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  1. I love how Vettel AI cheated by getting all 4 wheels off the track in 4:05, lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MShqlb_Is1I 
  2. Why would CM's hire you when you can't even avoid spinning out from their kerbs?
  3. Fantastic video. I got 2 take-aways from this. First, is that AC's gotten super close to the real engine sounds. And secondly, the Ferrari doesn't seem to have the whistling noise as the Mercedes. Perhaps I was being too hard on CM's Alonso Bahrain video? I need to see a F1 2014 Mercedes hotlap to really be able to tell. Who knows, maybe lifting off the throttle for fuel savings might turn out to be fun in it's own way, lol.
  4. Then show me how it's supposed to be done, boy. Shouldn't you be learning not to spin out from kerbs first?  :p
  5. I think 2014 will be made b/c there's a real chance that 2015 will be delayed again. Right now 2015 is slated to be released in the Spring but when it's all said and done, it'll probably be released in more like August.
  6. Thanks Hatta, looking forward to it.  :)
  7. You're welcome. Where's your video?  B)
  8. No, but I'm aware iRacing has that. I personally don't want that.
  9. I completely agree. Although the AI still needs a lot of improvement, F1 2013 has the best AI out of all racing games out there. This is Codies strength and their bread & butter. If I wanted to play online multi-player, I would go to iRacing. (I did iRacing hard-core for 7 months)
  10. RobertKNL2, if you play F1 2013 on PC, there's a mod you can download for free that enables you to 99 flashbacks.
  11. Since F1 2011, I haven't touched career mode due to too many bugs. I could care less about it at this point. I solely play grand prix mode.
  12. I meant no offense to HartGoesHARD. My apologies if it came across that way.
  13. Thanks for the tidbit. I freely admit that I don't know all. FYI, you really need to try out PC max settings version of 2013. You don't know what you're missing!
  14. This new ERS that's replacing the DRS better be incredible. And saving fuel by lifting thingy better be good. Not sure why this matters so much, as I don't recall any driver running out of gas in real life 2014 during the race.
  15. I'm really concerned about F1 2014. Don't really see the point in buying this one so far. Judging from 2014 Alono's hotlap video, the engine sounds much better in Assetto Corsa. Plus, I heard that fuel mix strategy will be gone in the 2014 game. Why??? I love this strategy as it makes a difference and also like to be kept busy while driving. The new ERS system better be awesome. There needs to be improved physics, further improved AI, overall better gameplay etc...GIVE ME A REASON TO BUY THE GAME!!! So far, I've purchased: F1 2010 & F1 2011 for ps3, F1 2012 for xbox, and F1 2013 for pc. So
  16. "3. I wanted to put another video here to challenge Codemasters to try to beat the look of 2013 with the NEW 2014, not just keep posting the same graphics with new audio files with their future hotlap videos." Read my statement above. This is another point of my thread. I want CM to spend more time developing the PC game, not just focus their efforts on trying to catch up their console versions to PC. I would like them to actually further the game for 2014 & 2015 on PC.
  17. You wrote a ton of worthless posts in this forum. One point of this thread is to expose this. Even in F1 2015, PC will be better than the next gen console versions. All Codies development is done on PC's first, then ported to consoles. Come to reality.
  18. Well, F1 2014 sure looks like a fake F1 2013 with a new engine sound file so it's only fitting to give it a fake title, lol.
  19. There's multiple reasons as to why I created this video as a separate discussion: 1. This is the easiest and clearest way to answer all the nonsense kerbing & spinout talk and multiple discussions(ie - "Message for Steve"). 2. I wanted to open people's eyes to what's current out there and promote more PC buyers and players. You don't have to wait for the muddy & grey next gen consoles and the issues, problems they present. They will never play and look as good as PC's and no mods either. 3. I wanted to put another video here to challenge Codemasters to try to beat the look of 2013 with
  20. Please watch this F1 2013 Bahrain video of 3 laps as Lewis. This video doesn't even do it justice as everything's even clearer during the actual race on my monitor but if you look carefully at 1:32 into the video, I ran too wide and I took 2 of my wheels completely into the lower gradient kerbing. That's why I swayed a bit to get back on track. I believe that's how the track is in real life. Great job on this Codies, as I believe the kerbs are correct and spinouts are rare as a result as long as you drive the right way.
  21. No, I don't think so. I keep track of my race results on my own Excel spreadsheet& file. The good side to this is that you can adjust the AI level of each track to your ability since they all vary. And if your skills improve over time, you can adjust accordingly so it never gets boring. For instance, if you're driving for a season as Button, you should set the AI level so you finish around 9th per race like in real life.
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