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  1. Happy to report that my first My Team race in v1.05 was also a success, no DQ!
  2. Have been playing on XBox since launch and never had a problem - nothing has changed with my network settings or ISP, but as of this morning (on v1.03) I am getting the 1008:H error after finishing my first race in a new Driver Career. Specifically, after completing the race I get back to team headquarters and advance time up to the point where I could go to the next race weekend. Instead, I go to the pause menu and exit to main menu, and that's when the error comes up. I have to select cancel on the error screen to get back to the main menu. I DID complete the week 3 VIP Pitpass challenge
  3. Guess you should have your lawyers contact their lawyers, then...
  4. Seriously, read the thread and don't over complicate it - several people have already given the same workaround, but here it is again: Use the alternate strategy and go from Soft to Hard tires instead of the default Soft to Medium strategy.
  5. I'm not entirely clear what you're saying - but if you're asking if it is OK to use the screenshots I took elsewhere as an example of the issue, then yes.
  6. Unfortunately it's not that - when it's happened to me, it's only happened on the default strategy. Glad to hear that a patch is coming, though.
  7. Tire strategies are just plain messed up in this game - I finally finished Australia with a custom strategy. Then I moved on to Bahrain and finished 3-phase qualifying, all 3 phases were run on the soft tire, parc ferme rules are on. Check the strategies at the start of the race, and the default strategy had me STARTING on mediums and changing to hard, never running the softs at all. Didn't bother to race it to see if I'd be DQed because I don't want to waste my time yet again.
  8. Good thought, but not sure that's really the issue. By the rules, you only need to use one of the two mandatory compounds, not both. This is stated on the "Stint Vitals" screen as "You must use at least two different compounds with a minimum of one being the mandatory race tyre for the weekend (usually the harder two of the three compounds)." By that rule, the AI didn't cheat but you did get cheated with a DQ. For Australia, the mandatory compounds are Medium and Hard - it does allow me to make a custom strategy starting on Softs and changing once to Medium. This was also the default
  9. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Disqualified for not using required tire compounds during the race. I started on Softs, pitted at the end of lap 6 and put on Mediums. 15 lap race, got the warning at the end of lap 13 and DQed after crossing the line at the end of lap 14. 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) XBox One X, version number 1.01 3. Game-mode? My Team 4. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test at
  10. Yes, people are complaining because they should have taken their time to test it BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED TO RETAIL.  They rushed that, and now that they have our money, they sit back and take their time - so yes, people are pissed off.  This was not a crowd-funded project where we donate money to pay for the development process to occur later - I paid retail price for a supposedly finished product, didn't receive one, and being in the US, I can't get a refund for an opened physical copy of a game. 
  11. Formula One Management Ltd, 6 Princes Gate, Knightsbridge, London. SW7 1QJ. England.
  12. What a complete and utter crock of shit....truly stunning levels of disrespect being shown to the people who provide the money with which CM operates.  Seriously, absolutely NOTHING as a concession for users?!?!?  Double or triple XP would cost you NOTHING out of pocket, and it won't even be considered?  That clearly tells us fans and customers where we stand on the priority list - at the bottom, right after "Make game that actually works". Guess I'll be taking the time I would have spent playing GAS and use it to write a nice long letter to FOM about why I, and many others, wi
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