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  1. I bought Grid Autosport for switch. However, I think the optimisations need one more level between "Graphics" and "performance". hmmm.... I means, the Trade off decision not fitted to me. "Graphics" such as PC "Med" graphics Presents "Performance" such as PC "Ultra Low" graphics Presents Could add one more level like " Low" graphics Presents ? Thank you.
  2. Graphics Optimisation in "performance mode" was Trade off too much... Could add "car number back" ?
  3. YukiEra Sakazuki

    How's the Tire running distance?

    Not off topic yet. Spare tire is used for replace worn tire. More tire more weight to decrease Power and Weight ratio. Good run are never make tires worn and stop to replace.
  4. YukiEra Sakazuki

    How's the Tire running distance?

    oh, Just transfer some ToFu this morning. Asking this question because the 5th Stage is dry, 6th Stage heavy rain, but I choose medium for Endure. 6th stage is painful, I've to slow my pace, lucky just lost 5 sec from leader, may be clubman level not difficult at all. I think I need done some practice to learn tire life time
  5. YukiEra Sakazuki

    How's the Tire running distance?

    Does Soft compound for 10 km, Medimun for 15 km, Hard for 30 km? Does Wet compound life time like like Soft compound just?
  6. YukiEra Sakazuki

    Montee Driving tips?

    When the Car climb up, the surface will become more slippy. Slow your pace when you climb so high. When the Car Downhill, the surface will become more grip. Rage your pace when you get lower enough. Side wall snow is the reference.
  7. Every part have their own performance gauge. When your car keep running, the gauge will drop, this is the wearing For example, The Cooling System failure during race, the Radiator will not functional correctly, engine will keep high temperature and power drops. The Standard fix option will make the radiator work again. However, due to wear is done, the radiator will not Cooler than before. So, the Replace option will did a parts replacement and fill up performance gauge to full. Quick Fix is cut cost solution when you have tight budget or time to fix the car.
  8. I using G27, I set the handbrake on wheel key. Some race driver told me, steering may not always deal with 900'. Wheel degree have not any "standard" Also, most race car cockpit would allowed personal customize.
  9. I can't see the graphical difference. One of the stage finish area in Monte Carlo is fully crowded. When I drive though there with High levels, there would took big framerate impact and drop to 30, but medimun reach to 60 (Ysync limited) What's the actual trade off? Levels affect how much crowd have animation? MY PC is good old 2500k (4.5Ghz Turbo) 16GB Ram with 1060 6GB.