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  1. MadCat

    F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread

    There is a kind of bug in the engineer`s preset racing strategy (please fix on F1 2014): The engineers does not take into account the tyre wear resulting from qualifying!  Therefor, the tyre-conditions (%) should be visible in pre-race screen. Today I was recommended 3 stints on options, 1 on primes. One set of options was totally worn, but he recommends to drive with it the same amount of laps as with the better sets. It is not that difficult making a formula for that. Furthermore the engineer does not see that a fully fuel loaded cars has more tyre wear than an almost empty one. So I do my strat on my own and works fine :) well i can make a formula, pete, pm me if interested.
  2. MadCat

    What Players want for F1 2014

    I agree that AI is unable to overtake well, I doubt if AI uses KERS properly. What I mean is, AI is too stupid, not too aggressive. Today I nearly spinned my car, blocking the ideal line. AI was driving 75 meters behind me. But AI did not get off throttle, nor did it get off the ideal line. It intentionally crash into me, ruining its front spoiler. lol ...
  3. When session is almost over, a clock appears, counting down from 5 minutes.
  4. Everyone suscribe if you agree or comment! Dear Codemasters, - We would like to have Free Practice Sessions 1 and 2 (Fryday Sessions, 90 minutes each) like in F1 2011. It is absolutely necessary, for if there is rain in the only practice, you cannot adjust the car for a dry race. - We would like an formation lap (for realism) . Maybe make it optional. - We are happier with a podium animation and medal. - After start, AI racers use to crash into your rear if you break early (on pro difficulty). AI too aggressive. - Pit soundtrack? Where is it? - The Session Remaining Time apearing in the last 5 minutes is a no-go, as it is placed in the MIDDLE of your SCREEN! Place it on the edge. - There is a thread where players write, AI starts careers with fully developed cars. Stop that! Unfortunately, as PeteTheDuck writes in F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread, there will be - NO Free Practice 1 and 2 - NO formation lap If FP 1 & 2 wont exist I wont buy. It is just inacceptable if it rains all FP 3 and the race is a dry one.  Bullshit!
  5. MadCat

    Kerb Issue

    Curbs are absolutely fine. I use to drive with little space between car and track. Never a curbs did spin me round ! If you spin you just cant drive, dude :D .
  6. This really annoys me.  AI cars should develope too.  Needs to be changed in F1 2014!