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  1. Happy to report that my first My Team race in v1.05 was also a success, no DQ!
  2. Have been playing on XBox since launch and never had a problem - nothing has changed with my network settings or ISP, but as of this morning (on v1.03) I am getting the 1008:H error after finishing my first race in a new Driver Career. Specifically, after completing the race I get back to team headquarters and advance time up to the point where I could go to the next race weekend. Instead, I go to the pause menu and exit to main menu, and that's when the error comes up. I have to select cancel on the error screen to get back to the main menu. I DID complete the week 3 VIP Pitpass challenge
  3. As JTTWRL says above, it's actually related to how you're completing the race pace program and not the fuel savings one. I've completed the race pace program for several weekends now by leaving fuel rate in normal mode and not using the ERS at all, instead of just setting fuel to rich from the start of it. Then at the race start, I have plenty of room left in the tank to add fuel for at least a lap more than the race distance, probably 2 - I'm also completing the fuel program with a purple score, so I'm not leaving any resource points on the table either. I still contend it's not workin
  4. Guess you should have your lawyers contact their lawyers, then...
  5. Seriously, read the thread and don't over complicate it - several people have already given the same workaround, but here it is again: Use the alternate strategy and go from Soft to Hard tires instead of the default Soft to Medium strategy.
  6. I'm not entirely clear what you're saying - but if you're asking if it is OK to use the screenshots I took elsewhere as an example of the issue, then yes.
  7. Unfortunately it's not that - when it's happened to me, it's only happened on the default strategy. Glad to hear that a patch is coming, though.
  8. Again, poor game design decisions or poor implementation/coding of those decisions. If the intent is for the race pace to be done with those fuel and ERS settings, then the game should lock you into those settings. They can do it for the qualy program, they should be able to do it for race pace, too. And yeah, you did accuse me of cheating, quite clearly in fact.
  9. Just because you have figured out a workaround doesn't mean it's not an issue - the fact remains that the size of the fuel tank should be the same for every single race, and completing the practice programs the same way in multiple weekends should have the same effect on the suggested strategy. And then there's the fact that the default strategy puts more fuel in your car than the so-called maximum amount in the first place - basic math skills make it clear that this is also a mistake/bug/coding error/issue, whatever you want to call it. I also don't appreciate you implying that I am che
  10. I disagree, it's definitely an issue for the reasons I layed out in my post above yours - maximum fuel tank capacity should never change during the season. My comment about pretending it isn't an issue is tied to the fact that it has been reported by multiple users but they still have it tagged as 'awaiting replication' instead of giving it to the devs to work on.
  11. Here's where this is a problem - as noted in the screenshots for my bug report, the max allowed fuel for me in Vietnam is 39.0 kg, but the default setup exceeds this and starts me with 41.5 kg. Per the below screenshot, at Spa it's starting me with 36.1 kg and there's a maximum fuel load allowed of 37.7 kg. In both cases, I got purple results for both the fuel saving program and for the race pace program, and had set my fuel rate to Rich for the race pace program to exceed the lap time target. So with the same approach to practice programs, I get two totally different results - one where I'
  12. So we're still pretending this isn't an issue despite multiple reports of people having the same issue?
  13. I'm not saying you're wrong, but I've done the race pace program in exactly that manner in every single iteration of the game since it has been part of the game, and I have NEVER encountered this issue before.
  14. How is this still 'awaiting replication' when you have multiple users reporting the same issue? Isn't that already replicated?? You need to keep in mind that we don't work for Codemasters, we don't get paid - WE paid YOU so we could have some fun and entertain ourselves. I'm not inclined to waste hours of my time doing your troubleshooting for you by repeating steps over and over and over when all I want to do is race and have some fun. You have our bug reports, you have our screenshots, now fix the issue, please.
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