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  1. oner7

    F1 2021 new Training mode (?)

    dont forget the track conditions...
  2. oner7

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

  3. The problem still exists. Waiting for solution...
  4. oner7

    F12020 Freeze

    Not yet, many people have the same issue. There are only offering changing your NAT type from 2 -> 1 . If you can change it, try, but that doesnt mean your connection is bad, somehow game server has problem with some of the local servers. But there must be a solution with the exact modification I never got a problem in F1 2019. We are hoping they will fix it 1.09. But I am hopeless personally.
  5. oner7

    Bug reporting for faulty time trial

    I already tried it, it does not change anything...
  6. oner7

    PS4 TT Leaderbords

    Switzerland and have a 250Mbit wired connection and no never had a problem in online gaming before(PS4)
  7. oner7

    PS4 TT Leaderbords

    It is obvious a connection problem. Some of us have this error, some of us not. In addition to this, I have a 'Black Screen In Communicating with Online Services' issue that appears when I try to return to Main Menu after a TT session. The game sticks with this screen and only way to pass this through is restarting game. Somehow the game stops communicating with the server and the game stays there forever with the 'Black Screen In Communicating with Online Services' I am curious whether the guys here have the same problem (Black Screen In Communicating with Online Services) besides TT leaderboard issue.
  8. oner7

    Ghosting in MP

    Yes I have no problem with black screen in the middle of the race. Still the issue that I have to deal with it is annoying. I can continue to play the game but only one session. Then I have to force close and restart the game since it is stuck with 'Communicating with Online Services' screen. There is only one solution to solve this, restarting the game. For your question, yes the times are uploaded for tt and the grandprix&weekly event. But I have to restart the game in order to continue to play it. You said that I am not mentioning the text on the top-left. I am saying the text 'Communicating with Online Services' appears on the middle of the whole screen, I already shared a video. And this is very much critical. It is just boring being always stuck in the game menu and having to restart the game.
  9. oner7

    PS4 TT Leaderbords

    I get the times at the beginning of the tt session but after completing couple of laps the lists disappear. Cannot see anything, until I restart the game. Almost always...
  10. oner7

    Ghosting in MP

    Actually this Ghosting issue happens two times. After that I tried to change my NAT type but I couldn't. My network server doesn't allow me to do that. I do not have a web based router settings menu. I have only this. While looking to change my NAT type I have disabled the Firewall on router. After that I didn't encounter Multiplayer ghosting issues. As you see I cannot change my NAT type. But the other problem 'The Black 'Communicating with Online Services' still exists. It doesnt happen in the middle of the race. But it always happens when I try to return to main menu after a TT or Multiplayer or Weekly Event or Career sessions. You may close this thread. However, I still wait a response in the "Communicating with online services" thread. Thanks...
  11. Hi @BarryBL Any improvement about 'Black Screen In Communicating with Online Services' issue. The problem occurs almost every time I try to return to MAIN MENU. Sometimes after Grandprix, sometimes after TT and today I tried Weekly Event and I couldn't return to main menu because of 'Black Screen In Communicating with Online Services' issue.
  12. oner7

    Ghosting in MP

    Hi Barry, I know the title of this issue. I have already shared a video about it. Look at above posts please.(Ooops you have changed the thread) Your 'Black Screen In Communicating with Online Services' description is a connection problem. It is a connection problem between the user and your server. Sometimes it is unsuccessful. Ghosting occurs because of the same reason. When the game cannot establish connection to server ghosting appears. Your team should concentrate on the connectivity problems all based at same reason. My connection is wired Nat type 2 (Don't suggest me to change NAT type please) My main problem is the 'Black Screen In Communicating with Online Services', should I write it in other thread also? Please find a solution...
  13. oner7

    Ghosting in MP

    @BarryBL Any improvements about the connection problems? I saw that lots of XBox people are suffering from connection issues too. I think it is a server issue rather than a coding issue. Your servers and the game code has somehow discordance between them. We have been playing this game since many years and we are playing another online games too. Never had anything like that before. I live in Switzerland and have a decent connection. Please solve this big big problem. Please...
  14. oner7

    Fix time trials.

    I have the same problem, after a time period spent in time trial, you will face up with a empty list.