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  1. 13 hours ago, kalamazoo123 said:

    How on earth do you know this?!?

    Just because 1 or 2 people on this forum have suggested something doesn’t make it true.

    I run no assists and don’t struggle with traction at all. I run on a wheel and have been playing like this since F12010.

    I run 98 AI as this is what puts me more or less within a 10th of my teammate, wet or dry.

    It is pretty obvious if you watch a lot of real F1 onboard footage (and/or telemetry) and compare it to your game. For example watch Valtteri Bottas' 2019 British GP pole lap, you can't even take Luffield in this game with 3rd gear and get as much acceleration with absolutely no rear slip whatsoever. And you have to wait for so long to go full throttle in this game compared to real life. And even still the rear just doesn't stick in this game, especially in the long corners. 

  2. 10 minutes ago, KrazyLurt said:

    I know isn’t directed to me but I use no assist. And if I did it would only make me slower with Tc at least. I don’t see a reason for me to use something like tc or abs when running at 104-107. 

    You use abs, that’s fine, I’m assuming it’s because of a reason , you haven’t wondered if there is something OP with the AI under braking then that needs some adjustments by Codies? Am making a comparison because it’s plain to see by you and me that it would illogical to assume that the AI is OP under braking and they burden lays on the player because they are plenty of people playing without ABS at 105. 
    The same goes with wet race pace, the issue isn’t with AI being OP , the underlying issue is with the driver. 

    Using ABS at a high pace like 105 tells a possibly that braking skills isn’t as good , and possibility that goes with wet race pace. 

    I am using medium TC cause it is more realistic than TC off compared to real Formula 1. The lack of grip is huge in these Codemasters F1 games, I don't personally like it.

    But anyway if medium or full TC make you much slower, to a point that you can't compete with the AI at all in the wet so you need to lower the difficulty from dry by like -15 points, that's just ridiculous. And surely that's not how it is supposed to be. People should be able to use some assists and still be competitive against the AI in all conditions. 

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  3. Sorry with this off topic talk but I would want to see in person when someone using default setup will beat 100+ AI in full wet conditions. If it really is not hard like some people here say. My dry AI level is 101 atm and has been around 100 for years but in F1 2019 the wet conditions make me drop the AI to something like 85 in order to have a chance in the race.

    And don't tell me that I don't know how to drive, all the previous Codemasters F1 games I played did not have any issues with AI being suddenly tremendously op when conditions change. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, KrazyLurt said:

    A poll is pretty useless, adjustments needs valid arguments and the OP wet race pace brigade have come with none IMO. 

    PS “Because they are” is not an argument. 

    Not useless at all, then we could see the real numbers whether it's just a "few people complaining" like someone said before or if it is really an issue most are having. Would give good info indeed.

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  5. 4 hours ago, SIMRACER123 said:


    Watch out 

    The last person to claim there was no issue between dry and wet was later found out to be driving significantly below a level deemed to be challenging for his dry level ability. 😁

    All has gone quiet from said person ever since.

    XD I think I know who you are referring to XD. But anyways this is a terrible problem at the moment and I hope these wet pace topics get as much daylight as possible so we can play and enjoy playing in all conditions in career mode in the future just like it was meant to be (you can't modify the weather in career of course).

  6. Yeah I agree driver transfers probably have a big negative effect in the R&D and is likely the reason why Haas is so op in my career already in season 2 as they got 2 new drivers in Perez and Verstappen, probably giving them thousands of extra resource points...And the chart looks like this: (Alfa Romeo as well got Pierre Gasly moving in)


    And the real top teams Mercedes and Ferrari do not bother to even upgrade. Lol they are both soon dead last which is so stupid in my opinion.

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  7. 6 hours ago, inspiretheworld said:

    Question - What races do they adjust your contract ? 

    Every season always at the same points (like someone said 4 race intervals):
    1) After Azerbaijan - before Spain
    2) After France - before Austria
    3) After Hungary - before Belgium
    4) After Russia - before Japan
    5) After Abu Dhabi - before the next season starts.

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  8. Yea good topic, I would like these kind of track variations too in career mode.

    And what comes to the actual circuits...I really miss Buddh International Circuit (India) and Yeongam Circuit (South Korea), they were both excellent circuits! And we do have some REAL borefests today in Melbourne, AU and Monaco for example...How about a replacement lol.

    Would work a treat in real life too, would give us GREAT ENTERTAINMENT (India, S. Korea) in exchange of NO OVERTAKES FOR ALL RACE LONG (Melbourne and Monaco). But I think we do know why they won't change the calendar in real life. Money, money, money, it's a rich man's world. Melbourne and Monaco bring so much more money to Formula 1 than India and S. Korea ever would, sadly. 

  9. 8 hours ago, hiimdm said:

    there is no way to keep up with the AI in the wet. how do i disable weather? i mean you can do it in a single race, but for a championship the option is greyed out. why have the option there if youre not even free to choose if you want your cheating weather or not? if anyone knows how to go into the game files and turn rain off itd be greatly appreciated.

    I don't know but I am laughing at that message LOL :classic_laugh: And people say "there's nothing wrong with the AI in wet"... I don't know what game they are playing then, not F1 2019 at least.

    But yeah what comes to the subject, at least in a vanilla game it is not possible to modify weather settings in Championship Season mode or Career mode. 

  10. I am at season 2 round 14 Italy and Haas is very much in a league of their own, Alfa Romeo a solid 2nd for me too. Not fun that backmarkers turn into dominant powerhouse teams in less than 20 races. Something's a bit off indeed. 

    + Mercedes and Ferrari, the originally best teams don't even improve and they keep falling down the order more and more, unless the player is in one of those teams... It is so frustrating. Would never go like this in real life, not much fun in the game either. In the real life big performance changes do not happen so suddenly, they take time. 


  11. On 8/8/2019 at 7:13 PM, PipsAhoy said:

    Every time it rains, I may as well just quit the session.

    HAHA! Exactly same for me. I am a very experienced driver and I still can't come even close to matching the ridiculous wet pace of the AI in career when using difficulty level 100. In the dry, no problem at all. Medium traction. 

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  12. The biggest thing is that the AI are SUPER-overpowered in the wet atm and it is completely pointless to even try wet sessions in career mode. Better to just save the car and move on when it is gonna be dry again.. I am using medium traction, too, though but I doubt it would make any difference turning it completely off (needs to be tested by an elite racer in my opinion maybe) as the AI drive perfect laps after perfect laps in the wet and perfect braking + perfect corner entries and perfect corner exits...No way any decent player can match that unless you are some kind of Esports god or something.

    Another solid point I have is: This kind of AI wet weather SUPER pace issue did not exist in previous Codies F1 titles (2018, 2017, 2016...etc). I know the AI were slow in the wet before v1.05 but meh c'mon this is absolutely overkill now. I have lost motivation to play career mode somewhat because of this. Personally I would not care much if the AI are a bit slower in the wet. If we only have 2 options A) a bit too slow or B) impossible (like now), which one would you choose...Of course the balanced possibility would be the best and I hope Codemasters can achieve that in the coming weeks.

    Edit: I am driving with 97-103 AI level (usually 100+).

  13. 48 minutes ago, Striker_703 said:

    The AI is not over powered in the wet/rain @Balazsryche. You guys are just slow in the rain. Has anyone bothered to watch the test I did, which I proved the AI are not OP in the rain. Like I said before in both of my test I was faster than the AI in the rain on full wet and intermediates. 

    Please test career mode AI level 100+ and you should see what we are talking about.

  14. 10 hours ago, nicolas1423 said:

    Same problem, on xbox one with the G920

    At Barcelona in dry condition on quali I was 1 tenths off the pole, but in race in full wet I am 2-3 seconds slower tha Ai

    I don't know if it's just Barcelona or all the tracks

    Don't worry bro, it's on every track... I don't know if the AI wet pace is ok in single races, championship modes etc. other than career mode, I have not tested that but career mode is absolutely unplayable at the moment after v1.05 came out.

    I am a decent player with lots of Codemasters F1 game experience since 2010 (racing on 100 AI atm) and I am 1...3 seconds off the AI when it is intermediate (1-2 seconds off the pace) or wet (2-3 seconds off the pace) conditions... Unplayable and this needs to get fixed as soon as possible, please @Faya hear us now, would you! 

    Would still like to edit: I have played previous Codies F1 titles a lot too without any issues with AI wet weather pace. This game is the only exception since v1.05.

  15. 14 minutes ago, Faya said:

    Hi all and thanks for the feedback.

    Could you let us know if you're using wheels or pads and what assists you are using, if any? Thanks! 

    I am using a pad and medium traction, all other assists are off. I don't see how it could get any better if at all with turning traction control fully off lol. Plus I wanna say that the AI level in wet conditions has been pretty fine in all previous Codemasters' F1 games so it's pretty weird why it is not alright now. 

  16. Yes exactly this! I am glad that other people have this issue too, it is ridiculous atm. I am racing with 101 AI and I have 8 wins this season (I am racing for Mercedes in season 1) before Abu Dhabi but after the 1.05 patch I am constantly 1-3 seconds slower than my team mate now in wet conditions. And I have years and years of experience in Codemasters' F1 games so I know how to drive in all conditions, it's not about that.

    In Brazil we had intermediate conditions for the whole race and even though I drove pretty well all race, I was constantly at least 1 second slower than the rest of the top runners, even Kimi Räikkönen in an Alfa Romeo beat me to the finish by a couple of seconds. I think that tells enough, Alfa Romeo beating Mercedes in a full race (50% distance) when it's wet...Absolutely unplayable, this needs to get fixed as soon as possible.

    + I think the situation is even worse when it's full wet conditions...The AI are OP as hell, no way any player can match that pace unless you drop the AI level to something like 90-...

  17. Am I the only one or has the AI wet weather pace gone off the charts badly? Suddenly in v1.05 I am 1 to 3 full seconds slower than my team mate in the wet even though I am driving decent laps without any mistakes. Absolutely unplayable and can not enjoy playing in the wet at all, makes no sense even. Why did they even upgrade their wet pace as it was pretty ok before v1.05 in my opinion already...Please if anyone else has the same issue, reply to this. 

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