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  1. 1 Formation lap 2 Safety car start 3 FP1&FP2 
  2. pokosushi


    F1 2013 Drivers Ranking and Starting Grid! 12th:Gutierrez 13th:Di Resta 14th:Sutil Race AI team:Safety car in this lap! Box! Box! AI:OK.
  3. pokosushi

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    Human Grand Prix(SNES)(Human) Heavenly Symphony(MegaCD)(Sega) F1 Championship edition(PS3)(Sony)
  4. safety car start?(Heavy wet or after red flag) Safety car Depeloy more than 3 laps? Safety car Depeloy opening lap? Lapped cars may overtake? AI change strategy? Standing start in F1 2015?