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  1. ChironTheseus

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    This is EPIC!! I cannot wait for it! This is exactly what I've been waiting to hear for career mode! Dream mode is really happening! And not only for the whooping 70th anniversary but also for such a tough time we are all having, this is a very well needed distraction from the hardships of a pandemic. I'm buzzing rn! Thank you Codemasters! What an epic creation you've done for F1 2020! Guaranteed pre-order right here. 🏁
  2. ChironTheseus

    Audio name request for upcoming F1 titles

    Carystus, pronounced "kaˈrys.tus". 😍 Pretty please
  3. ChironTheseus

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    I had it twice on PS4 Pro, first time I switched off TV and turned it back on then realised I was getting sound from the menu etc and was just the race sounds going, that included the background sounds. I quit the game and restarted to get the sound back, the second time was the same, if it happens again I'll try the flashback thing. Really odd to suddenly stop though.
  4. ChironTheseus

    Wrong Tyres Given From Set Strategy

    Bump?? Is no one else hiving this issue? Do devs look at all these cases in tech support?
  5. ChironTheseus

    A.I in the wet are still overpowered

    Lol after the patch you can race the AI but they still refuse to race themselves 😂
  6. Both Max and Lewis are underperforming in my game, (yet to see them in the same car, Lewis has actually never moved from Merc, pretty realistic there as why would he lol) they some how manage to get overall points similar to real positions, lightly. But Bottas and Gasly always out qualified them and would win races unless an "odd script" thing changed it by force of a failure or something, bit of an odd system. Albon is now with RB but he performs awfully! Rarely gets into the top ten and rarely gets points. Ric is the same, always a terrible outcome except by the odd "assisted" points, to force a more natural looking overall stat. But its something at least, pre-patching he was made awful too, never out quali or raced Hulk.. Stroll is performing amazingly well! Outperforming Perez and the Racing Point is still neck and neck, maybe even a little better than the RB at times, they fixed Haas performance but let RP stay strong.. Norris dominates Sainz, Norris is good for a rookie and proves he has strong race craft but still needs more consistency in reality, Sainz has been very consistent but rarely gets in points. Leclerc is overpowered and Seb is rubbish. And Seb ALWAYS moves to a low team in transfers.. Only 2 seasons I have seen him beat his team mate and not by much. Seb retires more than any other driver. Magnussen is highly overpowered, constantly getting points even though the car shows in R&D as poor in all areas. He contends with McLaren and sometimes RB and RP. Grosjean stays low to no points but neither crash into one another at all.... Strangely Geo now outperforms Kimi regularly now, even though Kimi has been super dominant up until the last couple of races, where Geo seems to be catching up. Unless Kimi has started doing his usual relax mode and no longer pushes as hard. Positives are McLaren are good now in game as in reality. Kubica now seems to cool down off the steroids by constantly beating Russell. Now Russell is clearly better. And Williams now have a chance of getting into points without the players intervention after so many seasons. Where as they used to just stay at the back permanently.
  7. Police Department? #Hygradeb what do you play GT on? Not sure rivalries work like that in gaming, they tend to be opposites and stay that way. FIFA vs PES. EA vs 2K etc. They produce the same game, one dends to be more sim and the other arcade but both also tend to have good and bad aspects, rather than come together and bring the best of it. That's why I think Codies are good for this, they are doing pretty good for a game that combines the serious dedication of sim with the fun ease of arcade. Of course there is work to be done if they want to be an ultimate sim but it could be far worse in the hands of other companies I can think of.
  8. ChironTheseus

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I've noticed the SC only comes out in moderate scenarios, cause enough of an incident to have 1 or 2 cars getting bashed a bit but if it goes mental and you have a huge pile up like in Monaco then the cars will more likely just start disappearing and at most you'll get yellow flags, there is a fine balance in getting the SC and VSC out. For me seeing the VSC scenario play out is more rare. But not had it on since 2 patches ago so can't comment on latest developments if any improvements or adjustments have been made. Can anyone get info out of the Steam version via the files?
  9. ChironTheseus

    [PS4] Starting grid out of sequence

    Williams have finally found a loop hole in the regulations.. I got Russell now doing well since the last patch, first time Williams have self improved without my assistance in career, getting the odd point, but nothing like this!!
  10. ChironTheseus

    Wrong Tyres Given From Set Strategy

    Also worth noting I've never had this issue before, so possibly something in the latest patch that is causing it? I've done at least 12 seasons in career in total, I'm in the 2nd season of a new career but started it before the latest patch. The last 3 or 4 races were since the patch. Before that I had a week break from F1 gaming. So all other races would have been pre latest patch. PS4 Pro
  11. Hi I've uncovered an annoying bug regarding tyre changes in set pitstops! In career mode PS4 I think it was Canada (wasn't 100% attentive as I figured it was a one off and could maybe have not noticed it in the strategy, even though I always manage and have had only soft and mediums in races of 25% distance, always late pit on soft starts and good with tyres). I pitted from the quali softs a lap later than the original pit stop set up but then noticed I was given hards! Was a head scratcher as I'd managed softs almost half the race so mediums would be an easy finish as it normally is with my driving style. But the next time I did take notice, it was Silverstone, Great Britain. The strategy of a 25% race was 1 pit at lap 8 which put the strategy at .2 seconds slower on prediction but would mean an easy push for fastest lap at the end even with the mediums on, on 25% its almost always a sure thing.. But alas on lap 8 I pit which is past half way through the race but again I come out with hards on.. And I know for sure the strategy was soft start to medium finish. So there is an issue of wrong tyres but its not always, because though I'm not sure if it was Canada or maybe France, Austria was fine with the set strategy. Which is just before the British GP. Can you look into this please? And thanks in advance.
  12. ChironTheseus

    How to limit driver transfer to off-season?

    Yes in options you can change it without affecting your save, it just either allows you to keep the transfers going, reduce to end of season only or off altogether, though if you choose off then the current lineup you have stays as it is. You need to start a new career if you want the official 2019 season lineup to stay the same all career.
  13. ChironTheseus


    Yeah I would love to see it, on PS4 release there was so much hype about community mods but Skyrim is literally the only game I know that does it lol! To the point it is still going strong on good mods. Would be a good welcome to F1 if it can tick all the boxes.
  14. ChironTheseus

    Gearbox wear rate.

    Awesome! Grats Craig! That is a huge improvement! As Dale stated as long as you are aware, self conscious of whats going on then you can work on whatever you feel the need to 👍
  15. I see this as a good thing, it is a sign of stability, its not an "up in the air, who knows" thing. Codies has a stable amount of time to keep up the good work, they do have big issues in some areas but the basis is already here, look at the AI, the best of any game, still needs work? Yes but its head and shoulders above any opposition. Things like safety car are important for immersive play but lets be honest, there are more important things at the moment and it is here at least, but I'd like to see more work on the frame rate and graining first. A smooth game makes a huge difference in enjoyability. All the extras can be optimised bit by bit. Like me wanting to see a create your own team in career, I really really want to see this in the game but I can wait, as long as its on the table as a possibility while other areas are ironed out. And not rushed. You'd need to think about what chassis you would start with and being able to choose the engine supplier as well as how you can evolve the car in R&D with these parts. But that is part of the excitement thinking about it! Another area is assistance in racing, no other racing game has anything even close to this F1 game in assistance, they could do with a detailed tutorial on perfecting starts, smooth shifting, component care and management etc. But the ability to turn down a game to anyone's level is pretty impressive to be fair to Codies. It presents a more reachable game and therefore more revenue for evolutionary future releases like 2013 for classics, 2016 with R&D and 2018 for aggressive AI who actually fight for position. These are all big impressive cheer worthy milestones. Now 2019 has custom liveries and suits (alas only for online)! We get F2! AND a more smooth graphical look!! So looking back, the game IS evolving well. Now we see what they can do with 8 more years with Liberty who are thankfully really doing great at publicising F1 for all! They have been such a blessing already! We already know from the Mayans that privatising everything only ends in everyone's demise! Who knows what the future holds.. Real F1 drivers saying it feels real? F3? Super Formula? Custom .. everything?