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  1. ChironTheseus

    AI driver performance really needs an update

    Yup Weber has a steroid issue.. team mate is back of the grid struggling to hold on while Weber is smashing podiums 🤣 Anyway I don't do feeder anymore, found R&D Q&A back to normal so I can do the morale departments up again instead of just getting constant Weber Q&A! Kubica also still kicks Russells butt! 🤣🤣 Why?!?! Hulk always beats Ric in quali and race, often quali by .3 to .8 of a second! Huge gaps! Should be other way around for both.
  2. Anyone notice how if you move team mid season the last AI you replace has often got red parts, they've worn to the death! Might be the issue, they will not change parts until it breaks already.. If that even works for the AI as they don't get affected by wear in other areas. The thing that annoys me on retirements is its more often the same driver. Ricciardo I can't help but notice as he's a huge fav for me, he retires ALOT! Hulk in the same car never retires.. So its not the car. Also started new season with Haas, car sounds really good btw, first season just a couple random reliability issues here and there, start getting reliability department morale up well and half of the parts then I start getting mass issues, practice, quali loads of issues where I am stuck in the garage, note also the engineer still prompts you to get out of the garage to do some laps or practice tests.. Umm.. My upgrades are making the car worse..
  3. ChironTheseus

    Which F1 car is most like the multiplayer car?

    Until anyone else answers, I'm sure I read here a long while back that it was a bit of all the top cars, Merc, Ferrari, RB. May be corrected but definitely read it here.
  4. ChironTheseus

    Chase cam has no sense of speed

    No I turn it all down anyway, I've never raced in an F1 car but been over 200mph in a Zonda Roadster, sure its got a screen and the g-force will no doubt be incomparable but most racing games to my mind seem to over do these effects, I just assume most people have very bad eye sight? But I cannot compare here. But I do use multiple views, T-cam fav for a playable and viewable experience, cockpit of course for when I get the wheel out and go all out full race mode. And even on the rare occasion chase for the sound, it bugs me that chase mode sounds so damn good! I haven't used it since NFS 4!! But playing around racing the sound just stuck lol! I want an option to hear that while in cockpit and T-cam mode!! But as the settings are changed for me I guess all I'm typing is also pretty much nil and void, it would be best answered only by those who really race these cars regularly.
  5. senna94f1 I use wheel and pad, mostly pad due to family and space available, my wheel is only a G29 no mods. Never have I been able to beat my wheel times, I can also easily race no assist with the wheel but I need traction control with a pad, the pad is better than its ever been but its still not perfect at smooth turning as I'd like to experience. Maybe if you are having issues it is due to setups. There are sites if you google that give good setup options and assistance, here in the forums there are some good bits of advice too. As far as I'm aware, and I have experienced for the last 3 years at least personally, wheel is superior to pad. As for F2, sure F1 still needs fixes, but its a fun addition and would love a full F2 season before F1 career too. And having the latest season update is great news! For me in F1 2019 Q&A and reliability parts ruin it in career and the AI aren't as aggressive as 2018 PS4 pre-patch but do sometimes tap you for no reason in 2019, F2 AI don't though, which is odd, so maybe an issue AI understanding the size difference in F2 and F1 cars? Same AI program for both? Can anyone confirm? Not had any issues with quali yet and transfers since the patch not noticed abnormal switches, all seem intelligently done so far. So for PS4 I'm happy, reliability is the worst due to AI not affected by this so they always race hard where as I have a strong race with new parts then have to heavily manage the engine a couple of races later, and if you do the F2 feeder its all Q&A on Lucas Weber not much on department morale. 4 seasons in and still yet to get the departments maxed, only managed 1 and a half so far.. And still is back to zero morale the next season! It really does need changing, forced morale praise every good weekend (pass realistic objectives, perhaps based on difficulty level) or for every good performance, hit quali goals +2 each department and pass race +2 all departments, this adds realism too as you'd expect some form of happy team for doing well in the standings. This can also mean more racing as the drivers are always saying, and not just managing, at least for those who race AI their equal. Would be nice to make Q&A fun. When Q&A first got introduced there was an interview saying there were no bad answers, this has never been true, and some answers use psychology, poorly worded, sounds good praise at first glance then it shows up as negative to the team etc. Never once thrown a controller before, but this system gets me close to it. Especially when there have been races with minor wall touching like Monaco which really does happen a lot, Hamilton is a master of slicing walls in quali for a perfect lap, but when it happens, no damage you get the negative Q&A with neutral answers locked you have to ignore, getting the wrath of the sarky/angry Claire! Which then nil and voids further Q&A. How has this lasted this long? Fun happy Q&A, Kimi style if you like, straight talking.
  6. ChironTheseus

    Q1 Medium tyres

    Only bad thing with this was in 2018 game fastest teams losing out in Q1 because of slower tyre. Merc or Ferrari not in Q2 in first career season.. Thankfully this isn't happening for me in 2019. But very normal in rl. In fact dependent on track conditions sometimes the harder compound is the faster.
  7. ChironTheseus

    Track limits

    I know some circuits corner cutting is acceptable as a number of corners are dangerous or too tricky for the situation, either weather or grip levels etc. As with some corners you cannot cut at all due to the advantage you can gain from them. I don't think the game fully lines up all the corners correctly to F1 real time but likely something like this is why you are getting invalidated laps. I've experienced myself going wide but 2 wheels still within but they have been corners you could gain more advantage anyway, braking less and carrying more speed. Also see most videos online where its common to see a lot of corner cutting but its poor practice really. If you are getting a penalty for a corner you shouldn't, make a video and post it to tech so it can be looked into. 27.3 Drivers must make every reasonable effort to use the track at all times and may not deliberately leave the track without a justifiable reason. Drivers will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with it and, for the avoidance of doubt, any white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not. Should a car leave the track the driver may re‐join, however, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any lasting advantage. At the absolute discretion of the race director a driver may be given
  8. ChironTheseus

    F1 2010

    You may be able to buy the disc for PC then use the code on Steam.
  9. ChironTheseus

    Man this game really makes my blood boil.

    I have said this a few times, and not tired of saying it many more, bring 2018 pre-patch PS4 AI back and just tweak from there, that was head and shoulders the very BEST AI EVER!!! Hard but fair, they'd only hit you if you torpedoed them, but they would gun for you if you left just a tiny bit of space, clean and fair and very punishing if you get it wrong! Perfection! Just needed tweaking in corners like the last corner (14) of Hungary where they back out totally if they don't have the racing line, and Singapore between turn 16 - 17 especially for back-markers who will smash the barriers to avoid you. Tweak those spacial awareness and make the AI know EXACTLY how much track they can use at any time, corner or straight so they can fight all the way and not just back out, and back-markers safely move or simply allow you to slipstream and gain inside line, NOT brake test. Which also the AI do now, after a lot of corners they will accelerate then slam on the brakes then accelerate again! So if you are following right on their backside to get the jump on the straight you can easily smack into them, dangerous and naughty tactics even if it does happen in rl once in a while, drivers who will do anything not to loose a place, points at Mag and Max. Not good practice.
  10. ChironTheseus

    A thread for those who like/love F12019

    Well a forum for this type of thing will get negativity whatever, when something is or seems wrong, doesn't necessarily make it negative, if its useful data, however its worded. As for a positive, most of the game is solid, its great fun if you cancel out the negative aspects such as high wear in career. The AI are still the best of any other racing game out there, bar back-marker issues the AI perform and mostly race very intelligently, overtake but give them enough space they come right back at you, I love that. Spacial awareness still needs improving (mostly for backmarkers, 2018 only needed backmarker awareness) but again, head and shoulders above all others. To be fair most complaints are often frustrated fans who love the game but are annoyed because its close to perfection but not.. Like a tease. There'll always be something in everything to better or enhance, for me, just improve kindly the Q&A (make it less of a major game changer and more fun), no resetting morale to zero each new season when you don't change team and bring back 2018 AI aggression, minus 2019 love taps. And I would probably be so besotted by Codemasters F1 game that I'd miss for the first time a new Tomb Raider game or miss work without realising.. Modern day good times 😉
  11. ChironTheseus

    Codemasters F1 licence

    Most console gamers are pad gamers. Shouldn't interfere with playable quality.
  12. ChironTheseus

    Bad things in F1 2019

    Akkan74 the AI can damage your wing by hitting your side not just hitting the wing, I've had damage from them hitting me too. Though only minor it is still frustrating, especially how perfect AI were pre-patch in 2018 on PS4. I am an avid lover of hard but fair, clean wheel to wheel racing, can't get enough, 2018 if they hit you it was a no brainer, the player took a wrong line or came from too far back but I have had a wheel ahead of the AI and right on the inside curb but they have still tapped me and caused a small amount of damage. Never once experienced this in 2018, even with patching. Glad you said about the interviews MaxHelldorado, it really is a game breaker unless you play 5 lap and one shot quali, otherwise the durability et al are very important, but so few speak up on it so nothing ever gets done, the system just makes no sense!
  13. ChironTheseus

    Can we choose our teammate?

    Nope idiots complained it was too "unrealistic" for a GAME so no option to pick your favourite team with your favourite driver like in 2018 sadly! All people who didn't like it could have just ignored the option but they had to ruin it for everyone. Not sure why Codemasters took it away other than for some reason listening to the complaints about a nice detail that didn't break the game. Hopefully it will return and complaints ignored.
  14. ChironTheseus

    F1 2019 Challenges

    Hi Codies, just checking if this is a glitch as the challenges where you have F2/F1 Championship and things like Asia Tour all show to have 21 races, 2018 had the challenges such as Asia with only the circuits from Asia but 2019 has all the races for all challenges.. Surely must be a mistake. PS4
  15. ChironTheseus

    F1 2019 Challenges

    This was definitely on F1 forum before the weird timer blocking the post for 99 sec thing.. This is definitely for F1 2019 game sigh.. 😂