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  1. This is EPIC!! :classic_biggrin: I cannot wait for it! This is exactly what I've been waiting to hear for career mode! Dream mode is really happening! And not only for the whooping 70th anniversary but also for such a tough time we are all having, this is a very well needed distraction from the hardships of a pandemic. I'm buzzing rn! Thank you Codemasters! What an epic creation you've done for F1 2020! Guaranteed pre-order right here. 🏁

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  2. I had it twice on PS4 Pro, first time I switched off TV and turned it back on then realised I was getting sound from the menu etc and was just the race sounds going, that included the background sounds. I quit the game and restarted to get the sound back, the second time was the same, if it happens again I'll try the flashback thing. Really odd to suddenly stop though.

  3. Both Max and Lewis are underperforming in my game, (yet to see them in the same car, Lewis has actually never moved from Merc, pretty realistic there as why would he lol) they some how manage to get overall points similar to real positions, lightly. But Bottas and Gasly always out qualified them and would win races unless an "odd script" thing changed it by force of a failure or something, bit of an odd system. Albon is now with RB but he performs awfully! Rarely gets into the top ten and rarely gets points.

    Ric is the same, always a terrible outcome except by the odd "assisted" points, to force a more natural looking overall stat. But its something at least, pre-patching he was made awful too, never out quali or raced Hulk..

    Stroll is performing amazingly well! Outperforming Perez and the Racing Point is still neck and neck, maybe even a little better than the RB at times, they fixed Haas performance but let RP stay strong..

    Norris dominates Sainz, Norris is good for a rookie and proves he has strong race craft but still needs more consistency in reality, Sainz has been very consistent but rarely gets in points.

    Leclerc is overpowered and Seb is rubbish. And Seb ALWAYS moves to a low team in transfers.. Only 2 seasons I have seen him beat his team mate and not by much. Seb retires more than any other driver.

    Magnussen is highly overpowered, constantly getting points even though the car shows in R&D as poor in all areas. He contends with McLaren and sometimes RB and RP. Grosjean stays low to no points but neither crash into one another at all....

    Strangely Geo now outperforms Kimi regularly now, even though Kimi has been super dominant up until the last couple of races, where Geo seems to be catching up. Unless Kimi has started doing his usual relax mode and no longer pushes as hard.

    Positives are McLaren are good now in game as in reality. Kubica now seems to cool down off the steroids by constantly beating Russell. Now Russell is clearly better. And Williams now have a chance of getting into points without the players intervention after so many seasons. Where as they used to just stay at the back permanently.

  4. Police Department? #Hygradeb what do you play GT on?

    Not sure rivalries work like that in gaming, they tend to be opposites and stay that way. FIFA vs PES. EA vs 2K etc. They produce the same game, one dends to be more sim and the other arcade but both also tend to have good and bad aspects, rather than come together and bring the best of it. That's why I think Codies are good for this, they are doing pretty good for a game that combines the serious dedication of sim with the fun ease of arcade. Of course there is work to be done if they want to be an ultimate sim but it could be far worse in the hands of other companies I can think of.

  5. I've noticed the SC only comes out in moderate scenarios, cause enough of an incident to have 1 or 2 cars getting bashed a bit but if it goes mental and you have a huge pile up like in Monaco then the cars will more likely just start disappearing and at most you'll get yellow flags, there is a fine balance in getting the SC and VSC out. For me seeing the VSC scenario play out is more rare. But not had it on since 2 patches ago so can't comment on latest developments if any improvements or adjustments have been made. Can anyone get info out of the Steam version via the files?

  6. Also worth noting I've never had this issue before, so possibly something in the latest patch that is causing it?

    I've done at least 12 seasons in career in total, I'm in the 2nd season of a new career but started it before the latest patch. The last 3 or 4 races were since the patch. Before that I had a week break from F1 gaming. So all other races would have been pre latest patch. PS4 Pro

  7. Hi I've uncovered an annoying bug regarding tyre changes in set pitstops!

    In career mode PS4 I think it was Canada (wasn't 100% attentive as I figured it was a one off and could maybe have not noticed it in the strategy, even though I always manage and have had only soft and mediums in races of 25% distance, always late pit on soft starts and good with tyres). I pitted from the quali softs a lap later than the original pit stop set up but then noticed I was given hards! Was a head scratcher as I'd managed softs almost half the race so mediums would be an easy finish as it normally is with my driving style.

    But the next time I did take notice, it was Silverstone, Great Britain. The strategy of a 25% race was 1 pit at lap 8 which put the strategy at .2 seconds slower on prediction but would mean an easy push for fastest lap at the end even with the mediums on, on 25% its almost always a sure thing.. But alas on lap 8 I pit which is past half way through the race but again I come out with hards on.. And I know for sure the strategy was soft start to medium finish. So there is an issue of wrong tyres but its not always, because though I'm not sure if it was Canada or maybe France, Austria was fine with the set strategy. Which is just before the British GP. Can you look into this please? And thanks in advance.

  8. Yes in options you can change it without affecting your save, it just either allows you to keep the transfers going, reduce to end of season only or off altogether, though if you choose off then the current lineup you have stays as it is. You need to start a new career if you want the official 2019 season lineup to stay the same all career.

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  9. Yeah I would love to see it, on PS4 release there was so much hype about community mods but Skyrim is literally the only game I know that does it lol! To the point it is still going strong on good mods. Would be a good welcome to F1 if it can tick all the boxes.

  10. I see this as a good thing, it is a sign of stability, its not an "up in the air, who knows" thing.

    Codies has a stable amount of time to keep up the good work, they do have big issues in some areas but the basis is already here, look at the AI, the best of any game, still needs work? Yes but its head and shoulders above any opposition. Things like safety car are important for immersive play but lets be honest, there are more important things at the moment and it is here at least, but I'd like to see more work on the frame rate and graining first. A smooth game makes a huge difference in enjoyability. All the extras can be optimised bit by bit. Like me wanting to see a create your own team in career, I really really want to see this in the game but I can wait, as long as its on the table as a possibility while other areas are ironed out. And not rushed. You'd need to think about what chassis you would start with and being able to choose the engine supplier as well as how you can evolve the car in R&D with these parts. But that is part of the excitement thinking about it!

    Another area is assistance in racing, no other racing game has anything even close to this F1 game in assistance, they could do with a detailed tutorial on perfecting starts, smooth shifting, component care and management etc. But the ability to turn down a game to anyone's level is pretty impressive to be fair to Codies. It presents a more reachable game and therefore more revenue for evolutionary future releases like 2013 for classics, 2016 with R&D and 2018 for aggressive AI who actually fight for position. These are all big impressive cheer worthy milestones. Now 2019 has custom liveries and suits (alas only for online)! We get F2! AND a more smooth graphical look!! So looking back, the game IS evolving well.

    Now we see what they can do with 8 more years with Liberty who are thankfully really doing great at publicising F1 for all! They have been such a blessing already! We already know from the Mayans that privatising everything only ends in everyone's demise! Who knows what the future holds.. Real F1 drivers saying it feels real? F3? Super Formula? Custom .. everything? 

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  11. On 10/29/2019 at 7:35 AM, JD47 said:

    I think that a feature that virtually no one has come up is:
    AI incident, for now every retirement from AI is from engine failure, and rarely, almost never for contact between two car. I think that there has to be more contact between cars and more important Ai errors, like Bottas in the Mexican qualification where he destroyed the car in the barrier. What is needed is a bit more realism in how a gp usually is, the safety car problem is in a million topic before mine so i don't wanna spend words on that.

    Another feature that I think will be fair to the AI, is this:
    FUEL LIMITATION: if there is fuel limitation 100kg for 100% race, why the same rule doesn't apply at the lower %? I think it's only fair that for 50% race we should have only max 50kg of fuel, and so on for 25%. Maybe it could be implemented as a "guide help", we can turn on or off that limitation like we do with the penalties, the abs, the virtual line ecc...

    My final suggestion, but this I thik is impossible maybe for f1 rights... it will be very good having two or three race tracks, so that in career mode the seasons are not the same. Through track rotation we could have every season different from the previous, for example in 2020 we would have nederland and vietman, and no hockenheim, and the game i think should be the same using 2-3 of the previous track.

    Agreed, 2018 though did have this.

    I had an amazing picture for my PSN account background of me using rear view and both Renault cars flying in the air with a Haas on 2 wheels along the long back straight in Canada before the Wall of Champions chicane from my 2018 F1 game, was an amazing sight and was in the perfect place to view it, and wasn't my fault lol! Using flashback a Renault was side by side just behind me with a Haas as the other Renault has a great launch from behind them to go 3 abreast, just before it got ahead it veered into the middle car causing the stunning accident! 2 Renaults fully off the ground!

    Another happened in Japan but not even anywhere near me, 4 cars fighting into the 2nd to last corner in Japan caused a HUGE crash, I was only aware due to a Radio of 2 cars coming into the pits and notifications of 2 others retiring together!! Sadly as its delayed the Flashback only showed the aftermath of the even, 2 cars flying onto the grass toward the finish straight, one impaled into the inner wall of the chicane and another car with no front wing on track, and a MASS of debris spread out! These were both release day pre-patching on PS4 though and I think with so many complaining of aggressive AI (I guess as it was the first big change in AI), and some saying it ruined the race due to fighting each other too much and slowing themselves down too much as a result (which is fair enough). If they can balance this more to still happen but stay competitively fast would be my biggest dream, seriously, no word of a lie the first day playing 2018 career mode were the happiest of my gaming life! Even more than completing Shadow of The Tomb Raider Platinum, beating the game on the hardest difficulty was the easy part, finally getting through the glitchy wall climb to the end boss was almost endlessly repeated 😂😂 persistence paid off!

  12. Rubbish, they make great money and will make more money for a more successful game. Subscriptions mean nothing good, you are contracting a force of will to commit to the unknown future. Its poor business, they already bring the official game out yearly with the official season, but they need to strengthen their foundation, each year the game is released mostly with the same issues they already know about and have proven to know how to fix. The frame rate and tearing issues have been patched well but keep returning, they just need to keep aware of it, more testing before releasing, will help that and save them money.

    The more they give the more there is to keep more unique customers happy, a bit of everything for everyone, they already have the basis for everything they need and already prove it by making the game yearly with the things that bring the customers joy, it just needs a bit more consistency, they likely will have this with the 2019 season being that this is the best to date with graphics, AI and play options. 2020 should be more of a breeze if they manage the updates well. 2020 biggest challenge though will be the next gen hardware, Xbox Project Scarlett and PS5 will be coming soon, but that is also a positive, an exciting time to have even more wiggle room to provide a game with so much more! Just don't rush it! Its official so they already have the upper hand vs competition so long as they have the license. With a solid foundation they can bring more additions to attract a wider audience. Though their biggest issue currently is poor publicity from real F1 drivers saying its nothing like the real thing. But that comes with a different approach to the car mechanics research, they have a team for this already but they are missing big parts out, and I doubt its to do with their wages, unless they are on minimum wage, which I highly doubt. At the moment as a game 2019 with the latest patch is pretty impressive and very fun, just not very realistic for a sim. Adding more fun content will at least help lure in more players. The highest cost is when they start from scratch.

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    • F1 needs to keep working on its look, the frame rates and tearing for PS4 release was pretty poor in performing pre patching. 2019 is pretty much the only good looking F1 game, before, even 2018, the graphics have been concerningly poor for frame rate/graining etc. They have made a big step forward for 2019 but need to keep on it.
    • Options, Codies keep bringing good ideas onboard then abandoning them..! Sure sometimes they don't work well but its a basis to start and work on rather than do away with it or give up. You can't have too many options! Complaints are nil and void if it is an option to have or not have something, you are personalising for your game not for someone else's. Another good step forward has been in the latest patch bringing back some of these good options. Keep this up.
    • Customisation in offline, career needs a player custom team (bonus for an extra 2 cars on the grid for more wheel to wheel) and a spare driver for another player or AI (preferably alternating as we all know its hard to always be there for a multiplayer game with other commitments in real life). This is an opportunity to bring in a few "legend" faces as team-mate, someone you wish you could race beside who isn't on the current driver lineup. This could even be a good addition to the Weber issue, where 2 F2 drivers take out 2 current 2019 drivers if you do feeder in career, a 3rd when you count yourself.
    • Sliders, for team and driver stats, either to fix performances ourselves as a season in real life progresses, to fix issues with over or under performing drivers, and for that added challenge of being able to max them all for the toughest season to date!
    • Historic circuits are needed really, there are many circuits I miss and I'd love to race on again. And as well as hopefully keeping F2 in F1 games, it would be great to get a full grid of a historical year, 1 year where all the cars of that 1 season are present. A pure historic season, including the circuits that hosted them.


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  13. Yeah F1 has had tutorials, physical and visual video but they have been very basic, feeding through only what you already likely know from watching and learning from F1 on TV and listening to the broadcasters. They could really do with tutorials on perfecting starts, pit stops, strategies etc. But then they'd need to go by the game not real life and as its often bugged it won't work well. It would be a very welcome thing to have though as without the forum help from the fans/community it can be tough for a beginner to master the more technical side of competitive F1 racing.

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  14. Yeah racing a multi grid using a specific car can give a huge advantage/disadvantage. Racing 1 set car can be challenging but to have a set year car is what I was hoping for too, especially seeing so many from 2010, its the first time I've seen a few all of one specific year and therefore more closely matched, so to speak. I love the Renault for instance but can't race vs the Brawn and RB, the acceleration is just too poor to keep up 😂 F1 cars have come a long way from those people carrier slow start days!

  15. I said Codies rushed the performance one out too fast! They need to wait for after the summer break, you get a more accurate and lasting accuracy then, anything can happen in that big gap and often does. But then the performance was all wrong from the start anyway. Maybe something to do with the 2018 people are commenting on, just copy and paste those stats to the new year and hope it works out? It is disappointing to see this once a game change and it was a premature *** 😂 Maybe this will annoy everyone enough that they really will bring sliders into the fray. It would solve so many issues. Do it for the teams and for the individual drivers and wa-la, you can change it as and when. Wouldn't work for online as everyone has their own agenda but perfect for offline, career mode especially.

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  16. Finally I can start a career with Ric in Renault (though he still needs upgrading, maybe bring sliders for AI in offline modes, everyone can do their own thing, increase/decrease, realistically or fantasy) and he won't move teams the first contract event that pops up 😂 This is what its all about Codies! Options! Options for every type of player! Please please keep this up! I'm very happy to see so much effort in this latest patch, the AI are more human at the starts (for a guy who doesn't torpedo the starts its great), it feels much more balanced and pure, they can kick up a bit of smoke too. If it was purposeful I've seen more position changes in starting than the regimented previous way, adds more realism and looks good.

    And especially thank you for bringing back the choosing your team mate option!!! For me I play not to be a real F1 driver but to race in my favourite teams with my favourite drivers so to have the starting option really brings that personal touch in career mode which I love! 😍

    Also noticed the tear/lag on PS4 Pro is less again, still there but minimal, I assume you know what is causing it as it was very bad on release, fixed then came back now its minimal again as patches come along. Can we know what it is? #jennyannem 

  17. Driving style will help, not over/under-revving, smooth throttle etc. But I assume you are using controller? Because for me the difference between controller and wheel is pretty huge, I have loads of penalties, in fact I always get full new equipment, gearbox and all components for the first 2 races (Stock up on the parts like MGU for later on when I'm more competitive and new gearbox just because if I'm starting at the back anyway I may as well make the most of it!). The reason I take the hit right away is I always start in a low running team so you won't loose much team faith in quali or race if its particularly tough and worse for starting at the very back. You can get away with 2 poor or average races if you can at least keep it clean.

    I don't really like the system as for example you wouldn't start with Ferrari and their budget with terrible durability for very long even if they had a terrible start as any team can have, but I guess it mixes it up a bit until you can get a couple of the durability parts in R&D, the first 10% to all and the first gear box are really the only important ones if you want a fairly non stressful career start.

    But I'm rambling, I think the main issue maybe the scaling as you can do 5 lap career without needing to change a single thing, 25% is fairly straight forward, however I don't know what 100% is like.

    If you are concerned the % wear is driving, post a vid as there are plenty of pros here who can judge fairly if you are being over aggressive on the parts, if not then it can be a good video to get Codies attention for them to look into further.

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  18. 4 minutes ago, sloppysmusic said:

    I suspect there may be more political or image conscious reasons for leaving the cars driving so poorly.

    30% more downforce is a **** load for sure. Every time on every leader board would now become invalid and people who posted the fastest times will have to fish the game out of the dumpster and do it all over again. 

    Pretty much every setup will now become obsolete and all videos on setup also obsolete. 

    Codemasters will basically have admitted that the launch game was woefully inaccurate to real life and this would be embarrassing for the current holder of the F1 license. 

    Presumably such a huge alteration to downforce will have a knock on effect to tire wear and fuel consumption. Depending on how the game calculates these figures it is possible that they will no longer be even close to accurate. 

    Career mode practice sessions will have to have every single target time and goal adjusted or else the sessions will be nonsense and way too easy to complete. 

    In short there will be a ton of work for Codies to do after adjusting the handling to be real world accurate. Even though they are literally paid to do this work they are also paid to bring out yet another game in 6 months or so. 

    I love and appreciate all the hard work SturmDesTodes puts into researching and suggesting ways to improve the game or at least make it more accurate to real life. It's utterly depressing to imagine Codies staff labeling it as TLDR. Like might be the case with every heart-felt and detailed thread on these forums. I fear our only purpose is to influence future potential customers whether or not to spend money on future games, although I don't have much confidence in that as most people only find and visit these forums when they have a problem with an already purchased game. 

    Keep up the great work though SturmDesTodes, when people like you stop being passionate the game will likely end up sterile and soulless. 

    I think most people would appreciate the honesty of admitting its not accurate, and the effort to changing/modifying mid-game would bring great excitement and more publicity to the game, as well as giving the next season release an easier starting platform. Its a lot of hard work but the better the game is the more money they will make, everyone from newbies to real time professionals will be praising the game. It looks worse that real F1 drivers already saying its nothing like the real thing than to say everyone has to redo competitive laps again. Afterall the laps and setups become redundant anyway the next game that comes out, previous stats are left behind. And there are always the helpful pros who give great advice in setups anyway for those who do struggle. I'd happily restart the entire game from scratch for the benefits of better performance. And I've spent a lot of time in career mode with nice stats and good times. I'd also be very happy to see a fix on fuel consumption too.

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