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  1. ZTheLightningZ

    Can't renew contract in DRIVER CAREER MODE

    Yes I have driver moves turned off at the moment. This might indeed be the reason why it is happening. Will try for a new season with driver moves turned on, thanks.
  2. ZTheLightningZ

    Can't renew contract in DRIVER CAREER MODE

    Just as title says, I can't get to negotiate my contracts in DRIVER CAREER MODE when they are about to expire. I played a full 22-race season and both times (mid-season and end of season) Emma just said after the race "here's your new contract terms" (did not even get an option to negotiate about my contract)... So unable to negotiate and even change teams. Does anyone else have this issue when playing DRIVER CAREER MODE? So far this game's been amazing, this is the only issue I have with it so far but it's pretty annoying cause I can't change teams or even negotiate better terms when the time comes..
  3. ZTheLightningZ

    Contract/Driver Market bugs

    I am playing normal Career Mode and I can't renew my contract either... What happened at mid-season (first renewal) and then at the end of the season (the 2nd renewal after 22nd race in Abu Dhabi) was that the game renewed my contract automatically. I did not even get to a screen where I could see any negotiation options, wanted to change teams now at the end of the season but it is not possible. The game just automatically renewed my contract. It was only Emma saying after the race "ah we have renewed your contract, here are the terms". The game looks to proceed normally into season 2 otherwise but really sucks that I can't negotiate my contracts and change team either. What a weird bug, please try to fix this.
  4. ZTheLightningZ

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    Even Alonso would say that the "AI in the wet is a YOKE. A YOKE.". I mean it is a joke how fast they are, please look at it and try to play against them yourself Codies team and you might see. I am still not sure if it is only in career mode though or is it in every game mode.
  5. ZTheLightningZ

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Not useless at all, then we could see the real numbers whether it's just a "few people complaining" like someone said before or if it is really an issue most are having. Would give good info indeed.
  6. ZTheLightningZ

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Is it possible to create a poll on this website about whether the AI pace is much too strong in the wet or not? I would like to see the percentages for "Yes" and "No". I bet most would indeed say the AI are too op in the wet because they are.
  7. ZTheLightningZ

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    The biggest thing is that the AI are SUPER-overpowered in the wet atm and it is completely pointless to even try wet sessions in career mode. Better to just save the car and move on when it is gonna be dry again.. I am using medium traction, too, though but I doubt it would make any difference turning it completely off (needs to be tested by an elite racer in my opinion maybe) as the AI drive perfect laps after perfect laps in the wet and perfect braking + perfect corner entries and perfect corner exits...No way any decent player can match that unless you are some kind of Esports god or something. Another solid point I have is: This kind of AI wet weather SUPER pace issue did not exist in previous Codies F1 titles (2018, 2017, 2016...etc). I know the AI were slow in the wet before v1.05 but meh c'mon this is absolutely overkill now. I have lost motivation to play career mode somewhat because of this. Personally I would not care much if the AI are a bit slower in the wet. If we only have 2 options A) a bit too slow or B) impossible (like now), which one would you choose...Of course the balanced possibility would be the best and I hope Codemasters can achieve that in the coming weeks. Edit: I am driving with 97-103 AI level (usually 100+).
  8. ZTheLightningZ

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Please test career mode AI level 100+ and you should see what we are talking about.
  9. ZTheLightningZ

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Don't worry bro, it's on every track... I don't know if the AI wet pace is ok in single races, championship modes etc. other than career mode, I have not tested that but career mode is absolutely unplayable at the moment after v1.05 came out. I am a decent player with lots of Codemasters F1 game experience since 2010 (racing on 100 AI atm) and I am 1...3 seconds off the AI when it is intermediate (1-2 seconds off the pace) or wet (2-3 seconds off the pace) conditions... Unplayable and this needs to get fixed as soon as possible, please @Faya hear us now, would you! Would still like to edit: I have played previous Codies F1 titles a lot too without any issues with AI wet weather pace. This game is the only exception since v1.05.
  10. ZTheLightningZ

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I am using a pad and medium traction, all other assists are off. I don't see how it could get any better if at all with turning traction control fully off lol. Plus I wanna say that the AI level in wet conditions has been pretty fine in all previous Codemasters' F1 games so it's pretty weird why it is not alright now.
  11. ZTheLightningZ

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Yes exactly this! I am glad that other people have this issue too, it is ridiculous atm. I am racing with 101 AI and I have 8 wins this season (I am racing for Mercedes in season 1) before Abu Dhabi but after the 1.05 patch I am constantly 1-3 seconds slower than my team mate now in wet conditions. And I have years and years of experience in Codemasters' F1 games so I know how to drive in all conditions, it's not about that. In Brazil we had intermediate conditions for the whole race and even though I drove pretty well all race, I was constantly at least 1 second slower than the rest of the top runners, even Kimi Räikkönen in an Alfa Romeo beat me to the finish by a couple of seconds. I think that tells enough, Alfa Romeo beating Mercedes in a full race (50% distance) when it's wet...Absolutely unplayable, this needs to get fixed as soon as possible. + I think the situation is even worse when it's full wet conditions...The AI are OP as hell, no way any player can match that pace unless you drop the AI level to something like 90-...