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  1. Precisely, TV cam and chase cams are totally arcade. Simulators like iRacing only offer cockpit view for driving. However, it offers TV cam, chase, blimp, etc for replay. That's how it should be.
  2. Only you think it's not an advantage. It's a huge advantage!
  3. Well playing in TV-cam by itself is arcade and will never be sim, let alone full-sim.
  4. It's hilarious that many people who claim to not use any assists are playing in TV mode. This is an assist! Do you really think that real F1 drivers can see this way while racing in real life?? It's clearly an advantage to help see better to try to apex turns in the video game. And what's most hilarious is that these TV view users are crying for full sim!...LMFAO
  5. Unfortunately AC's AI is garbage. If you think CM's AI is bad, you need to check out some of AC's AI videos. Think of Gran Turismo single-file AI...
  6. Need better throttle input. In 2010-2013, throttle is either on or off. I need to see finer, smoother and gradual throttle control in 2014 & 2015. I'm sure P Cars will have this.
  7. This place is a morgue because of P Cars. The videos I've seen are absolutely dreamy.
  8. They should have kept the tracks in from F1 2010. Istanbul, Valencia and Hockenheim. Korea & India will be gone in 2014 too. I love how they get rid of tracks that CM already created the following year, LMFAO!
  9. I will most likely be buying. But I would like to see some pc version improvements to further solidify this decision.
  10. No SC now in 4 straight races.  :o                    But my KERS failed during my last race
  11. F1 2013. CM finally got rid of some bugs, good game overall.
  12. I agree that the SC rarely came out in the past but it seems correct now. With 2013, I was doing 25% races with damage off but in the last 4 races(50%) with basic damage on, I've have 3 SC deployments. That actually seems like a higher rate than in real life.
  13. I think career mode is best if you enjoy working on car setups. If you like being both the driver and the mechanic/engineer, although I still think it will get too easy throughout the season with upgrades. Grand Prix mode is best is you just like being the driver. I just like to use the quick car setup and drive.
  14. See, this is where you and I differ. I find no joy at all where I get pole and win the race by 29 seconds. It was an absolute snooze-fest and I don't want any of my races to be like this. I'd much rather drive a mid-tier car and scrap for a points finish. And it's impossible to calibrate tracks according to AI competition in career b/c of the R&D parts upgrade factor. But I do really enjoy 50% race length and car damage on. I will incorporate these into my GP races.
  15. Update FYI... Despite missing both RB targets at Australia, I still continued on just using quick car setup. And even though no car upgrades were made, the results at Malaysia were as follows:                        Target                   Result Qualy               2nd                       Pole Race                 Win            
  16. Okay, I just completed my first 2013 career mode race(50%). I chose to race for Red Bull and used quick car setup. I admit that it has definitely gotten tougher than 2012. And safety car came out on lap 8, as teammate Vettel had to retire:                   R&D target        Result Qualy:             2nd                   4th Race:               Win                  2nd It
  17. Just out of curiosity, do you play with full penalties and parc ferme?...hehe
  18. Looks like the PC graphics has not been enhanced in 2014 but I just hope that ERS and fuel flow savings strategy will make a difference in gameplay since there's really no additions like classic cars & tracks.
  19. I never did 2013 career but from the past, achieving or failing targets mean absolutely nothing. Because if you meet your team's target, their next target will be greater & greater and more ambitious until you're forced to fail at some point. Then after you fail, there are no consequences except they relax on your next target & make it easier (just ridiculous). However, meeting your R&D objectives are everything (along with winning in the overall teammate challenge). You can't win in career until you do. But therein lies the problem. You start achieving all your R&D's and you s
  20. Yeah, I did many career seasons in 2010 & 2011. I also completed one season in 2012 but there were a lot of bugs and it seemed much the same in all the games. I did spend a lot of time customizing my setups then, but I grew tired of it. Then in 2012 and 2013, I just used the quick car setup and G.P. mode to stop myself from dominating the game. One thing I don't like about career mode is that there seems to be a breaking point. If you can't make it past the breaking point in the season, you can't get R&D upgrades and you will fail in the game. But if you get past the breaking point, t
  21. I just wanted to say that although the game's not perfect in every way, CM's F1 series has been very enjoyable to me and I hope F1 2014 will offer another unique and different experience. 
  22. Watch this video and compare to 2014 hot lap. This video has been recorded at 60 fps, unlike my previous 3 videos mistakenly at 30 fps. This video has been appropriately titled because it's laps 5,6 & 7 out of 11 (25% race) of the Belgian GP at Spa watching Hulkenberg. These laps are (super)ior to the hot lap, in that it's much more informative than a hot lap, whereby all cars are cycling through their pitstop. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT8f_r8Ccd4
  23. It sounds to me like just tire squealing, no?
  24. I still want to see it and want to hear CM's Mercedes
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