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  1. Engine sounds better. I can hear some faint whistling noises. Hatta, please post a video of Mercedes cockpit view.
  2. lol, this is Codemasters were talking about here, not Microsoft!
  3. Perhaps a slight improvement with gfx, perhaps CM spending as much time as possible uploading into a 720p hd video. I can't tell for sure. I was wondering the same thing. My monitor looks just like this video when I'm actually playing 2013.
  4. Yes, I'm actually on iRacing and have completed nearly 200 official races. That's the first thing I did after I bought my new gaming pc 7.5 months ago. I get almost 300 fps with everything maxed out and it's not even overclocked. Obviously my gaming pc is not struggling for fps but my laptop was. I did iRacing for the first month on my laptop while my gaming pc was being built and experimented with wheel/arms. I watched many iRacing youtube videos and most show wheel/arms. I have seen some with wheel/arms turned off and heard the narrators explain why it's this way(low fps for them).
  5. Stop bumping your own threads with off-topic posts. Why not? I created the video for it to be seen and compared. It is on-topic. This is not a crime.
  6. Hatta must have secretly changed this thread title by adding in F1 2013, haha! Otherwise, people can't even tell the difference besides the engine sounds.
  7. I hope the gameplay will be noticeably different from 2013.
  8. The majority of sim-racers are in iRacing, as there's over 40,000 members. Most of them race with wheel/arms visible. The few that don't mentioned that it's because their PC's are not top of the line and they have fps issues.
  9. Predictably, he didn't choose the Mercedes. This RB in the video has no whistling. I don't recall if the RB in real life has whistling noises. Graphicswise, it looks the same as 2013.
  10. I like seeing the dashboard, not just the windshield like in Gran Turismo. You can't even tell the difference in car interiors that way. Part of the charm of cockpit view is also seeing different cars distinct steering wheels.
  11. That's already available as a mod for F1 2013. It's called Stunning/True to Life Cockpit
  12. I agree, as mods won't even be available for pc until all these updates / fixes are done.
  13. It's been a week since the Bahrain video. Time for another one, no? Indeed it is. We should have one up Thursday. Hatta, please provide a video of Mercedes if you can. I'd like to hear the engine.
  14. I don't use TC. I'm not perfect on my throttle control as I tend to be a lead foot. But my driving display was not the intent of this video.
  15. Everything's even clearer during the actual race on my monitor but if you look carefully at 1:32 in the video, I ran too wide and I took 2 of my wheels completely into the lower gradient kerbing. That's why I swayed a bit to get back on track due to my wheels being momentarily stuck. I believe that's how the track is in real life. Great job on this Codies, as I believe the kerbs are correct and spinouts are rare as a result as long as you drive the right way. There is no kerb issue in the game. Just an issue with the OP's bad driving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtKf03VlrGM
  16. I disagree, I've probably done about 6 or 7 seasons of career mode, always with damage on and this rarely happens, usually the entire 22 cars finish the race, and it's usually Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari finishing at the top. At least with damage it adds some variety to the game and spices it up every now and then, rather than 22 cars with no damage running in order for the entire race. Just a suggestion. I agree that with damage, it adds variety to the game and spices it up. But you'd be surprised that there's definitely ups & downs and some jostling around for positions amongst AI
  17. You're better off racing with car damage off if you want AI cars to finish with realistic results.
  18. I agree, CM needs to continue to work to their strength. Single player, offline with competitive & realistic AI. If I wanted online multi-player, I will go to iRacing.
  19. Thank you Hatta. I look forward to it
  20. It's been a week since the Bahrain video. Time for another one, no?
  21. I agree. I don't even play career mode, as the grand prix mode is a better pure racing experience.
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