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  1. No, they cannot even properly create an F1 game, let alone a completely different racing class series.
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    No Codies! You STILL haven't fixed it!

    Mod the 'cameras.xml' file? I do agree it's stupid they don't have it by default, though.
  3. No, logitech wheels do not work on Ps4. What?! Oh, consoles, never mind. No, for real: not supporting Logitech wheels is putting your middle finger to steering wheel users. There aren't many other suppliers and Logitech (in my opinion) is the best manufacturer.
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    Announcing F1 2015

    Even Need for Speed Underground 3 has already been announced with a video - even though it will be released autumn this year.
  5. Just saying but there aren't that many issue related posts on these forums and I never saw any reply from CM.
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    Announcing F1 2015

    It's because the FOM tries to rule everything with dictatorship. I'm starting to hate FOM compared to other racing series. At Youtube, for example, DTM posts full race recaps and onboard sessions, which is amazing of course in case you missed the race or want a replay from a different angle. FOM, however, hides all footage on their website - only accessible when you pay regularly to view a few selected videos (from the massive amount of footage that is recorded during a Grand Prix weekend).
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    Can F1 2015 be close to Project Cars

    You don't need a wheel. Controller works just fine but you need to adjust the settings. The standard settings for controllers are not ideal Of course you need a wheel for a racing game like Project Cars, man. Look, a controller is perfect for games like those from Codemasters as they are arcade. But simulation is something different, get a proper steering wheel for it. :wink: 
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    Announcing F1 2015

    And another week has passed without any news...
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    Announcing F1 2015

    Codemasters, how do you expect your customers to buy a product without showing anything? It has been a year now since you started developing this years edition. We were promised 2014 would be the best title ever, but we heard nothing - apart from posting your own happy talk every now and then. It's the same old story: the exact same silence after last years edition was released and it turned out to be an overpriced DLC. Based on the current, continuing lack of information, should we assume 2015 will be another disappointment? Wouldn't we receive the first screenshots back in January? We've heard nothing. Nothing! We demand more information!
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    F1 2015 Game Ideas?

    True, and it's not that much of a deal to create. I've seen someone who created a mod (in F1 2014) that even let you have some pit controls.
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    Announcing F1 2015

    That's still one month from now... either announce it to your customers and post updates often, or don't announce it at all (if there's nothing to tell or show).
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    F1 2015 Steam pre-purchase is LIVE

    Pre-order is up before they launch their footage. Shows their priorities: money first.
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    Announcing F1 2015

    But the majority of people are getting excited on the first next-gen game made by CM. Like me, I have been waiting for the podium celebrations (which is included in F1 2015) for ages and they want to see how the game goes. However, nice comparison there.  All those functions could have been there three years ago already. Codemasters just use the current generation consoles as an excuse. PC's were powerful enough to create more realistic and complete functions before 2015. In my opinion it's just a lack of effort, simply look at the incomplete tracks from the last couple of years: Australia, Monaco, Belgium, Brazil... just to name a few.
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    Is there manual starts or not?

    So it's still a silly arcade... good to know beforehand.
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    F1 2015 Information Thread

    Hey, while you're here: can you please answer some questions? I for example have asked two non-feature questions which means you won't reveal anything but game mechanics. Thanks!