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  1. The lapped cars bit rings true to me 🤣 Though I've not experienced too much issue with the others BUT practice doing track acclimatisation.. That is the most frustrating time to get traffic! Would love a radio bit for that so you can get a decent clear run easily by them stating when you have enough clear air to go for it!
  2. I had a slight bounce at Suzuka along the long turn 12 area, just off the racing line the car acted like it went over a speed bump. Not sure if its a similar type of bug or just a set bit of track bugged? First time its happened for me.
  3. Its been in past F1 games, you could even retire by loosing your rear wing entirely, if only in sim mode it would be a great addition, also floor damage if you smash higher curbs too hard. Would definitely add more spicy racing!
  4. Please can we have an option for drivers not to retire. I've had weirder retirements in my careers than driver moves! Plus I finally started getting top drivers into My Team only for every one to retire after just 1 season with me! Danny Ric retired season 4 with me, Lewis retired season 5 and then Norris season 6? He's so young! Why? My Team career mode I managed to make a literal career killer team?!? 🤣 I love transfers but not retirements, or have an option where you can "protect" your favourite drivers, say you can select 5 or 10 drivers that will never leave in your 10 year career mode? S
  5. This would be great, especially at the moment, it needs another tweak, Hamilton is super slow, Verstappen is only average, Kvyat, Bottas and Gasly are OP. My Team career so many changes have occurred and seeing Perez whoop Hamilton every race in the Merc is crazy, and Leclerc whoops Verstappen in Ferrari which I just can't see happening at all imo even with realistic Ferrari strategist saboteurs! Also I want all F2 drivers stats boosted, soon as they join F1 they make even Latifi look like Alonso! Bit pointless!
  6. Yeah I played all the old ones from, I believe my very first was 1999/2000 Championship. Put a lot of hours into that on PS1! Tbh I put a lot into 2006 the last they did too though they really went all out arcade there. But the remaster F1 Championship Edition for PS3 I still own and still looks like a real TV broadcast! Replays are just stunning with Sony going all out. I'd love that style of graphics again, just massively realistically smooth would be amazing and yes the 2002/04 were much more sim compared to the arcade standards of before, tricky to master and very rewarding, including real
  7. Fair point lol! Though the big boots get the playboy life, what happens to the team?
  8. Sorry no video, but I would have had the reserves, in practice I never use 2 of 1 compound, I'll use the worn set to do 2 or more programmes, yes the medium were selected by default as the tyre to switch to, only changes I make for pits are often I'll make the pit a lap later than recommended and lower fuel now I'm maxed on R&D. Minimal tyre wear and fuel usage. Also during the race, especially at the start I always toggle the MFD and mediums were selected there for the next tyre to use. No changes were made by me on that MFD screen. No mediums were used in qualifying. And P3 was
  9. Spa, 25% distance, maximum R&D, prerace tyre strategy for 11 laps, start on quali soft to lap 7 then switch to medium, medium selected in the quick menu mfd during race too, pit lap 7 with soft tyres at 30% wear and less, easy management, pitting for the mediums but come out of the pits with hards, first notice the white trim then double check its not just a colour issue but they are indeed hards, medium are still on the mfd to select. As usual the option to change strategy did pop up and stated if I wanted to 1, change the strategy to lap 7 on mediums or 2, keep strategy to lap 7 on mediu
  10. Agreed, 2018 though did have this. I had an amazing picture for my PSN account background of me using rear view and both Renault cars flying in the air with a Haas on 2 wheels along the long back straight in Canada before the Wall of Champions chicane from my 2018 F1 game, was an amazing sight and was in the perfect place to view it, and wasn't my fault lol! Using flashback a Renault was side by side just behind me with a Haas as the other Renault has a great launch from behind them to go 3 abreast, just before it got ahead it veered into the middle car causing the stunning accident! 2 Re
  11. Rubbish, they make great money and will make more money for a more successful game. Subscriptions mean nothing good, you are contracting a force of will to commit to the unknown future. Its poor business, they already bring the official game out yearly with the official season, but they need to strengthen their foundation, each year the game is released mostly with the same issues they already know about and have proven to know how to fix. The frame rate and tearing issues have been patched well but keep returning, they just need to keep aware of it, more testing before releasing, will help th
  12. F1 needs to keep working on its look, the frame rates and tearing for PS4 release was pretty poor in performing pre patching. 2019 is pretty much the only good looking F1 game, before, even 2018, the graphics have been concerningly poor for frame rate/graining etc. They have made a big step forward for 2019 but need to keep on it. Options, Codies keep bringing good ideas onboard then abandoning them..! Sure sometimes they don't work well but its a basis to start and work on rather than do away with it or give up. You can't have too many options! Complaints are nil and void if it is an op
  13. In order from best; 2018 is my fav 2016 was a revelation in R&D and ghost online was nice, impossible to get torpedoed lol! 2006 and Championship Edition I put in more hours than any other game (possibly combined and owned it on PS2 PS3 PSP and still have my PS2 and PSP copies). 2013 was tough for tyre management but was amazing for classic F1 Championship 1999 - 2000 I have fond memories, PS1 first official F1 game I ever played, used to play every day after work like a religion. The only one I didn't play much and did very little in was 2012, on PS it was very glitchy and the frame skip
  14. I've seen it say SC and VSC before but never a driver number but it makes sense, when even backmarkers can be racing just as in Singapore so they know specifically its them that needs to move over. Only devs will be able to answer that for sure. But its good info to know.
  15. Might be a new thing? I've never noticed at least numbers being shown, only the blue colour, maybe this was because he went past 3 blues without taking action so it was a more severe warning specific to him?
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