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    Patch 1.13 Any news?

  2. I think most people would appreciate the honesty of admitting its not accurate, and the effort to changing/modifying mid-game would bring great excitement and more publicity to the game, as well as giving the next season release an easier starting platform. Its a lot of hard work but the better the game is the more money they will make, everyone from newbies to real time professionals will be praising the game. It looks worse that real F1 drivers already saying its nothing like the real thing than to say everyone has to redo competitive laps again. Afterall the laps and setups become redundant anyway the next game that comes out, previous stats are left behind. And there are always the helpful pros who give great advice in setups anyway for those who do struggle. I'd happily restart the entire game from scratch for the benefits of better performance. And I've spent a lot of time in career mode with nice stats and good times. I'd also be very happy to see a fix on fuel consumption too.
  3. ChironTheseus

    ERS and Fuel management madness solution

    I only have an issue with changing weather, from dry to wet the fuel just screws up entirely! Very hard to get through a wet race distance having completed a dry R&D race strategy event without going lean the whole race.
  4. ChironTheseus

    More Tracks and ones that don’t exist

    Create your own track would be pretty epic too. Even if the scenery was bland and basic, merging certain corners and elevations together would be amazing! Used to love creating tracks on Sega, wow I'm talking so many years ago 😂
  5. ChironTheseus

    Ai give you no space

    Wet weather the AI are the worst, makes only for interesting racing as the AI don't all pit together anymore so mixed weather creates unique grids but racing they just yellow flag follow! Backmarkers still brake hard on tricky corners when you approach fast and can't go off the racing line on most corners like they really are on tracks risking derailing. I still prefer the AI prepatching PS4 2018 but in dry weather there are only a few corners like Hungary last corner (which is nice and wide) where the AI don't understand they can still race you off the line if you get side by side there, they just disappear.. Still need work in these areas. Exiting the pits can still be a bit brutal too, you can't control the exit speed from the pit lane so if an AI is just a little ahead or beside you they sometimes still fly into you forcing themselves on the racing line meaning you have nowhere to go but into them, thankfully that is rare with the more unique pitting even on 50% and 25% races but really annoying when it does.
  6. If they aren't going to fix really poor judgements like giving Ricciardo really poor race performance when he has literally never had a poor season in F1 then they are going to really have to step up in 2020. No F2 or other distracting additions are going to interest me if they make greats poor. If it were just about racing around circuits I could buy any of a massive range of racing games available. I want to race beside my favourites and for their AI to represent accurately their real performance. Its not always easy, but for drivers like Ric he hasn't only just come into F1, we know he's damn good. Devs should know this info when creating AI driver profiles and stats.
  7. ChironTheseus

    Engine Performance

    I actually thought they did this for 2018, pre patch when I jumped in the Renault and upgraded McLaren also were rising as fast. But it seemed to just be coincidence. I hope they do change this as it is regulation. Also allowing all teams to reach an equal max performance in each area so after season 5 you don't get all teams exactly where they started.
  8. ChironTheseus

    Braking with No ABS on Controller

    Also button calibration, this is where I found the most help personally. Instead of using the triggers like L2 and R2 (PS4) I switched to using the Right Analogue Stick. Playing WRC its handy to brake and accelerate together to keep speeds through tricky cornering but in an F1 car its an easy way to loose control so this shouldn't affect your use of the brakes and acceleration and more importantly you can better control the input to how much you brake and accelerate. Negative side is you can't then use the analogue stick to free view but if you have a widescreen TV or change the view settings remotely you can still see the side mirrors in cockpit view without needing to tilt the head. Also the triggers have a tendency to die fast with use as I found many times in games, the analogue stick is a lot hardier. Maybe worth a try. With all the technological advancements in gaming the controller is still the main tool but seems to be left behind in the sensitivity and durability areas by quite a margin.
  9. ChironTheseus

    AI accelerating speed

    Agree, traction is what it is, acceleration is actually fairly average, it is easy to get off the line faster than the AI, but if you are spinning a little or bogged down by traction control then the AI will come back at you hard! You will notice it more in replays or using flashbacks. It would actually be nice to see AI react based on settings, or difficulty level, this would help some. But unless you have a wheel and pedals its a bit tougher to be a perfectionist without a little TC assistance, at least in poor weather and slow or tight corner situations where the aerodynamic assistance of the car mean little.
  10. ChironTheseus

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    Cheers, this was on last years one though, the AI were "fixed" after a patch, think it was part on pad users and the fact prepatch the AI didn't suffer core tyre heating. After the patch things were all dandy again.
  11. ChironTheseus

    Classic Cars for 2020

    Yeah its an odd one, no news or anything. I'm curious the cost to having a track not officially on the calender, they did years back 2013 like Imola which was AMAZING!! But just that one year, no return, they have the circuit, just needs upgrading which would take time no doubt but licensing side etc? Would love Codies feedback on this, the efforts needed for classic tracks. And if it will be a thing again.
  12. ChironTheseus

    F1 2019 - PS4 - Loss of FPS after patch 1.12 [R2]

    I think 1.11 brought back a little FPS drop on PS4 again but 1.12 its definitely back, every circuit in career mode playing on PS4 Pro its been either a little to very laggy. Often the whole race, full weekends can be but practice sessions are on and off, some smooth some not, can't point it to anything specific though yet, doesn't seem to be a pattern to anything I'm aware of yet.
  13. ChironTheseus

    Classic Cars for 2020

    Drivers numbers if its able, without affecting the natural livery. I'm happy for any classic car and circuit, love the change, mixes it up and presents a different challenge between career weekends. B&H Jordan looks stunning, would love to see it in full if they can accept the cigarette sponsoring. Any Toyota I still want, I'll be happy playing around with any but most of all... A past season FULL car lineup!!! To have a race from another historic season with a full official classic grid! Would be almost as much a dream as having a custom team in career mode for me! Say 2009 where Codies picked up from EA or 2007 or 2008 which were missed altogether, we have been robbed of those exciting seasons of F1 gameplay. Getting Ferrari, McLaren and RB 2010 cars in one classic is special, having the full grid with todays modern graphics and handling and calendar! Yes please.
  14. ChironTheseus

    What is that Codemasters?

    So that's the real secret to the wall of champions..
  15. ChironTheseus

    Epic Photo Mode shots

    Even more impressive if you managed to keep it from kissing that barrier 😉
  16. ChironTheseus

    Hard to put Gasly and Albom on the right team?

    Assume its to do with licensing? Would be nice to know the entire scenario of what they have to go through to do these changes, the switch would be easy in the game so I assume they need RB, F1, FIA, FOM approval, paperwork, paperwork.. But then I've never seen a driver line up in an F1 game ever change from the original lineup so maybe this won't change full stop?
  17. Impressive stuff, so far been enjoying the new 2019 F2 line up and looks like the performances (especially the brakes) are better too. I was going to race with Mick Schumacher, just the name Schumacher holds such weight! But then I see you have Alfa Romeo F1 Racing Team's test driver Tatiana Calderón in the mix! First female in F2 and first official female driver in an official F1 game! I'm not for glory or having difference just because.. Talent and determination should always rule over all else in these situations. But in this new age and with still so much to do about sexism, how advanced we think we are as a species but seem often more than not to act in the opposite, its a nice fresh welcome. Congratulations Codemasters for getting there before Red Bull did (I know they like all the record breaking firsts) 😉 Though they may still beat records with an official F1 female driver but that remains to be seen for future unknowns.. Now we just need custom teams in career mode 😉 We are half way there if anyone has noticed with online liveries, its officially a unique team with unique sponsors 😉😉 throw it into career mode, add some managerial content, choose an engine supplier, sponsors etc. The better you do the more interest you get to apply better parts and better sponsors. Add yourself as a unique new driver and the spare seat to any F2 driver of your choosing and wala! You get your own team to race from zero to hero vs the greats! Career mode just became Dream mode! 😍😘
  18. ChironTheseus

    Hubert in F2 2019

    I can only imagine how hard it would be for a relative or close friend to see his name consistently in a game if they play. They did this respectfully and thoughtfully and he is laid to rest. RIP.
  19. ChironTheseus

    Paul Ricard Got "Laserscanned"?

    Lidar? So they got the Time Team to do it for them? At least they should have the track layout okay then.
  20. ChironTheseus

    Fuel saving "trick". And another AI complaint

    I've not taken enough notice but only that it is always this way, whatever the wear the parts are (I always keep out of orange in quali and races anyway, even if it requires a penalty). However I have noticed that doing the race strategy R&D in wet then a wet race is balanced and if its dry then I can afford to do rich almost all the race. So (at least on PS4) the fuel rate is significantly higher in wet than dry. And so alternating weather can catch me out. Mostly so with doing dry race strategy R&D then getting a wet race, the race is very hard to manage without +3 fuel. If I don't do strategy R&D at all its a balance of normal to lean, fairly minimal management.
  21. ChironTheseus

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    Thanks for the clarification, definitely looking forward to that, even more than the 2019 F2 lineup!
  22. ChironTheseus

    Way too much rain!!!!!

    I have had more rain since the latest patch too but no more interchanging weather that I love, its either been wet or dry sessions in career, but the AI are still OP in wet and races are tediously boring, very rare AI fighting (mostly yellow flag style following), slow buggy car. At least in interchanging it mixed the grid up, unique pit strategies etc. And I agree, in rain you cannot afford to make a single mistake if you want to keep your start position, if you are lucky enough to keep it at the start. Dry weather AI are fighting and locking up, going slightly wide etc. Wet its that perfect line they keep! Drives me a bit batty sometimes!
  23. ChironTheseus

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    Well they said they fixed the AI in rain in the last patch, well they used the word "balanced" but with a dry quali getting pole too easy I nearly up'ed the difficulty, glad I didn't cause a wet race came and wow did I struggle! They were on quali laps the whole time!
  24. ChironTheseus

    TC bogs the car too much

    For me TC on low only affects the start (heavily) and wet weather. I need low TC using controller on PS4 due to not being able to be so smooth on corners (it makes a huge difference on spin risk and control management vs even the cheapest wheel). It is frustrating but the worst is the starts on TC, smashing the start ahead of the AI then they swarm you like you are stopped on the circuit.. Though sometimes needing to go automatic on gears when my finger injury gets bad from over use, then in wet weather, you have to force gears up sometimes! It just sticks on over revs on fast corners like its stuck, hit gear up and it instantly changes.. Really buggy in many areas! Its mostly annoying when some people like me have to rely on the assists (however minimal) to play the game. I don't get issues with a wheel with flappy panel gears but current location prevents a permanent setup so controller mostly it is!
  25. ChironTheseus

    Fuel saving "trick". And another AI complaint

    I hate it when you do race sim R&D in dry or wet then the race is in the opposite.. The fuel makes no sense and the entire race is spent to the extreme on fuel saving, or when it goes from dry and fuel is normal then wet weather comes along and suddenly a single lap later you some how lost 2 or more laps of fuel and counting.. Basically in wet weather on 25% I fuel +3, yes +3 laps of fuel on only 25% race just to get to the end on normal fuel with a little bit of low management.. 😪