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  1. Many many thanks @Faya, We have waiting for a long time to get this update with little hope. Now, every single button is mappable on my ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2019. I am happy like a child now. Thanks again
  2. Thank you very much @Faya, You had mentioned that about Fanatec F1 Wheels there will be no further update for not working buttons. But big big surprise, every single button is working now(PS4), many many many thanks...
  3. -New Menu Structure -New League System -Cancelletion of dissappearing the MFD after using hotkeys
  4. Two questions, 1) While a league championship is in progress, can admin change the players if necessary? Sometimes some players do not attend races, so we have to replace them. 2) Co-Op career, is it possible? By the way, thanks for new options for leagues, they seem great...