers upon the very first week that there will be an upcoming patch and please log all bugs/game issues in the supplied pinned thread in their forum. Very bizarre CM behavior for F1 2014.
  15. actually that's not entirely correct because on PC CM's games run through Steam which makes it very easy and quick to update Maybe they might save and update with just the 1 on console but on PC it's quick and fairly easy to pass fixes on and Steam I believe don't charge CM for this either or at least not as much as MS or Sony do anyway.; Yes, my post was entirely correct. I'm fully aware that Steam doesn't charge CM for game updates. Where in my post did I ever state this? But as I stated before, it costs CM alot of money to deliver patches through PS3 and X360 systems. Please learn to re
  16. In 2010-2013, CM already completed several pc updates in the first 3 weeks upon launch. It's somewhat worrying that they only did one so far (pc wheels).  Also, how come every pitstop for tires is 3.7 seconds unless hung up by other cars? In real life 2014, pitstops ranged between 2.5 and 4 seconds. At least F1 2013 pitstop times varied.
  17. I looked up the real F1 seasons and there was a huge, huge difference between 2013 and 2014. In 2013, there was anywhere from 1-6 DNF's per race (avg 2.74), whereas in 2014, there was anywhere from 1-9 DNF's per race (avg 4.56). So essentially, 3 DNF's per race in 2013 increased to 4-5 DNF's in 2014. I think that this largely was a result of the newly designed cars in 2014 with brand new power units. So perhaps X3 is the ideal way to play for 2013 but X4 for 2014 in terms of realism. Now I'd like to find out actual data about SC deployments. I looked around but I was unable to find anything. A
  18. I call this Update #1. On previous CM F1's, there's been around 7-8 PC updates each before they finally come up with a patch. Patch really only applies to consoles. 
  19. No, I mean the Nurburgring LOL. I'm still playing F1 2013, as I didn't want to be held hostage again by purchasing 2014 on release day and then having to agonize for CM to decide whether they will deliver a patch or not. This time, I adjusted the damage mod to 4X(both player and AI) to make sure things are working properly. And then I just completed the 50% Nurburgring race and had 6 AI retirements. There were various broken parts strewn across the track throughout the whole race and I had to do 2 extra pitstops for breaking off my entire front wing on both occasions, as I don't do race
  20. Wow, looks like you all need to play with pad!!
  21. I just did a 50% race at Silverstone as JEV with 3X damage mod(both me and AI) and no retirements at all, LOL. I had no SC either after I changed SC chance to 1 in the database. The only thing out of the ordinary was when Button AI caught up to me at Copse and hit me while we were side by side through the turn, damaging both our front wings at lap 23. But the damage wasn't enough to require pitting.
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