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  1. Spa, 25% distance, maximum R&D, prerace tyre strategy for 11 laps, start on quali soft to lap 7 then switch to medium, medium selected in the quick menu mfd during race too, pit lap 7 with soft tyres at 30% wear and less, easy management, pitting for the mediums but come out of the pits with hards, first notice the white trim then double check its not just a colour issue but they are indeed hards, medium are still on the mfd to select. As usual the option to change strategy did pop up and stated if I wanted to 1, change the strategy to lap 7 on mediums or 2, keep strategy to lap 7 on mediums.. Naturally I picked keep strategy even though they were the same. PS4 Version 1.13 My Team Career mode Not yet double checked the issue but as its an historic bug issue and coincidentally during the first race in career since the latest update 1.13 I'm guessing it may have returned with this? No purposeful effort to play around or cause a bug, the race was straight forward and as prerace settings were to my liking I only reduced the fuel to start by a small margin but kept the standard pit strategy for lap 7 for mediums. Nothing else was changed except in race I regularly changed the fuel and ers personally to maximise race performance as I normally do, I keep ers on manual management. Tried to use a flashback soon as I twigged that the tyre trim was white not yellow as they should have been but flashback only went as far as the exit of the pit box so couldn't attempt to force the correct change of tyre. Standard official PS4 controller No capture as my Internet cut out or interrupted when I clicked share on my controller so wiped the save, though I can record a replay but it won't show the mfd, only that I was given hard tyres at the end of lap 7 of an 11 lap race. Which hopefully will prove enough as its an odd tyre call whatever the situation.
  2. ChironTheseus

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    This is EPIC!! I cannot wait for it! This is exactly what I've been waiting to hear for career mode! Dream mode is really happening! And not only for the whooping 70th anniversary but also for such a tough time we are all having, this is a very well needed distraction from the hardships of a pandemic. I'm buzzing rn! Thank you Codemasters! What an epic creation you've done for F1 2020! Guaranteed pre-order right here. 🏁
  3. ChironTheseus

    Wheel mount and setup

    I am a controller player, always have been! BUT.. I am ever more looking into wheels and pedals, and of course what on earth to mount the wheel on so I can sit it right in front of my TV! So question to you experienced with the wheel and comfortable setups, what are you using and how good is it really when put in its paces? Plus bonus would be pics of what you are using, how you are using it. I have a large room but don't want to waste it all with a full blown professional seat but will consider it if available mounts just don't cut it. A big thanks to any and all who reply with helpful shared experiences.
  4. ChironTheseus

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    I had it twice on PS4 Pro, first time I switched off TV and turned it back on then realised I was getting sound from the menu etc and was just the race sounds going, that included the background sounds. I quit the game and restarted to get the sound back, the second time was the same, if it happens again I'll try the flashback thing. Really odd to suddenly stop though.
  5. Agreed, 2018 though did have this. I had an amazing picture for my PSN account background of me using rear view and both Renault cars flying in the air with a Haas on 2 wheels along the long back straight in Canada before the Wall of Champions chicane from my 2018 F1 game, was an amazing sight and was in the perfect place to view it, and wasn't my fault lol! Using flashback a Renault was side by side just behind me with a Haas as the other Renault has a great launch from behind them to go 3 abreast, just before it got ahead it veered into the middle car causing the stunning accident! 2 Renaults fully off the ground! Another happened in Japan but not even anywhere near me, 4 cars fighting into the 2nd to last corner in Japan caused a HUGE crash, I was only aware due to a Radio of 2 cars coming into the pits and notifications of 2 others retiring together!! Sadly as its delayed the Flashback only showed the aftermath of the even, 2 cars flying onto the grass toward the finish straight, one impaled into the inner wall of the chicane and another car with no front wing on track, and a MASS of debris spread out! These were both release day pre-patching on PS4 though and I think with so many complaining of aggressive AI (I guess as it was the first big change in AI), and some saying it ruined the race due to fighting each other too much and slowing themselves down too much as a result (which is fair enough). If they can balance this more to still happen but stay competitively fast would be my biggest dream, seriously, no word of a lie the first day playing 2018 career mode were the happiest of my gaming life! Even more than completing Shadow of The Tomb Raider Platinum, beating the game on the hardest difficulty was the easy part, finally getting through the glitchy wall climb to the end boss was almost endlessly repeated 😂😂 persistence paid off!
  6. Rubbish, they make great money and will make more money for a more successful game. Subscriptions mean nothing good, you are contracting a force of will to commit to the unknown future. Its poor business, they already bring the official game out yearly with the official season, but they need to strengthen their foundation, each year the game is released mostly with the same issues they already know about and have proven to know how to fix. The frame rate and tearing issues have been patched well but keep returning, they just need to keep aware of it, more testing before releasing, will help that and save them money. The more they give the more there is to keep more unique customers happy, a bit of everything for everyone, they already have the basis for everything they need and already prove it by making the game yearly with the things that bring the customers joy, it just needs a bit more consistency, they likely will have this with the 2019 season being that this is the best to date with graphics, AI and play options. 2020 should be more of a breeze if they manage the updates well. 2020 biggest challenge though will be the next gen hardware, Xbox Project Scarlett and PS5 will be coming soon, but that is also a positive, an exciting time to have even more wiggle room to provide a game with so much more! Just don't rush it! Its official so they already have the upper hand vs competition so long as they have the license. With a solid foundation they can bring more additions to attract a wider audience. Though their biggest issue currently is poor publicity from real F1 drivers saying its nothing like the real thing. But that comes with a different approach to the car mechanics research, they have a team for this already but they are missing big parts out, and I doubt its to do with their wages, unless they are on minimum wage, which I highly doubt. At the moment as a game 2019 with the latest patch is pretty impressive and very fun, just not very realistic for a sim. Adding more fun content will at least help lure in more players. The highest cost is when they start from scratch.
  7. F1 needs to keep working on its look, the frame rates and tearing for PS4 release was pretty poor in performing pre patching. 2019 is pretty much the only good looking F1 game, before, even 2018, the graphics have been concerningly poor for frame rate/graining etc. They have made a big step forward for 2019 but need to keep on it. Options, Codies keep bringing good ideas onboard then abandoning them..! Sure sometimes they don't work well but its a basis to start and work on rather than do away with it or give up. You can't have too many options! Complaints are nil and void if it is an option to have or not have something, you are personalising for your game not for someone else's. Another good step forward has been in the latest patch bringing back some of these good options. Keep this up. Customisation in offline, career needs a player custom team (bonus for an extra 2 cars on the grid for more wheel to wheel) and a spare driver for another player or AI (preferably alternating as we all know its hard to always be there for a multiplayer game with other commitments in real life). This is an opportunity to bring in a few "legend" faces as team-mate, someone you wish you could race beside who isn't on the current driver lineup. This could even be a good addition to the Weber issue, where 2 F2 drivers take out 2 current 2019 drivers if you do feeder in career, a 3rd when you count yourself. Sliders, for team and driver stats, either to fix performances ourselves as a season in real life progresses, to fix issues with over or under performing drivers, and for that added challenge of being able to max them all for the toughest season to date! Historic circuits are needed really, there are many circuits I miss and I'd love to race on again. And as well as hopefully keeping F2 in F1 games, it would be great to get a full grid of a historical year, 1 year where all the cars of that 1 season are present. A pure historic season, including the circuits that hosted them.
  8. I said Codies rushed the performance one out too fast! They need to wait for after the summer break, you get a more accurate and lasting accuracy then, anything can happen in that big gap and often does. But then the performance was all wrong from the start anyway. Maybe something to do with the 2018 people are commenting on, just copy and paste those stats to the new year and hope it works out? It is disappointing to see this once a game change and it was a premature *** 😂 Maybe this will annoy everyone enough that they really will bring sliders into the fray. It would solve so many issues. Do it for the teams and for the individual drivers and wa-la, you can change it as and when. Wouldn't work for online as everyone has their own agenda but perfect for offline, career mode especially.
  9. I think most people would appreciate the honesty of admitting its not accurate, and the effort to changing/modifying mid-game would bring great excitement and more publicity to the game, as well as giving the next season release an easier starting platform. Its a lot of hard work but the better the game is the more money they will make, everyone from newbies to real time professionals will be praising the game. It looks worse that real F1 drivers already saying its nothing like the real thing than to say everyone has to redo competitive laps again. Afterall the laps and setups become redundant anyway the next game that comes out, previous stats are left behind. And there are always the helpful pros who give great advice in setups anyway for those who do struggle. I'd happily restart the entire game from scratch for the benefits of better performance. And I've spent a lot of time in career mode with nice stats and good times. I'd also be very happy to see a fix on fuel consumption too.
  10. If they aren't going to fix really poor judgements like giving Ricciardo really poor race performance when he has literally never had a poor season in F1 then they are going to really have to step up in 2020. No F2 or other distracting additions are going to interest me if they make greats poor. If it were just about racing around circuits I could buy any of a massive range of racing games available. I want to race beside my favourites and for their AI to represent accurately their real performance. Its not always easy, but for drivers like Ric he hasn't only just come into F1, we know he's damn good. Devs should know this info when creating AI driver profiles and stats.
  11. ChironTheseus

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    Cheers, this was on last years one though, the AI were "fixed" after a patch, think it was part on pad users and the fact prepatch the AI didn't suffer core tyre heating. After the patch things were all dandy again.
  12. ChironTheseus

    Classic Cars for 2020

    Yeah its an odd one, no news or anything. I'm curious the cost to having a track not officially on the calender, they did years back 2013 like Imola which was AMAZING!! But just that one year, no return, they have the circuit, just needs upgrading which would take time no doubt but licensing side etc? Would love Codies feedback on this, the efforts needed for classic tracks. And if it will be a thing again.
  13. ChironTheseus

    Classic Cars for 2020

    Drivers numbers if its able, without affecting the natural livery. I'm happy for any classic car and circuit, love the change, mixes it up and presents a different challenge between career weekends. B&H Jordan looks stunning, would love to see it in full if they can accept the cigarette sponsoring. Any Toyota I still want, I'll be happy playing around with any but most of all... A past season FULL car lineup!!! To have a race from another historic season with a full official classic grid! Would be almost as much a dream as having a custom team in career mode for me! Say 2009 where Codies picked up from EA or 2007 or 2008 which were missed altogether, we have been robbed of those exciting seasons of F1 gameplay. Getting Ferrari, McLaren and RB 2010 cars in one classic is special, having the full grid with todays modern graphics and handling and calendar! Yes please.
  14. senna94f1 I use wheel and pad, mostly pad due to family and space available, my wheel is only a G29 no mods. Never have I been able to beat my wheel times, I can also easily race no assist with the wheel but I need traction control with a pad, the pad is better than its ever been but its still not perfect at smooth turning as I'd like to experience. Maybe if you are having issues it is due to setups. There are sites if you google that give good setup options and assistance, here in the forums there are some good bits of advice too. As far as I'm aware, and I have experienced for the last 3 years at least personally, wheel is superior to pad. As for F2, sure F1 still needs fixes, but its a fun addition and would love a full F2 season before F1 career too. And having the latest season update is great news! For me in F1 2019 Q&A and reliability parts ruin it in career and the AI aren't as aggressive as 2018 PS4 pre-patch but do sometimes tap you for no reason in 2019, F2 AI don't though, which is odd, so maybe an issue AI understanding the size difference in F2 and F1 cars? Same AI program for both? Can anyone confirm? Not had any issues with quali yet and transfers since the patch not noticed abnormal switches, all seem intelligently done so far. So for PS4 I'm happy, reliability is the worst due to AI not affected by this so they always race hard where as I have a strong race with new parts then have to heavily manage the engine a couple of races later, and if you do the F2 feeder its all Q&A on Lucas Weber not much on department morale. 4 seasons in and still yet to get the departments maxed, only managed 1 and a half so far.. And still is back to zero morale the next season! It really does need changing, forced morale praise every good weekend (pass realistic objectives, perhaps based on difficulty level) or for every good performance, hit quali goals +2 each department and pass race +2 all departments, this adds realism too as you'd expect some form of happy team for doing well in the standings. This can also mean more racing as the drivers are always saying, and not just managing, at least for those who race AI their equal. Would be nice to make Q&A fun. When Q&A first got introduced there was an interview saying there were no bad answers, this has never been true, and some answers use psychology, poorly worded, sounds good praise at first glance then it shows up as negative to the team etc. Never once thrown a controller before, but this system gets me close to it. Especially when there have been races with minor wall touching like Monaco which really does happen a lot, Hamilton is a master of slicing walls in quali for a perfect lap, but when it happens, no damage you get the negative Q&A with neutral answers locked you have to ignore, getting the wrath of the sarky/angry Claire! Which then nil and voids further Q&A. How has this lasted this long? Fun happy Q&A, Kimi style if you like, straight talking.
  15. ChironTheseus

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    I disagree with the graphics, though you can argue you are right that it has got better every year, it is only 2019 that the graphics has been acceptable without terrible graining, though PS4s version did start out with bad fps dropping that they had to sort out, which patching has mostly fixed bar the odd track like Singapore practice can be sluggish. Its taken them a very long time to get a smoother playing game.
  16. That is quite interesting a read, I assumed with the FPS issue currently with PS4 Pro I thought the poor performance in career mode was lag lol! It really is a bit rough, but 2018 was too, the engines sound like they die around corners 😂 R&D only press on the issues a little. Though in 2018 full R&D completion mean't worse handling on high speed corners for most teams.
  17. ChironTheseus

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    In order from best; 2018 is my fav 2016 was a revelation in R&D and ghost online was nice, impossible to get torpedoed lol! 2006 and Championship Edition I put in more hours than any other game (possibly combined and owned it on PS2 PS3 PSP and still have my PS2 and PSP copies). 2013 was tough for tyre management but was amazing for classic F1 Championship 1999 - 2000 I have fond memories, PS1 first official F1 game I ever played, used to play every day after work like a religion. The only one I didn't play much and did very little in was 2012, on PS it was very glitchy and the frame skipping was pretty big. Still play GP4 too though lol