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  1. I wouldn't want that. But I'd like to be able to adjust it to my liking.
  2. In 2013, I got 7 SC's so far in a little over 2 full seasons, 50% races no assists.
  3. I'm unable to open the database with this database editor for F1 2013.
  4. I'm still considering buying this game. Is there any difference at all if you turn on ABS?
  5. I'm a bit confused about ERS. I thought the drivers in real life had to harvest ERS by coasting where they would usually use light braking. Am I wrong in thinking that?
  6. Are you sure that the overtake button has been around for a long time? I thought that the overtake button, which is introduced this year, effectively replaced the KERS button: http://www.reddit.com/r/formula1/comments/28ypiw/f1_overtake_button/
  7. I absolutely love F1 2013 but I can also appreciate a well made racing game. I was really looking forward to PCARS but I might very well substitute with GAS b/c I can't wait. Sometimes, I could use the variety and like to mix up the racing.
  8. No, lol. I already own F1 2010-2013 and have been in these CM forums since 2011. I've owned PS3, 360 and currently playing on maxed out gaming pc(already sold off my PS3 and 360) with wheel & pedal. I will not be buying 2014 but am very interested in buying GAS. My only concern is that I still play 2013 alot and fear I won't even have time to play GAS. But what do you mean by GAS complete edition, which you guess will be out in a couple months? Will they be including all their DLC packs into one complete game purchase?
  9. This bug has been in CM's F1 series since the beginning of time. I BET MY LIFE ON IT, this will not be patched....BUHAHAHA!!! The worst was 2011, where the AI was scripted to drive out of the pits and immediately block you on your very last flying lap. There could be 2 seconds remaining when you cross the finish line to start your very last lap and an AI is coming out of the pits to block you. 2011 qualy also featured AI friends, where they would drive side by side talking with each other at 60 mph while you're trying to complete a flying lap behind them. I've seen packs of 3-4 cars together
  10. Did you fix your side mirrors yet? This should get you high resolution like in F1 2013: Go to My Documents/My Games/FormulaOne2014/hardwaresettings! There is a file that named "hardware_settings_config". Open it with an editor. Then search these line: "<mirrors....." And then copy this "<mirrors enabled="true" forceBilinear="true" width="2048" height="512" car_maxlod="5" car_culldist="100.0" />" instead of the line
  11. I play f1 2014 on PC so I have edited the database to have max chance for safety car on all tracks.  How and what did you edit to increase the chance for safety car?
  12. I watched a few of Alex's 2013 videos but he kept getting owned by Ownage. Then, I followed Ownage's instead.
  13. I've read a lot of posts in the F1 2014 steam forum that states that it's easier than 2013. Even with a wheel, there's no KERS, no lock-ups, no engine blowouts. Just lots of mindless steering, kind of like racing the classic f1's found in 2013 but perhaps not to that lack of grip extent. Yes, there's ERS but players don't even control it. No KERS and DRS failures. Is this true? Has the game been made easier, dumbed down from 2013 to the point of boredom?
  14. Objects seen in side mirrors on PC are so blocky, just like 1980's Atari. It was not like this in 2013. Even on max settings, please fix
  15. I never have a problem with the AI in 2013. I play with the True-to-Life-AI mod which makes them more intelligent and more aggressive, yet they never crash into me. Perhaps it's because I learned to keep my speed very comparable to them through corners and such. This is also the reason why I'm not compelled to run out and buy 2014, along with the reviews I've read.
  16. I know it's difficult to compare since one's an F1 game and the other isn't. However, they're both racing titles. And since PCARS has been delayed again to earliest March 31st, 2015. I'm curious as to people's thoughts now. Would you rather have Grid Autosport or F1 2014? Grid Autosport got great reviews, generally scoring in the high 80's, whereas F1 2014 scored around 60. Do you need fresh content like Grid Autosport and not a recycled game like F1 2014? Or would you rather have F1 2014 b/c it's still an F1 game? Remember, F1 2014 is currently more expensive since it's just out and you would
  17. Is it possible to blow up the engine from downshifting at too high a RPM?
  18. If it's impossible to lock up, that's not realistic.
  19. I saw and commented on RyanL83's videos concerning this and of course no response from him. The PC version of F1 2013 mirrors works great.
  20. Which is about as much fun as chewing glass. Tell that to the over 40,000 online players
  21. I bought a new gaming pc last January for $1200 USD which easily plays F1 2013 and iRacing at max settings and 60+ FPS. I can help.
  22. I don't believe you. Why don't you post a video of you playing it on pc?
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